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Benton County, Iowa Marriages
1858 - 1880 and beyond


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Bride Groom Note Date
Abbott, Mary A. Call, Wallace E.   2-4-1880
Abbott, Matilda Amburn, Lewis   2-19-1879
Abbott, Sara A. Burdick, George L.   4-10-1878
Abbott, Susan Jacobs, Dana W.   11-1-1878
Abel, Elizabeth A. Dodd, Jacob   7-3-1861
Abell, Rose Gray, A. D.   4-28-1862
Adair, Alice Barker, Ruel E.   11-19-1865
Adams, Elizabeth Gray, James   1-7-1874
Adams, Elizabeth Hollenbaugh, J. E.   11-28-1867
Adams, Jane Keenan, Thomas   3-15-1867
Adams, Jane C. Butcher, George W.   9-10-1874
Adams, Maggie Murphey, William   12-22-1875
Adams, Mary A. Langham, John W.   11-12-1871
Adams, Molly Carle, John C.   2-6-1873
Adams, Sara Knowlton, C. G.   10-3-1866
Adams, Sarah Larson, Otto   7-4-1874
Adams, Sarah Miller, Frank G.   4-8-1877
Adamson, Elizabeth A. Lyon, Francis E.   7-27-1872
Adamson, Mary A. Barton, O. B.   11-26-1867
Aebi, Anna M. Bigler, Samuel   6-16-1880
Ahrendt, Caroline Miller, William   1-12-1875
Ahrens, Amelia Fisher, John S.   2-23-1875
Alberts, Maggie Brebesheimer, George A.   4-15-1875
Albus, Heemke Franzenburg, Claus   11-7-1868
Alcorn, Sarah A. Kerr, John N.   10-28-1873
Alexander, Delilah Brown, John K.   5-12-1859
Allen, Christina Crawford, Stephen A.   7-3-1866
Allen, Lizzie Graves, Elmer   4-12-1875
Allensworth, Sophrona Allensworth, John F.   8-16-1871
Amburn, Adelaide Collins, Joseph W.   12-25-1867
Ames, Annettie Coleson, O. W.   3-20-1879
Ames, Mary L. Lucas, Phillip   7-15-1875
Amos, Frances Floyd, William H.   6-30-1880
Amos, Martha J. Andrews, Philander D.   12-2-1871
Amos, Pamelia Nolan, G. W.   8-21-1875
Andersdotter, Inger L. Fathinson, Father   4-10-1879
Anderson, Bertha Hooker, H. C.   12-21-1876
Anderson, Eliza Jane Fawcett, George A.   6-14-1872
Anderson, Mary Lundquist, Charles   1-16-1875
Anderson, Mary Miner, Hiram   10-28-1861
Anderson, Rebeca J. Kent, Augustas   12-23-1869
Anderson, Sarah S. Green, William A. lic 9-30-1872
Andrews, Jennie Bennet, Adam C.   11-11-1872
Ankeny, Hellen M. Eddy, Henry H.   8-18-1873
Applegate, Laura Hartung, George   4-8-1869
Applegate, Mary F. Field, John   9-13-1871
Armstrong, Celia B. Lord, Thomas J.   12-19-1875
Arnold, Florence Likens, Byron J.   3-7-1880
Arnold, Harret A. Merchant, Joel B.   12-27-1868
Arrahood, Elizabeth McGuire, Dudly T.   12-25-1866
Arrowhood, Martha E. Johnson, George W.   3-17-1870
Atchinson, Loiza Jane Brody, John   10-18-1866
Atchison, Sarah Kerst, Conny   7-4-1871
Athey, Emma Hevener, Frank L.   11-20-1878
Austen, Christina Johnson, John K.   1-1-1866
Austin, Anna Johnson, Lewis   1-8-1871
Austin, Anny Hanson, Hallock B.   1-2-1870
Austin, Flora Bryant, Robert   12-15-1878
Austin, Malina Anderson, Knud K.   5-4-1867

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