Gifts of Time
Sharing our records with others

Dear Allamakee County Contributors,

I am so very appreciative of your contributions to our website. Without your help, the Allamakee co. IAGenWeb site would not be the online research destination that it has become. People from all over the world with roots in Allamakee county receive the benefit of your sharing and generosity. For each visitor who takes the time to send their thanks, I echo it! For each visitor who hasn't yet found the time to say thank-you ..... I'll say it for them.... Thank-you so very much!

My special thanks to the original coordinator of this website, Roxanne Barth, for her hard work for several years. She laid a very solid foundation for us to build upon. Roxanne passed away in August 2013.

Sharyl Ferrall,
Allamakee County Coordinator

Dear Allamakee County researchers,

I hope that your visit to the Allamakee County IAGenweb has been "genealogically rewarding". Please bookmark and return often. These pages up-date frequently. To quickly see what's new since your last visit check the Allamakee Journal for updates.

If you found an ancestor or located other useful information here, please let me know. I will pass your thank-you along to the contributor of the information. I'd love to hear your success stories too!

Will you consider becoming a volunteer for our project? Volunteers are the "life-blood" of the free databases & other information found on this website. Without the hard work & generosity of volunteers, there would be very little research information available for no charge.

Our contributors are people just like you. They are from across the United States and are of all ages. Some submit databases or photos, others transcribe or proofread; anything that will make the Allamakee County web site a memorable place to do on-line research.

Most any information related to Allamakee County genealogy & history is acceptable for submission, provided it doesn't violate a copyright. If you have any questions about copyright, please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do the best I can to answer your questions. As a general rule of thumb, information on living people will not be accepted.

If you can offer a bit of your time, have a database or tid-bit to share or just want more information on how to volunteer (without obligation) -- please send me an email.

Sharyl Ferrall,
Allamakee County Coordinator

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