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(V) = (Verified) Report verified with a family member or
          someone acting on behalf of a family member.
(P) = (Proof) Death Certificate Observed.
(RR) = Long-time or retired railroad workers

UchytilAlbertSep 12 1891Oct    1981 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA484-36-2322Iowa
UchytilJames H.Dec 04 1919Nov 29 2004(V)Belle Plaine, Benton, IA478-12-4430Iowa
UchytilMaryDec 17 1889Aug    1976 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA483-24-6747Iowa
UchytilWilliamJan 04 1911Jan    1989 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA479-26-0474Iowa
UlchTillieSep 30 1894Mar    1986 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA483-46-2668Iowa
UllerichEleanorJul 19 1918Aug 14 1997(V)Blairstown, Benton, IA481-12-5445Iowa
UllerichMarieJun 24 1894Oct    1983 Vinton, Benton, IA484-28-7932Iowa
UllerichVictor E.Apr 04 1918Nov 01 1997(V)Blairstown, Benton, IA483-16-1478Iowa
UllomHelenDec 04 1897Mar    1983 Vinton, Benton, IA484-09-9065Iowa
UllrichAlbert R.Feb 18 1928Oct 16 2002(V)Vinton, Benton, IA484-24-6792Iowa
UmbargerThomas W.Mar 28 1947Jun 28 2008(V)Keystone, Benton, IA485-52-1430Iowa
UmbdenstockFrancesMay 15 1901Nov 29 1995 Vinton, Benton, IA480-80-4146Iowa
UmbdenstockGeorgeFeb 18 1924Jan    1985 Vinton, Benton, IA484-20-2705Iowa
UnderwoodClaraMar 25 1916Dec    1984 Garrison, Benton, IA484-56-3504Iowa
UnderwoodGertrude A.Nov 26 1917Feb 27 2007(V)Mount Auburn, Benton, IA481-58-2944Iowa
UnderwoodRalphJan 03 1909Sep 26 1988 Garrison, Benton, IA483-32-2569Iowa
UnderwoodRobert R.Jul 27 1912Nov 17 2002(V)Vinton, Benton, IA481-44-9014Iowa
UnderwoodWilliamMar 06 1884Sep    1970 Vinton, Benton, IA480-42-6077Iowa
UnkrichScottAug 24 1961Oct 16 2006(P)Van Horne, Benton, IA483-92-1303Iowa
UpahAlbia M.Jul 26 1902Apr 05 2002(V)Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-56-8436Iowa
UpahCaroline M.Dec 18 1904Feb 01 1995 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA480-80-1298Iowa
UpahCharlesApr 02 1899May    1978 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-46-6577Iowa
UpahFrancesNov 13 1903Dec    1982 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA483-30-1070Iowa
UpahMabelle N.Oct 15 1899Jan 12 1996 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA480-54-1479Iowa
UpahRalphJul 08 1904Jun    1966 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA478-30-7609Iowa
UpahWilliamJan 08 1897Jun    1981 Belle Plaine, Benton, IA481-28-8215Iowa
UriceJohn K.Apr 15 1912Mar 30 1996 Vinton, Benton, IA484-09-9194Iowa
UriceLoganFeb 01 1893Jan    1970 Vinton, Benton, IA484-36-1443Iowa
UsherBernice H.Sep 27 1908Nov    1992 Vinton, Benton, IA399-22-2873Wisconsin
UsherLester E.Jun 17 1923Jan 28 1988 Vinton, Benton, IA478-20-2187Iowa
UsherLola M.May 28 1917Jul 09 2003(V)Vinton, Benton, IA480-58-1680Iowa
UsherTed B.Feb 04 1913Jun 29 1989 Vinton, Benton, IA484-10-0928Iowa
UsherWilliamAug 23 1910May    1986 Vinton, Benton, IA479-07-9820Iowa
UthoffAlbertFeb 24 1901Jan    1977 Norway, Benton, IA485-44-9000Iowa
UthoffBessieMar 25 1913Aug    1977 Vinton, Benton, IA479-58-6954Iowa
UthoffWilmerMay 29 1925Mar 23 2007(V)Norway, Benton, IA484-20-7064Iowa
UtterMargaretJul 10 1885May    1974 Vinton, Benton, IA479-58-2807Iowa
UtterbackPearleeAug 22 1930Aug 02 1998(V)Vinton, Benton, IA355-24-2917Illinois
UttleyClarkMar 28 1895Oct    1979 Vinton, Benton, IA480-03-0452Iowa

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