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Cemetery Table Display Optimization

this page was last updated on Sunday, 13 September 2009

The purpose of this web page is help the users of the Winneshiek multiple window cemetery pages understand how the various windows can be used to enhance their research productivity. If you like the one window way of life, you can simulate this by using the delete button rather than the back arrow to return to the cemetery page. But if you want to utilize the multiple windows, please continue reading.

The multiple window cemetery tables operate with 4 windows; Winneshiek (site window), WPA (opened when you click on a W to view a WPA data record), GPP (Opened when you click a G to view a GPP photograph), and Obit (opened when you click an O to view an Iowa board obit).

The cemetery page that is simulated in the accompanying table utilizes all of the current Winneshiek cemetery table capabilities.  The rest of the page including the names with the "Camera" Icon uses the Winneshiek site window.

A very efficient (recommended) way to display the data is to go to split screen with the Winneshiek site widow on one portion and one of the "Data" windows on the other portion. Once the screen is split and the two windows are sized properly you can quickly view many pieces of data with one click per instance.

If you select multiple items to be displayed in the "Data" windows in full screen mode, you will have to make a second click on window tab that contains the data name to display the data.

If you wish to simultaneous view two pieces of data for one individual at the same time. Then select the data you wish to view from the site window, split the screen, size the windows and view the two pieces of data one in each window side by side.

Another feature of interest is that each separate window can be traversed with the Back/Forward arrows to review items of interest without disrupting your Winneshiek site window location.

WPOSurnames Starting with WBirth DateDeath DateNotes
P OWaters, Calvin H.pictureAug 30 1881Dec.15, 1956
WP OWaters, Robert. pictureMay 15, 1821Jun 24, 1911The WPA spelled Waters, Robert as Warers, Robert
WP OWaters, SamuelpictureMay 26, 1833Apr 30, 1926

Please, contact the County Coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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