Elk Rapids

In 1851, Benjamin Williams platted the town of Elk Rapids. The settlement flourished until 1857 when the waters of the Des Moines River carried away the mill there. When Mrs. Benjamin (Elsie) Williams died in 1847, Mr. Williams donated the land for her burial which was later to become Elk Rapids Cemetery.

In 1913, due to the construction by the railroad company, a number of burials on the south side of the cemetery were reinterred in various cemeteries in Boone County.

In 1973, due to the construction of the Saylorville Dam and Lake, the remaining burials were moved to Dalander Cemetery. There are at least 20 unknown persons who were reinterred to Dalander Cemetery in 1973.

The following partial list of burials original to Elk Rapids Cemetery was gathered from death records, cemetery records and newspaper articles. If the location of reinterrment is known, it is listed in the "Reinterrment" column.

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Annis, Elmer E.08 Feb 186220 Dec 1869Dalander
Annis, Francis23 Nov 182430 May 1864Dalander
Annis, Mary L.09 Mar 185623 Oct 1857Dalander
Annis, Nancy27 Jan 184504 Mar 1908Dalander
Annis, Warren M.03 Feb 186026 May 1861Dalander
Annis, William Frank13 Feb 185420 Dec 1869Dalander
Armstrong, Emma C. 26 Dec 1872Dalander
Armstrong, Peter13 Jan 181714 Sep 1901Dalander
Ballard, Martha 1854Boone
Bernico, Joseph180509 Oct 1878Dalander
Bernico, Martha185416 Jul 1875Dalander
Cagle, Dovea (Sturdivant)18171856Fairview
Cunningham, Amy Marilda27 Nov 186004 Mar 1861Fairview
Cunningham, Bruce  Mount Hope
Cunningham, Diana 1872Fairview
Cunningham, G.18581859Fairview
Cunningham, George B.11 Feb 18651867Fairview
Cunningham, James A.182105 Mar 1901Fairview
Cunningham, John H. 1850Hull
Cunningham, Rebecca J. 1871Fairview
Cunningham, Theodore18621863Hull
Dennis, Emma (Bernico)13 Apr 184625 Nov 1910Dalander
Detrick, Martha 1855Hopkins Grove
Fuller,  13 Jan 1874Dalander
Fuller, Willie 31 Jan 1874Dalander
Grable, Infant Son18591860Hull
Grable, Nancy 1861Hull
Green, Julia AnnJan 186713 Feb 1874Dalander
Green, Mary A.10 Aug 185629 Sep 1857Dalander
Gulick, John16 May 184419 Apr 1900Mount Hope
Gulick, Libbie  Mount Hope
Gulick, Mary06 Aug 185004 Aug 1890Mount Hope
Gulick, Mary E.  Mount Hope
Hardy, B.R.185008 Sep 1873Dalander
Hardy, Celia J.182504 Sep 1873Dalander
Hardy, Elias02 Jan 181908 Apr 1869Dalander
Hardy, Joseph S.185621 Sep 1859Dalander
Helm, Annie187603 Apr 1895Fairview
Higgins, Infant Female189606 Jan 1897 
Hively, Delmaty21 Sep 186607 Feb 1895Dalander
Hively, Rossetta 10 Jun 18?2Dalander
Hoof, Mary181015 Nov 1880 
Hughes, Caroline18721896Dalander
Hughes, Isaac18231885Dalander
Hughes, John William05 Mar 187024 Sep 1934Dalander
Hughes, Sarah18311904Dalander
Hurley, Catherine 1861Hull
Hurley, John 1866Hull
Jones, Mary E. 19 Dec 1856Dalander
Jones, Mary J.182205 Sep 1855Dalander
Long, Esther  Fairview
Long, Jessie  Fairview
Long, Leslie  Fairview
Long, Mary 1877Fairview
Long, Peter  Fairview
McCall, Montgomery Warren04 Mar 178615 Feb 1855Dalander
McIntosh, Elizabeth 1867Boone
McPheeters, John184017 Dec 1874Dalander
Mills, Edwin W.186131 May 1861Dalander
Murphy, Sarah 1865Mount Hope
Nutt, L. Jane 26 Dec 1856Dalander
Pepples, Abraham28 Feb 185109 Nov 1928Dalander
Pepples, Abraham180507 Dec 1894Dalander
Pepples, Amy Bell18781881Dalander
Pepples, Ann24 Oct 185813 Jan 1933Dalander
Pepples, Jacob17 Aug 185404 Mar 1921Dalander
Pepples, John P.11 Mar 188522 Mar 1887Dalander
Pepples, Laffie P. 19 May 1901Dalander
Pepples, RosaNov 1879Nov 1879Dalander
Pepples, Sarah J.20 Feb 188325 May 1884Dalander
Ritchhart, Elizabeth O.186715 Aug 1869Dalander
Ritchhart, John182523 Dec 1867Dalander
Ritchhart, Joseph A.09 Jun 186219 Mar 1863Dalander
Ritchhart, Joseph E.18691869Dalander
Ritchhart, Mary E.186715 Feb 1870Dalander
Ritchhart, Willis H.186520 Feb 1866Dalander
Robertson, Robert  Mount Hope
Rutherford, Infant18741874Dalander
Rutherford, John N.18531862Dalander
Rutherford, Marion G.18661874Dalander
Rutherford, Mary M.Dec 186126 Oct 1862Dalander
Rutherford, Susan A.18511862Dalander
Saunders, Joseph E.18581859Boone
Saunders, Perry S. 1876Boone
Sharp, Mary E.188013 Apr 1884 
Soderland, Bertina 27 SepDalander
Stoneburner, Eva Pearl (Hively)14 Feb 189320 Apr 1915Dalander
Stover, Charlotte J.186719 Oct 1871Dalander
Stover, Sarah 29 Oct 1871Dalander
Straughan, Obedience 1869Hopkins Grove
Sturdivant, Esther B.18921892Dalander
Sturdivant, John J.12 Oct 183615 Jun 1912Fairview
Sturdivant, Johnnie09 Mar 189207 Apr 1892Fairview
Underhill, Agnes181427 Apr 1863Dalander
Underhill, W. H.  Dalander
Vestal, Margaret (McPheeters)07 Mar 184431 May 1891Dalander
Wheeler, Benjamin  Mount Hope
Wheeler, Infant Daughter  Mount Hope
Wheeler, Infant Son  Mount Hope
Wheeler, Joshua 1890Fairview
Wheeler, Mary188016 Oct 1880 
Wheeler, Mrs. Benjamin  Mount Hope
Wheeler, William 1902Fairview
Widner, Caroline E.20 Mar 184930 Dec 1853Dalander
Widner, Henry11 Nov 182714 Jan 1858Dalander
Widner, Mary M. (Ritchhart)09 Nov 182429 Jan 1895Dalander
Williams, Alfred E.182907 Nov 1894Dalander
Williams, Algie 1873Boone
Williams, Amy17 Jul 180012 Oct 1847Dalander
Williams, Amy09 Oct 183312 Oct 1845Dalander
Williams, Betty18021866Dalander
Williams, Elsie 1847Dalander
Williams, Henry180307 Apr 1864Dalander
Williams, John1842 Dalander
Williams, Margaret E.28 Feb 187222 Mar 1876Dalander
Williams, Nancy27 Jan 184504 Mar 1908Dalander
Wilson, Moses B.18601861Boone

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