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1858 - 1880 and beyond


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Groom Bride Note Date
Packard, George A. Schieb, Margaret G.   10- 8-1873
Page, Samuel Schoonover, Mary   10-25-1862
Palmer, Henry H. Worthen, Ellen   12-25-1870
Pangburn, Howard Pratt, Alice   4-12-1864
Pangburn, James A. Adamson, Lydia V.   12-28-1871
Parker, Francis Harding, Mary (lic) 3-25-1864
Parker, Henry E. Rathbun, Sarah E.   11-14-1859
Parker, Jackson D. Marean, Emma F.   9-22-1870
Parker, Lemuel L. Greenwood, Adaline   12-25-1878
Parker, William H. Addy, W[ealthy]. A.   9-23-1875
Parks, Aea B. Mead, Mary   7- 4-1870
Parks, George R. Martin, Phebe M.   2-17-1875
Parks, Thornas Cleghorn, Christina   10-18-1878
Parr, Inman Paseo, Mary   9-10-1868
Parris, Benjamin Crommett, Ester J.   9-26-1875
Parsel, Jesse H. Daughetee, Sadie   7-12-1878
Parshall, Jonas Dumitt, Cassandia r   1-11-1869
Parsons, Richard Colburn, Rebecka   6-20-1867
Paseo, see Pesco      
Pasco, Samuel A. Miner, Isabella   6-24-1858
Pasely, Richard Bevins, Sarah   1-15-1872
Paslay, Thomas Hawkins, Charlet   9- 5-1875
Passehl, Henry Haneister, Anna   2-10-1876
Passehl, Karl Thever Mueller, Sophia   5- 1-1879
Patrick, Daniel I. Gutin, Jennie   1- 1-1874
Patrick, David Palmer Hull, Mary   6-19-1860
Patton, Seth Hodgson, Inla   1-17-1875
Patzloff, Herman Breide, Catharine   6-26-1880
Paul, Jacob Fritz, Caroline   10- 6-1875
Pauley, Barton Rice, Lucinda   11-21-1876
Pauley, Jerry E. Redington, Mary D.   3-12-1859
Pauley, Zachariah Haines, Mary   6-19-1865
Paulicek, Joseph Schlichting, Mary   9-23-1874
Payne, Hary F. DeWalt, Rilla   10- 1-1878
Peaco, William 0. Connolly, Ellen A.   12-13-1877
Peacock, Edwin F. Schoonmaker, Jennie   4-22-1872
Peck, Charles M. Dacy, Nellie   1- 6-1872
Peck, Horas A. Burris, Ada S.   10-16-1873
Peck, Rolland Grace, Dora   2-28-1871
Peck, Sheldon Loones, Elizabeth   4-25-1867
Pegg, G[eorge]. R. Kearns, Phoebe   10-22-1866
Pegg, Joseph D. Tilson, Mary J.   1-31-1872
Pelley, George Sampson, Mary H.   5-26-1877
Pelly, Leroy J. Rose, Laura E.   8-25-1872
Pelton, Oshea Miller, Calista Marea   2-17-1861
Pemberton, W[illiam]. H. Bunten, Rachael A.   10-15-1871
Pendal, Charles S. Call, Lucy   4-10-1880
Penrose, George Fay, Caroline S.   9-17-1872
Peny, George L. Sundison, Lucy Ann   12-24-1868
Penrose, Joseph Jones, Phoebe Rebecca   2-16-1859
Perkins, R[oyal] A. Gingerich, Catherine (lic) 2-25-1875
Permenter, James W. Taylor, Emaline J.   3-19-1863
Perrine, Lanus Traer, Florence E.   10- 2-1879
Perry, George N. Hewes, Carrie   10-28-1875
Perry, James M. Grant, Edith M.   9-21-1877
Perry, Nicholas E. Miller, Emma M.   12-25-1877
Perry, S. A. Newell, Amy S. (lic) 12- 1-1869
Person, Epamanonbus Fuller, Hellen   2-22-1869
Pesco, see Paseo      
Pesco, Charles Hollopeter, Louisa   9-10-1868
Pettit, G[eorge] W. Tharp, Harriet   5-31-1879
Pettit, Lewzemons u Pettit, Mary A.   7- 2-1870
Pettit, William A. Hoyt, Harret A.   2- 5-1869
Pettit, William H. Pettit, Malinda E.   5- 6-1871
Peters, Jurgen Ohlen, Elsabea   9-13-1872
Peters, Nick Rolfs, Phebe   6-11-1875
Peters, Peter H. Stang, Helena   9-16-1876
Peters, Reuben Newell, Betsy Jane   1-10-1877
Peters, Sylvanus Hazen, Ella Ann   12-23-1875
Petersen, Bert Peterson, Mary Hellena   11- 3-1875
Petersen, Hans Krebach, Mary   3-22-1877
Peterson, Aaron Shaffer, Mary J.   2-13-1873
Peterson, Adolph Jensen, Annie   8- 7-1870
Peterson, Charles Anderson, Sophia L. (lic) 3-27-1880
Peterson, Charles F. Lowe, Mellie C.   11- 7-1878
Peterson, Christian Kestena, Anna   4-28-1870
Peterson, John A. Edwardson, Mary E.   6-29-1872
Peterson, William Steffens, Hannah   8-26-1878
Phelps, Julius F. Kinsel, Josephine   4-18-1864
Phelps, William T. Bergess, Louisa   6- 3-1878
Philips, Albert Twogood, D[ora]. D.   10-30-1874
Phillips, O. D. Atkinson, Elizabeth   1-22-1871
Phillips, William McFarland, Emma   8-21-1875
Pichard, D. E. Gardner, Mary H.   2-15-1870
Pickerell, William Wasson, Allie   5- 1-1866
Pickering, Isaac Jons, Annie   5- 1-1880
Piepgrass, Peter J. Grovert, Anna Mary   1- 2-1871
Pierce, Finely D. Thompson, Nancy E.   4-30-1868
Pierce, G. R. French, Elizabeth   1- 7-1877
Piper, J. Nicholas Piper, Maggie M.   6- 3-1880
Pipper, Francis Boon, Clementina   10-10-1875
Pirie, James Cleghorn, Jeannie   3-15-1877
Pirie, John Kliffel, Suson   3-11-1877
Pitts, Elias H. Wychoff, Lenora Ann   9- 6-1874
Pitts, George M. Brown, Clara Jane   1-11-1870
Pitta, Oliver C. Donley, Jennie E.   2-14-1878
Pitts, Thomas Slosser, Sylvia   2-21-1878
Pitts, William H. Elliott, Jane   4- 5-1866
Platt, Joseph Brice, Mary E.   6- 7-1860
Plummer, Anderson Conley, Mary   1-24-1859
Plummer, Anderson Wence, Mary E.   1- 3-1867
Plummer, E. H. Wood, Emma G.   2-23-1859
Plummer, William S. Kirkpatrick, Lizzie E.   12-12-1865
Pogue q ?, J. R. Crawford, Lizzie   10- 7-1875
Poland, C[harles]. H. Randall, Sabrina   7-14-1863
Pollock, John G. Peart, Mary E.   12-23-1875
Pook, William Kisling, Rosanna E.   11- 2- 1863
Pool, James Manaban, Sarah   2-22-1862
Poole, James Downs, Anne   4-29-1865
Pope, Nathan D. Rock, Susan C.   10-23-1874
Poque, J. R, see Pogue    
Porter, Ginge S. e Delorbe, Marie   10- 1-1874
Porter, H. Lewis, Elmira   6- 4-1876
Porter, James R. Tarbenning, Isabele   7- 2-1868
Porter, Joshua A. Crawford, Mary   2- 2-1865
Porter, J. E[dward]. Charles, Nancy J.   4-15-1875
Porter, William Fetherkile, Jemima n   12-25-1877
Porter, William J. Porter, Mary J.   4-21-1879
Porterfield, John 0. Brashear, Virginia P.   1-24-1877
Porterfield, William S. Davis, Jennie   6-28-1871
Post, William T. Thompson, Rebecca   4-19-1864
Postlewait, William Sisco, Rachel Ann   3-14-1866
Potter, Richard Lamar, Martha   7-4-1867
Powers, Emery C. Pore, Millie   3-10-1869
Power, James Malone, Catherine   11- 1-1870
Power, John Crilly, Kate   8-19-1869
Powell, Weslie S. Baker, Sara E. (lic) 12- 7-1878
Pratt, Charles A. Secrist, Mary   10-31-1878
Pratt, Emery F. Livermore, Ester   11-15-1870
Pratt, Franklin M. Fullinwider, Lyde E.   3-12-1868
Pratt, Milo Dickinson, Maria   9- 2-1862
Pratt, Morgan S. Youel, Mary   1-24-1867
Pratt, Victor S. Kelleson, Cornelia G.   2- 7-1870
Prentice, M[enden]. L. Larnphear, Austa   1-12-1875
Preslen, Orange S. r Ferguson, Nancy E.   9-25-1878
Price, C. M. Lamb, Clara   9-13-1876
Price, S. H. Morton, N. L.   3-31-1868
Prichard, Moses a ? Perkins, Hattie   12-23-1875
Prill, James H. North, Sarah A.   2-22-1869
Price, John C. Bogges, Hannah V.   11-19-1874
Primmer, Allen Doty, Mary   2-25-1877
Primmer, John W. Stewart, Etta C.   12-25-1873
Primrose, John McGregor, Julia   3-18-1862
Pringal, Theodore Harring, Roseta   2- 4-1878
Pringle, Lester Wood, Maggie   12- 2-1879
Pryne, Henry Adams, Viola   8-31-1872
Pryor, John T. Troxel, Susana C.   7- 5-1878
Purcell, Joseph Beickham, Emma   8-30-1875
Purcell, Lawerence Uttley, Florence   9- 1-1870
Purcell, Luther C. Uttley, Mary J.   12-25-1873
Purrington, Curtis Minard, Catherine   5- 1-1864
Putman, Alson Beecham, Jane   12-25-1872
Putneum, Charles E. Fawcett, Mary Ellen   3-29-1864
Pyne, John F. Burruss, Frances   6-22-1865

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