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1848 Presidential Election Voters

The information provided on this page was researched by Orville and Mary Prill and Verda Baird and has been transcribed by Joey Stark.  The primary source of information is transcribed from "Vol. 2, Jefferson Co., IA Records" pages 50 - 61.


Given Name
CALDWELL Barton W. Locust Grove  
CALDWELL Robert D. Locust Grove  
CAMPBELL Clawson Polk  
CAMPBELL Henry Liberty  
CAMPBELL Isaac Polk  
CAMPBELL John Polk  
CAMPBELL William M. N. Round Prairie  
CANNADAY Christopher Fairfield  
CARDWELL Wilcher Polk  
CARNS Henry Fairfield  
CARPENTER Reben Fairfield  
CARR Jehue Fairfield  
CARREL Philip Round Prairie  
CARREL Samuel Round Prairie  
CARSON Cyrus Locust Grove  
CARTER Daniel Liberty  
CARVER Burton Des Moines  
CARVER Samuel Round Prairie  
CASADAY Martin Walnut  
CASE M. B. Fairfield  
CASEBEER John Des Moines  
CASSADAY William Penn  
CASSADY James Penn  
CASSADY Martin Penn  
CASSADY Rufus Penn  
CASSIDAY John Liberty  
CASSIDAY Samuel Des Moines  
CASSIDAY William Liberty  
CHAMBERS Daniel Liberty  
CHANDLER Hiram Fairfield  
CHANDLER James Fairfield  
CHAPMAN George Round Prairie  
CHARLTON James Fairfield  
CHARLTON John Penn  
CHARLTON John Sr. Lockridge  
CHARLTON Samuel Penn  
CHARLTON Samuel Sr. Penn  
CHESSON Daniel Fairfield  
CHESTER John D. Des Moines  
CHEW Nelson Fairfield  
CHEZUM Daniel Round Prairie  
CHILCOAT Jacob Liberty  
CHILCOTT Asa Lockridge  
CHILCOTT Ethan Lockridge  
CHILCOTT Thomas Walnut  
CHRILE John P. Walnut  
CHUBB Gideon Liberty  
CLAPP Daniel B. Lockridge  
CLAPP William D. Lockridge  
CLARIDGE Mace Liberty  
CLARK John Liberty  
CLARK Joseph Cedar  
CLARK Lemuel Liberty  
CLARK Mathew Fairfield  
CLARK William Liberty  
CLARKE Thomas Locust Grove  
CLINE Jackson Liberty  
CLINE James Liberty  
CLINE Philip Penn  
CLINE William Round Prairie  
CLINKENBEARD Fielden Liberty  
CLINKENBEARD Jackson Liberty  
CLINTON Charles Fairfield  
CLINTON John Fairfield  
CLOKE Henry Des Moines  
CLOPFENSTEIN Nicholas Liberty  
COCHRAN George Round Prairie  
COCHRAN John Round Prairie  
COLE George Round Prairie  
COLE James W. Fairfield  
COLEMAN David Des Moines  
COLLINS Andrew Locust Grove  
COLLINS David Locust Grove  
COLLINS Elijah Locust Grove  
COLLINS Jacob Locust Grove  
COLLINS James Lockridge  
COLLINS Waltus Lockridge  
COLLINS Zarah C. Locust Grove  
COLWELL Alexander Fairfield  
CONDER Arthur Round Prairie  
CONGER John B. Des Moines  
CONLEY Francis Lockridge  
CONNER John Penn  
COOL Alfred Des Moines  
COOL James Des Moines  
COOL Marcus Des Moines  
COOP Ransom Penn  
COOP William G. Penn  
COOPER Caleb Lockridge  
COOPER Calvin Penn  
COOPER John W. Locust Grove  
COOPER Otho Lockridge  
COOPER Wilkes Lockridge  
COOPER William I. Fairfield  
COPELAND James Des Moines  
COPELAND Macklin Des Moines  
COPELAND W. H. Des Moines  
COSSEL Gabriel Locust Grove  
COSSEL Michael Jr. Locust Grove  
COSSEL Michael Sr. Locust Grove  
COSSEL Solomon Locust Grove  
COTES Abner Fairfield  
COTTINGHAM John T. Fairfield  
COTTLE William W. Round Prairie  
COUGHMAN George Fairfield
Surname possibly spelled KAUFFMAN?
COURTNEY Adam Penn  
COURTNEY David Jr. Walnut  
COURTNEY David Sr. Walnut  
COURTNEY Jacob Walnut  
COWAN David Lockridge  
COWEN John Lockridge  
COWGER James Polk  
COX Charles L. Jr. Cedar  
COX Eli Cedar  
COX John Lockridge  
CRAIN Even L. Fairfield  
CRAIN George Fairfield  
CRAMER Edon Des Moines  
CREASE Joseph Locust Grove  
CREEGAN Daniel Walnut  
CRENSHAW John Lockridge  
CROFT John Des Moines  
CROFT John H. Des Moines  
CROLUS George Liberty  
CROWDER Stephen Round Prairie  
CULBERTSON John W. Fairfield  
CUNNINGHAM James A. Fairfield  
CUNNINGHAM Ludwick Lockridge  
CURNS William Walnut  
CUSHMAN Simeon Black Hawk  

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