Illustrated Souvenir.

A work published for the purpose of presenting to the public in an artistic and attractive manner
some of the most interesting features of the Capital City.
Iowa Historical Illustrative Co.
Des Moines, Iowa
Entered According to Act of Congress December 19, 1895, by CHARLES F. WILCOX, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress.

Transcribed by Ralph Leonard.


In presenting our publication to the public we wish to express our appreciation of the hearty support which the people of Des Moines have given us in a material way, and also by words of commendation and encouragement expressed. We are especially indebted to the artists and engravers of the city for the many favors shown us, as they have done all in their power to assist us in making our work a success, and we believe the quality of the work will bear us out in the statement that Des Moines is unusually favored in this respect.

While we are conscious of many defects and imperfections in the volume, we might if we had the benefit of our own criticism on the work, improve it in many respects, but we trust that the work as a whole will be sufficiently commendable so that such inaccuracies as exist will be over-looked, and due credit given us for the effort we have made to present to the public a volume which illustrates and describes the leading features of the Capital City of Iowa.

A few words concerning the arrangement of the engravings may not be out of place in this connection. Since Des Moines is the Capital of the State and since its progress and advancement is due, in some measure to that fact, we thought it advisable to give the illustrations of the Capitol building the first place in the book. The rest of the view's are arranged principally for convenience, although we have tried as far as practical to give the public buildings and institutions more prominence than others.

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Page Heading (Linked) Photo Captions
Des Moines (Poem by Charles Wilcox - pages 11,12, & 15)
Around and About the Capitol Grounds Forty Years Ago.
Kinds of Stone and Where Procured.
Location of Rooms and Offices.
Statues: St. Cecelia, Fort Dearborn Massacre,
The Peri Statue, Pioneer Monument,

Iowa Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument,
City Hall,
Fire Department
J. H. Ford & Mayor Hillis Biographies.
Location of Des Moines.
Early History of Des Moines.
Portraits: George B. Fleming, John R. Sage,
Dr. George M. Chappell, William H. Penn,
Moritz Stern, Charles H. Robinson

Polk County Court House
Mounds of Antiquity.
Hardships and Dangers in Early Days.
The Iliad
South Wing of Mercy Hospital
Capital City Gas Plant
Kratzer Carriage Company
First Houses.
City Government.
Rissers' Store
Chas. Hewitt Grocery Store
Van Ginkel Building
Turner Block
County Government.
Turner's New Block
Chase & West's Furniture Store
Reception Room—Des Moines Public Library
Book Room & Delivery Counter—D. M. P. L.
Des Moines First Post Office Building.
Reading Room & Section of Windows
Delivery Counter—Des Moines Public Library
Des Moines Public Library.
Reception Room & Office—D. M. P. L.
Catalogue Department—D. M. P. L.
West Des Moines High School
East Des Moines High School
Des Moines Schools and Colleges.
North Des Moines High School
Bryant School
Webster School & Alcott School
Longfellow School
Art., Music.
Lucas School, Curtis School, Emerson School
Des Moines Academy of Art
Mr. Tom James' Art Palace
Des Moines Male Quartet
Prof. Frederick Phinney
Iowa State Band
Des Moines Musical College.
Des Moines Musical College:
Mr. Henri Ruifrok
Dr. M. L. Bartlett
Mr. Carl Reidelsberger
The Des Moines Conservatory of Music.
Des Moines Conservatory of Music
Mr. John Sinclair
Highland Park Normal College.
Highland Park Normal College
Drake University.
Drake University Campus Buildings
Drake University Society Halls
Governor Francis M. Drake.
Drake University Gymnasium
Drake University Chemical Laboratory
Drake University Telescope
Governor Francis M. Drake
The Danish Lutheran University.
Danish Lutheran College
Iowa Business College.
Iowa Business College
A. C. Jennings
E. L. Moore
Des Moines College.
The Capital City Commercial College.
Young Men's Christian Association.
St. Ambrose Church.
St. Ambrose Cathedral
Altar in St. Ambrose Cathedral
First Baptist Church.
First Baptist Church
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
The Central Presbyterian Church.
Central Presbyterian Church
First Methodist Episcopal Church.
First Methodist Episcopal Church
St. Mary's Cathedral
Plymouth Congregational Church.
Plymouth Congregational Church
Central Church of Christ.
Central Church of Christ
St. Paul's Church.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Swedish Lutheran Church.
Swedish Lutheran Church
Calvary Mission.
Calvary Tabernacle
Rev. Carl B. Johnson.
Rev. Carl B. Johnson
Swedish Evangelical Mission Church
Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Seventh-Day Adventist Church and Mission
Des Moines Parks - Greenwood.
Views of Greenwood Park
Greenwood Park—The Lake
Greenwood Park—The Lake, Again
Waveland Park.
Views of Waveland Park
Waveland Park—The Goats
Union Park.
Views in Union Park
Grandview Park.
Views in Grandview Park
Grandview Park—The Monarch of the Forest
Views on Des Moines River—Crocker Park
Y. M. C. A. Athletic Field
The Equitable Building.
The Equitable Building
The Marquardt Block.
Marquardt Block
Charles L. Kahler Co.
Iowa's Greatest Shoe Store
Tone Brothers.
Tone Bros.' Building
Trepanier Company.
L. Trepanier, Dry Goods
The Harris-Emery Company.
The Frankel Clothing Company.
Golden Rule Clothing House.
Percival & Hatton.
The Fair.
The Fair
Younker Brothers.
Younker Brothers
Bolton's Hardware Store.
Lewis E. Bolton's Hardware Store
Savery Hotel.
An Historical Iowa Hotel.
L. Harbach.
Clapp Block.
Clapp Block
Youngerman Block.
Youngerman Block
Benedict Home.
Benedict Home
Hyde Park Sanitarium.
Hyde Park Sanitarium
The Drake Sanitarium Company.
Drake Sanitarium
Iowa Children's Home.
Iowa Children's Home
The Des Moines Home for Friendless Children.
Des Moines Home for Friendless Children
Tracy Home.
Tracy Home
Miscellaneous Photos.
Reception Room, Dr. Cannon's Office
Operating Rooms—Dr. Cannon's Office
I. X. L. Laundry Wagon
The Fuel Supply of Polk County.
Morgan G. Thomas—State Mine Inspector
Black Swan Coal Company
Carbondale Fuel Company.
Carbondale Fuel Company Plant
Iowa Pipe and Tile Works.
Iowa Pipe & Tile Works
Des Moines Brick Manufacturing Company.
The Iowa Brick Company.
Iowa Brick Plant
Des Moines Union Stock Yards.
Union Stock Yards
Liverpool and Des Moines Packing Company.
Des Moines Packing House
Korn's Vienna Bakery.
Korn's Vienna Bakery
Restaurant of Mr. E. E. Grefe
Iowa Patent Office.
Building of Iowa Patent Office & D. M. Daily News
The Des Moines Daily News.
Des Moines Daily News Rooms
Daily Iowa Capital.
Daily Iowa Capital Staff: S. N. Spotts,
Hon. Lafayette Young, Frank Armstrong

Daily Iowa Capital Building
Iowa State Register Building
The Saturday Review.
John E. Clarey, Editor of the Saturday Review
The Record.
Publishers of the Record:
Henry Tyler
Frank H. Perry
Fred W. Perry
The Mail and Times.
Mail & Times—Residence of Mr. E. B. Whitcomb
Iowa Homestead Building
Interior of Horticultural Hall—Iowa State Fair
The Morris Greenhouses.
W. L. Morris' Greenhouse & Residence
Frank D. Jackson & Sidney A. Foster Biographies.
Hon. Frank D. Jackson
Mr. Sidney A. Foster
Dr. A. L. Frisbie
Secretary McFarland
Hon. C. H. Gatch
Mr. James A. Callanan
Martha Coonly Callahan & Mrs. C. Holt Flint Biographies.
Mrs. Martha Coanley Callanan
Mrs. C. Holt Flint
Col. Dorus M. Fox.
Col. Doris M. Fox
Mr. J. I. Clark.
Mr. J. I. Clark
Hon. Isaac Brandt.
Hon. Isaac Brandt
Residence of Mr. Isaac Brandt
O. E. Pearson.
Homer D. Cope
Mr. F. W. Webster.
Photos of Residences #1.
Photos of Residences #2.
Photos of Residences #3.
Photos of Residences #4.
Iowa Printing Company, Star Engraving.
Iowa Historical Illustrative Company.

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