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(V) = (Verified) Report verified with a family member or
          someone acting on behalf of a family member.
(P) = (Proof) Death Certificate Observed.
(RR) = Long-time or retired railroad workers

ZabokrtskyCecelia F.Mar 13 1910Mar 09 2002(V)Walford, Benton, IA482-52-9982Iowa
ZabokrtskyMiloApr 01 1909Aug    1976 Walford, Benton, IA710-07-1248(RR)
ZacekClarice M.Sep 12 1941Mar 30 2007(V)Shellsburg, Benton, IA481-48-2482Iowa
ZahnJohnDec 17 1892Jun    1969 Shellsburg, Benton, IA484-07-8376Iowa
ZahnWalter F.Sep 24 1933Dec 18 2003(V)Shellsburg, Benton, IA481-32-3088Iowa
ZahorikJamesJul 15 1905Jan    1984 Shellsburg, Benton, IA335-05-3825Illinois
ZamastilGeorgeNov 05 1906Dec    1982 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-44-9134Iowa
ZamastilJosephineMar 19 1905Aug    1975 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA485-62-1383Iowa
ZamastilMabell H.Jul 07 1906Oct 22 1995 Vinton, Benton, IA485-10-3569Iowa
ZamastilRichardMay 09 1925Dec    1986 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA485-12-3525Iowa
ZamastilVirginia L.Apr 04 1928Oct 09 2007(V)Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-28-9802Iowa
ZangerleFrankJan 29 1915Feb    1980 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-28-3894Iowa
ZdenekMyrna A.Apr 05 1920Jan 09 2004(V)Shellsburg, Benton, IA479-07-4465Iowa
ZempelAlmaMay 03 1906Dec 21 2002(V)Vinton, Benton, IA471-03-3050Minnesota
ZiemerFern E.Aug 11 1914Apr 02 1994 Vinton, Benton, IA483-40-6013Iowa
ZiemerPaul D.Sep 02 1934May 22 2008(V)Vinton, Benton, IA481-44-8075Iowa
ZiemerPaulFeb 03 1902Feb    1971 Vinton, Benton, IA481-12-5257Iowa
ZieserDonald J.May 26 1917May 10 2000(V)Urbana, Benton, IA481-44-9342Iowa
ZieserHermanJan 02 1894Oct    1984 Urbana, Benton, IA482-42-8340Iowa
ZieserMarshall J.May 15 1926Oct 09 2004(V)Belle Plaine, Benton, IA478-24-7918Iowa
ZieserMary A.Apr 17 1918Feb 23 2008(V)Urbana, Benton, IA478-07-5663Iowa
ZieserMarySep 15 1895Nov    1979 Urbana, Benton, IA478-80-6794Iowa
ZieserZorahNov 18 1891Jun    1983 Blairstown, Benton, IA478-10-9522Iowa
ZieskeDaleDec 28 1953Sep 12 2007(V)Belle Plaine, Benton, IA478-72-6846Iowa
ZiglerMargaret A.Jan 19 1896May    1996 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA484-20-7444Iowa
ZiglerRoyApr 05 1892Jan    1972 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA478-24-9183Iowa
ZimmerElsa J.Apr 17 1914Oct    1994 Vinton, Benton, IA483-40-5432Iowa
ZimmerHarryAug 23 1899Mar    1976 Garrison, Benton, IA480-34-1090Iowa
ZimmerMabelJun 07 1892Dec    1986 Vinton, Benton, IA479-60-1732Iowa
ZimmerPaulMay 23 1907Feb    1983 Vinton, Benton, IA478-10-2321Iowa
ZimpferBernard E.Nov 30 1934May 01 2008(V)Vinton, Benton, IA482-32-4382Iowa
ZirkelWayneDec 08 1902Oct    1983 Vinton, Benton, IA481-40-9037Iowa
ZmolekEllaJan 16 1903Dec    1972 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA482-42-8791Iowa
ZobeckNelson L.May 20 1906Nov 09 1994 Norway, Benton, IA485-18-6720Iowa
ZobelHarold W.Jul 15 1905Mar 01 1998(V)Vinton, Benton, IA483-05-7143Iowa
ZuberElla MaeJul 22 1920Dec 09 2007(V)Norway, Benton, IA478-16-0442Iowa
ZumsandeNicholausAug 05 1928Mar 15 2004(V)Norway, Benton, IA478-36-2014Iowa
ZweigartHelen A.Jan 18 1918May 30 2002(V)Norway, Benton, IA481-56-8669Iowa
ZweigartWalter J.Mar 11 1909Jan 10 1995 Norway, Benton, IA480-42-6386Iowa

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