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1858 - 1880 and beyond


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Groom Bride Note Date
Igan, John Cinalck?, Frances lic 6-6-1877
Illian, Charles A. Knaack, Amelia   9-21-1872
Inman, Charles E. Norton, Mattie A.   4-7-186?
Inman, George W. Webb, Sara C.   2-22-1874
Inman, Henry L. Hartgrave, Hariet L.   3-27-1869
Inman, John T. Demuth, Mary Elizabeth   12-26-1877
Inman, William Level, Rachel   2-13-1864
Ireland, Thomas Spier, Martha   10-7-1858
Irons?, John Blough, Nancy   1-1-1878
Irvin, Daniel Lewis, Mary A.   11-20-1877
Irwin, John C. Beller, Amanda   2-22-1865
Isenbower, Nickolas Hite, Eva   4-25-1864
Ives, O. W. Hawkins, Floretta   10-21-1875
Illian, Lewis F. Steffens, Dora   11-10-1870

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