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(V) = (Verified) Report verified with a family member or
          someone acting on behalf of a family member.
(P) = (Proof) Death Certificate Observed.
(RR) = Long-time or retired railroad workers

YakishHelen M.Jan 24 1920Mar 14 2007(V)Shellsburg, Benton, IA485-46-9798Iowa
YakishLloyd K.Sep 15 1915Jul 05 2006(V)Shellsburg, Benton, IA484-07-3838Iowa
YanecekAnnaSep 26 1894Apr    1977 Walford, Benton, IA478-56-9428Iowa
YearianGeorgeJul 30 1896Jul    1985 Blairstown, Benton, IA480-16-9623Iowa
YearianMaeJan 22 1897Jul    1978 Blairstown, Benton, IA481-14-5080Iowa
YearousJamesDec 08 1895Nov    1980 Vinton, Benton, IA473-14-4504Minnesota
YedlikEdwin G.Jul 02 1916Aug 21 1999(V)Vinton, Benton, IA236-36-2930West Virginia
YerkesEverettMar 23 1921Mar 04 1993 Vinton, Benton, IA484-38-5548Iowa
YerkesGeraldine A.Jan 21 1909Aug 01 1993 Vinton, Benton, IA484-54-3736Iowa
YerkesLanoreDec 07 1900Aug 30 1989 Vinton, Benton, IA485-46-9286Iowa
YerkesLeslie E.Jan 07 1897May 15 1968(V)Vinton, Benton, IA481-32-2089Iowa
YilekEmilDec 21 1928Jul 31 2000(V)Blairstown, Benton, IA483-26-7489Iowa
YilekEmilJan 15 1900Jun    1969 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-22-5912Iowa
YilekMaryNov 08 1901Aug    1987 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA480-40-9461Iowa
YilekVernon J.Nov 17 1936Jan 13 1995 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA728-07-0504(RR)
YochCharlesJan 15 1886Oct    1970 Atkins, Benton, IA480-42-5935Iowa
YochEdnaJul 08 1889Sep    1973 Atkins, Benton, IA481-56-2809Iowa
YoungAnnaAug 23 1893Jul    1985 Van Horne, Benton, IA478-56-9207Iowa
YoungBruceSep 02 1916Apr    1978 Vinton, Benton, IA484-10-8927Iowa
YoungCharles R.Nov 20 1918Aug 15 1993 Vinton, Benton, IA478-14-6569Iowa
YoungClarenceOct 12 1883Dec    1967 Garrison, Benton, IA482-42-7054Iowa
YoungDale E.Mar 23 1919Jan 03 2004(V)Atkins, Benton, IA481-22-9796Iowa
YoungFrankDec 02 1879Sep    1966 Van Horne, Benton, IA358-20-6592Illinois
YoungGeorgeApr 28 1904Jul    1969 Vinton, Benton, IA484-72-5546Iowa
YoungJ. VictorApr 16 1916Aug    1979 Garrison, Benton, IA485-03-2210Iowa
YoungJohn K.Feb 23 1919Aug 14 2003(V)Van Horne, Benton, IA484-36-1404Iowa
YoungJuliene A.Jan 01 1959Feb 29 2004(V)Van Horne, Benton, IA478-84-7596Iowa
YoungLeroy W.Oct 05 1921Dec 31 2002(V)Vinton, Benton, IA485-18-5047Iowa
YoungMadelyn M.Oct 09 1919Feb 04 2009(V)Atkins, Benton, IA482-62-8615Iowa
YoungMaudeDec 05 1883Dec 15 1968(V)Vinton, Benton, IA484-64-4611Iowa
YoungMyrtleAug 13 1889Jun    1979 Garrison, Benton, IA482-42-7040Iowa
YoungThomasAug 30 1901Dec    1971 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA710-03-7966(RR)
YoungVernon E.Oct 01 1899Jan 20 1989 Blairstown, Benton, IA479-26-2429Iowa
YountAnnaJun 20 1875Feb    1971 Vinton, Benton, IA479-22-3252Iowa
YountLillieOct 16 1888Aug    1972 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA485-30-9445Iowa
YuklWilma B.Aug 28 1926Jan 11 2000(V)Belle Plaine, Benton, IA483-26-7241Iowa
YuskaArleneApr 25 1925Jul 06 2006(V)Vinton, Benton, IA482-62-7834Iowa
YuskaArthur L.Oct 27 1923Sep 03 1997(V)Newhall, Benton, IA481-28-9080Iowa
YuskaEmma B.Feb 18 1903Sep 21 1993 Atkins, Benton, IA482-52-9316Iowa

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