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1996 Biographies

Bjerkvig - Brown

Transcribed by ABBYY FineReader® 12, Adapted to the Web by Bill Waters

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ScanNames Transcription
F-34Bjerkvig, Ruth F-34
B-40Bjonerud, Edna B-40
B-40Bjonerud, Robert B-40
B-39Bjonerud_Olson, Ingvald B-39
B-39Bjonerud_Olson, Randi B-39
B-40Bjorgo, Henry B-40
B-40Bjorgo, Johanna B-40
P-1Blackburn, Mary P-1
W-3Blaess, Pearl W-3
B-41Blagen, Martin B-41
B-41Blagen, Mathea B-41
M-47Blegen, Emelia M-47
B-41Blegen, Johanna B-41
B-41Blegen, Ole B-41
B-69Block, Marie B-69
N-16Blong, Ethel N-16
S-17Blong, Mary S-17
M-41Bloxham, Leora M-41
B-41Bloxham, Marilyn B-41
B-41Bloxham, Ronald B-41
B-9Blue, Mahala B-9
B-42Blumhagen, Agnes B-42
B-42Blumhagen, Anna B-42
M-14Blumhagen, Elsie M-14
B-42Blumhagen, Henry B-42
B-42Blumhagen, Lloyd B-42
M-14Blumhagen, Mabel M-14
S-77Bodensteiner, Arlene S-77
B-43Bodensteiner, Christine B-43
L-1Bodensteiner, Family L-1
B-43Bodensteiner, Keith B-43
E-3Boeckman, Mary E-3
B-43Bolger, Family History B-43
M-9Bolger, Lovina M-9
T-11Bollman, Delyla T-11
B-44Bollman, Sadie B-44
N-28Bollman, Ulah N-28
B-44Bollman, Vives B-44
B-51Bolson, Carol B-51
B-48Bolson, Cathy B-48
S-104Bolson, Cheryl S-104
B-45Bolson, Christine B-45
B-44Bolson, Constance B-44
B-45Bolson, Daryl B-45
B-51Bolson, E. Rebecca B-51
B-45Bolson, Edward B-45
B-46Bolson, Elaine B-46
B-45Bolson, Ellen B-45
B-46Bolson, Gaylen B-46
B-46Bolson, Joeyl B-46
B-84Bolson, Johanna B-84
B-47Bolson, Lawrence "L.C.” B-47
B-48Bolson, Loren B-48
B-48Bolson, Loryl Leie B-48
B-49Bolson, Lynn B-49
B-45Bolson, Marie B-45
B-50Bolson, Marlin B-50
B-49Bolson, Melissa B-49
S-101Bolson, Priscilla S-101
B-50Bolson, Ransom B-50
B-51Bolson, Spencer B-51
B-51Bolson, Stephen B-51
B-50Bolson, Syvilla B-50
B-52Bolson, Terry Lynn B-52
C-18Bolson, Vernetta C-18
B-47Bolson, Violet B-47
B-52Bolson, Violet B-52
J-23Bolstad, Dagny J-23
B-53Boots, Julie B-53
B-53Boots, Kenneth B-53
R-9Boots, Norma R-9
B-39Borg, Sue B-39
S-76Borgaard, Anna S-76
B-54Borness, Cecelia B-54
B-54Borness, David B-54
B-54Borness, Diane B-54
B-54Borness, Engvold B-54
L-27Borness, Grace L-27
E-2Borness, Signe E-2
B-55Borseth, Carl B-55
H-2Borseth, Caroline H-2
B-56Borseth, Christina B-56
B-56Borseth, Clarence Elmer B-56
B-56Borseth, Eric B-56
P-9Borseth, Ida P-9
B-55Borseth, Ida B-55
B-56Borseth, Mari B-56
B-57Borseth, Ole Engebritson B-57
B-57Borseth, Robert B-57
B-57Borseth, Ruth B-57
W-10Borseth, Sadie W-10
H-6Borshiem, Ragnild Hakastad Seim H-6
D-13Bosch, Darlys D-13
F-23Bottolfson, Anna F-23
B-58Bottolfson, Bottolf B-58
G-1Bouillon, Magdalen G-1
H-40Bouska, Anastasia H-40
N-33Bouska, Anna N-33
B-58Bouska, Frank B-58
B-58Bouska, Josephine B-58
B-59Bouska, Katerina B-59
B-58Bouska, Koudelka B-58
B-59Bouska, Martin B-59
H-32Bowelson, Martha Jane H-32
F-9Bowman, Caroline F-9
H-63Bowman, Marjorie Ellen H-63
P-23Boyer, Nancy P-23
S-30Braa, Eleanor S-30
B-60Bradley, Elton B-60
B-60Bradley, Howard A. B-60
B-61Bradley, James B-61
B-60Bradley, Kathreen "Katy” B-60
B-61Bradley, Kathreen "Katy” B-61
B-61Bradley, Mary B-61
K-31Bradley, Ruth K-31
B-60Bradley, Ruth B-60
B-59Brail, Katerina B-59
K-6Brandenburg, Beth K-6
B-63Brandenburg, Carl B-63
K-4Brandenburg, Carla K-4
B-64Brandenburg, Charlene B-64
B-63Brandenburg, Lillian B-63
B-62Brandenburg, Marnee B-62
B-62Brandenburg, Rev. Bruce B-62
R-18Brandt, Anna Olsdtr R-18
B-69Brandt, Annetta B-69
B-65Brandt, Arthur B-65
B-65Brandt, Conrad B-65
B-68Brandt, Daisy B-68
M-44Brandt, Delia M-44
B-65Brandt, Eli B-65
H-53Brandt, Elizabeth H-53
B-67Brandt, Emma B-67
B-65Brandt, Esther B-65
B-1Brandt, Hattie B-1
B-67Brandt, John B-67
B-65Brandt, Katherine B-65
B-69Brandt, Linda B-69
B-69Brandt, Marie B-69
L-12Brandt, Marion L-12
B-67Brandt, Marius B-67
B-65Brandt, Martha B-65
B-67Brandt, Robert B-67
B-68Brandt, Roland B-68
M-28Brandt, Sharon M-28
B-69Brandt, Stanley B-69
B-69Brandt, Walter B-69
B-69Brandt, Wilheim B-69
B-70Branhagen, Century Farm B-70
B-71Bray, Catherine B-71
B-71Bray, Fred B-71
B-71Breitsprecher, Lyle B-71
B-71Breitsprecher, Mildred B-71
S-91Brenna, Lueda S-91
B-72Brickner, Horace B-72
P-30Brickner, Lucile P-30
B-72Brickner, Vivian B-72
H-72Brincks, Edna H-72
B-72Bringsjord, Charlotte B-72
B-72Bringsjord, Ole B-72
B-73Broghammer, Leo B-73
B-73Broghammer, Regina B-73
R-16Brom, Elizabeth R-16
W-2Bronner, Edith Mae W-2
K-7Brooks, Beth K-7
P-24Brooks, Brother Herbert Adrian Fsc P-24
B-73Brooks, Bruce B-73
B-75Brooks, Carol B-75
B-74Brooks, David B-74
B-74Brooks, Delmar B-74
R-21Brooks, Dolores R-21
N-8Brooks, Dorothy N-8
B-75Brooks, Dorothy B-75
B-75Brooks, Gladys B-75
B-73Brooks, Jacqueline B-73
W-27Brooks, Joyce W-27
B-74Brooks, Marcella B-74
B-74Brooks, Mary Ann B-74
H-9Brooks, Rebecca H-9
B-75Brooks, Richard B-75
B-75Brooks, William B-75
B-75Brooks, William Jr. B-75
B-76Brown, Charles B-76
E-7Brown, Jean E-7
E-10Brown, Jean E-10
B-77Brown, Karen B-77
P-30Brown, Lucile P-30
S-95Brown, Mary S-95
B-77Brown, Merlene B-77
B-76Brown, Orpha B-76
S-90Brown, Sadie S-90
B-77Brown, Walter "Wally" B-77
B-77Brown, William B-77

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