The first school house built in Boone County was about one and a half miles southwest of Boone near Honey Creek. It was erected sometime during the summer of 1849, and Reuben S. Clark was teacher the following winter. The school house was built of unhewn logs and was about 16 x 18 feet in size. It had a chimney built of mud and sticks, and the clapboard roof was weighted on with logs. This building was the first and for some time the only public building in the county.

During the summer of 1850 another school house was built at Belle Point, and during the following winter Thomas Sparks was the teacher. He received tweleve dollars per month and his boarding. Mr. Sparks was a pioneer teacher, he not only taught in the first schools of Boone County, but previously in Wapello County, Iowa and Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

In the early history of the county, each township was divided up into many school districts. The History of Boone County books, both 1880 and 1914, provide detail of the early schools throughout the county. Today, there are four school districts in Boone County, Boone Community Schools, Madrid Community Schools, Ogden Community Schools and United Community Schools.


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