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1858 - 1880 and beyond


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Bride Groom Note Date
Page, Casandra Meas, John P.   7-22-1859
Page, Mary A. Clark, Edmund H. lic 12-28-1865
Pagel, Mary Christian, Charles   9-11-1879
Paige, Lucy Kelly, Austin   4-11-1867
Paige, Lucy A. Coombs, Morris B.   10-3-1878
Paim, Mary Homchal, Vencel   11-16-1879
Palmer, Mary Hewes, Stephen Brownie   1-1-1879
Pangborn, Amanda E. Dwiggans, Andrew   7-15-1859
Parcel, Leah Mahan, J. A.   4-1-1879
Parisn, Lottie R. Lisk, William P.   7-3-1879
Parke, Hannah N. Carpenter, Ira C.   1-3-1870
Parker, Charlotte J. Hoyt, David   12-10-1862
Parker, Jane Gulick, Stuvart   12-20-1877
Parker, Sally E. Montgomery, John R.   12-5-1878
Parker, Sarah M. Blough, Jacob L.   3-3-1878
Parker, Susanna Jane John, William O.   10-23-1861
Parkin, Kattie A. Nutting, Henry A.   12-18-1879
Parks, Orissa Jane Carpenter, Miles R.   1-3-1870
Parmater, Catharine Miller, Newton   3-28-1862
Parrott, Sarah A. Marine, I. W. lic 3-14-1868
Parshall, Mary Louderbough, Henry T.   1-3-1866
Parsil, Mary Dempsey, John   10-23-1864
Parsill, Annie Hubbard, Nathaniel   3-30-1871
Parsons, Georgiana Elsworth, Gardner   12-22-1872
Parsons, Hellen Bowen, John A.   12-9-1868
Parsons, Mary E. Meanor, Jacob G.   12-21-1879
Parsons, Nancy E. Crow, Meridith Q.   5-14-1878
Pasco, Isabella M. Coats, C. C.   8-5-1865
Pasly, Mary K. Bull, John   7-31-1875
Passel, Charlotte Conley, Philip   7-7-1875
Passell, Ellen Keller, Alfred   7-28-1867
Patton, Elizabeth Christie, Henry E.   8-24-1861
Patton, Elizabeth S. Howard, Thomas S. D.   4-29-1873
Pauley, Mary A. Ervin, Elijah W.   1-24-1878
Pavey, Rachel H. Morris, Wilbur F.   11-10-1869
Pederson, Ella Johnson, Isaac   12-26-1870
Peiper, Sophia Boddicker, Joseph   2-14-1876
Pemberton, Eliza E. Bunten, James W.   7-4-1875
Pemberton, Sarah E. Montgomery, John   5-27-1869
Penrose, Mary Kenyon, Benedict J.   10-27-1859
Pepart, Katrina Hinaman, William   3-3-1880
Perkins, Mary E. Nutt, Charles M.   5-1-1875
Perkins, Mary P. Hoar, William H.   1-1-1878
Perkins, Minerva E. King, Joseph   3-25-1869
Perry, Abi J. Bixby, Walace   11-23-1875
Perry, Effie Carlisle, Collins   10-23-1878
Perry, Louis Metcalf, Samuel H.   11-3-1875
Perry, Mary Cumberland, P. C.   2-12-1871
Perry, Mary Ann Mather, David   8-2-1866
Perterson, Lizzie H. Anderson, Richard   7-28-1877
Peters, Amanda M. Jenks, Franklin Pierce   4-3-1878
Peters, Anna Joens, Peter   7-18-1879
Peters, Isbea C. M. Meyers, Henry J.   9-10-1868
Peters, Margaret Bowen, Chester E.   3-19-1872
Peters, Margaretha C. E. Bockholt, Wilhelm   4-8-1871
Peterson, Anna Larsen, Ausin lic 7-4-1872
Peterson, Christina Hagen, Ludwig   10-27-1878
Peterson, Christina M. Hansen, Peter N.   9-17-1875
Peterson, Julia Ness, Thome T.   3-7-1873
Peterson, Lena Kirchner, John H.   12-20-1877
Peterson, Mary Fike, Daniel J.   4-28-1878
Pettit, Elizabeth J. Hoyt, Stafford   10-25-1870
Pettit, Lucinda Lyons, James   2-18-1876
Pettit, Masouri A. Keefer, John S.   9-7-1879
Pettit, Sarah Kelley, J. C.   7-10-1875
Pfluger, Jenetta Butz, Julius   3-16-1868
Phelps, Abinia C. Myers, Benjamin   2-3-1864
Phelps, Emmely Laughlin, Robert W.   10-19-1873
Phillips, E. A. Narber, Ellis   3-8-1868
Phillips, Edith E. Oakley, W. J.   8-24-1874
Phillips, Ellen L. Atkinson, W. T.   11-10-1867
Philps, Alvina C. Courtright, Cornelius L.   9-19-1877
Pickerill, Irenena B. Mount, Charles V.   10-4-1869
Pierce, Mary E. Brannin, Mahlon   1-15-1860
Pike, Justina Baird, Albert D.   8-15-1872
Pirie, Mary Klippel, Silas J.   2-27-1875
Pitts, Elizabeth J. Musson, George   7-5-1868
Pitts, Mary E. Ammerman, James W.   4-25-1869
Pitts, Rachel L. A. Brody, Lewis K.   10-7-1878
Pitts, Sarah Berry, Joseph   3-11-1864
Place, Sadie A. Fanning, A. B.   11-4-1873
Plummer, Lucinda A. Leech, Joseph   12-30-1858
Plummer, Mary E. Hays, Nathan   1-22-1871
Pollock, Mary A. Fitch, William   2-26-1873
Porst, Anne Nelson, William F.   4-26-1879
Porter, Alberta F. Buchan, James J.   8-18-1875
Porter, Anna Crawford, William A.   10-23-1873
Porter, Charlott A. Fawcett, Asa H.   1-1-1867
Porter, Eliza Fred, James   12-25-1867
Porter, Helen M. Davis, James   10-30-1878
Porter, Lucia A. Bolgamore, Jesse M.   7-3-1869
Porter, Magie R. Fawcett, William H.   1-22-1868
Potter, Hanna Eichelberger, Mark A.   10-17-1869
Potter, Hellen Martin, L. B.   11-5-1868
Potter, Susan Angatine Hill, Rev. James   9-2-1874
Potts, Rhoda C. Ferris, John D.   5-28-1861
Pratt, Anna L. Baird, M. C.   3-22-1879
Pratt, Lydia A. Davis, David   11-5-1868
Pratt, Margaret J. Markley, Frederick B.   1-1-1877
Pratt, Maria Mahin, John W.   11-6-1873
Pratt, Mary Connor, Charles N.   12-26-1867
Pratt, Sophia Brooks, Chester P.   9-31-1873
Preston, Mollie C. Boggs, Will C.   10-18-1877
Primmer, Anna B. Albert, Jacob   9-8-1868
Primmer, Mary Albert, Henry D.   1-1-1865
Primmer, Mary Ann Meads, Clark   4-6-1870
Prior, Eliza Dicks, Joseph   2-6-1879
Pryer, Mattie Deam, H. H.   9-26-1876
Pryor, Eliza Hager, William   4-10-1877
Purcell, Maggie Ensight, James N.   11-3-1875
Putnam, Clara M. Blackstone, Benjamar B.   12-14-1869
Putnam, Lizzie Hunt, Lewis P.   9-6-1874

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