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Births 1909 - June 1921

This is a list of births from 1909 thru Jun 1921.  It lists the child's name, date of birth, Mother's maiden name and the number and box of the certificate.  You can get copies from the state or county. These are from the Iowa State Historical Society online records at https://iowaculture.gov/history/research/collections/vital-records. Contributed by Nettie Mae Lucas, April 2022.

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NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Tabelt, Vernan HermanJune 17, 1913DubuqueMayer572B2526
Taft, Andrew07 Jan. 1910DubuqueBonfils516B2524
Takes, Eleanor C.1910DubuqueWeiser223B2524
Talcott, Helen Dorothy19 Dec. 1916DubuqueSteible656B2529
Talcott, Mary C.July 5, 1915DubuqueSteible536B2528
Tallman, Edward Laverne28 Dec. 1919DubuqueLindsey436B2531
Tallman, Harold JosephJuly 1, 1916DubuqueLindsay636B2529
Tallman, Helen G.Sept. 1914DubuqueLindsey640B2528
Tallman, Wilfred Bernard01 Mar. 1918DubuqueLindsy870B2530
Tamlin, ElizabethJune 7, 1909DubuqueChrist260B2523
Tangeman, Louis George19 Aug. 1910DubuqueHarbug584B2524
Tangeman, Marguerite Marie24 Jan. 1919DubuqueHarberg64B2530
Tangeman, Milton Ernie22 Jan. 1916DubuqueHarberg657B2529
Tanke, Dorothy29 Dec. 1910DubuqueKroffl493B2524
Tanke, Leo22 Dec. 1910DubuqueWordrhoff536B2524
Tanner, Irene Lucille18 Feb. 1916DubuqueFlackiger654B2529
Tappan, Fidelis08 Apr. 1920DubuqueCassidart422B2532
Tappe, Marita Elizabeth25 Dec. 1919DubuqueFlannigan437B2531
Tarkett, Eugene R.23 Aug. 1915DubuqueEitel523B2528
Tauke, Floyd02 Mar. 1919DubuqueEsch225B2531
Tauke, Joseph Alousius14 Apr. 1912Dubuque 630B2526
Taylor, Alice MayJune 19, 1916DubuqueGeorge647B2529
Taylor, Clara May15 Mar. 1921DubuqueGrobsteck399B2533
Taylor, Dawn Hope06 Aug. 1918DubuquePeterson871B2530
Taylor, Dorothy13 Apr. 1916DubuqueNipp652B2529
Taylor, Grace J.21 Feb. 1914DubuqueGeorge642B2528
Taylor, Ruth Jane20 Nov. 1919DubuqueDoty343B2531
Taylor, William24 Nov. 1914DubuqueDoty649B2528
Tegeler, Alan Francis01 Nov. 1918DubuqueRuemmele873B2530
Tegeler, Joseph John21 Apr. 1918DubuqueHeming872B2530
Tegeler, Kathleen AnnJune 3, 1921DubuqueWelbut400B2533
Tegeler, Marie Anna Bernadine13 Sept. 1916DubuqueHemming642B2529
Tegeler, Robert Henry Bernard31 Mar. 1919DubuqueAlthaus226B2531
Tegeler, Velaria Clara11 Mar. 1920DubuqueHenning334B2532
Tench, James30 Jan. 1915DubuqueHall519B2528
Tench, Louis J.July 18, 1916DubuqueBoddy640B2529
Tennas, Phyllis18 Apr. 1919DubuqueLeppert305B2531
Tennicker, Alois JosephJuly 31, 1910DubuqueMeyer592B2524
Terfruckte, Robert Francis18 Aug. 1918DubuqueDolter874B2530
Terris, John StanleyJuly 27, 1913DubuqueVarros615B2527
Terris, Lois Helen10 Dec. 1920DubuqueVan Oss1129B2532
Terris, Mary F.June 14, 1916DubuqueVanoss515B2528
Thahammer, WillisJune 25, 1914DubuqueKammath643B2528
Thalhamer, George E.09 Apr. 1916DubuqueKammrath649B2529
Theel, Helen Mary BerthaJune 18, 1910DubuqueDenlinger11B2524
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Their, Arthur John24 Feb. 1918DubuqueKlaus884B2530
Their, James BernardJune 17, 1921DubuqueClaus401B2533
Their, John Cletus05 Dec. 1917DubuqueKlaus529B2529
Their, Richard John16 Aug. 1919DubuqueKlaus76B2531
Theis, Bernice13 Aug. 1910DubuqueHerberger510B2524
Theis, Dorris24 Jan. 1917DubuqueHerberger524B2529
Theis, George Jacob03 Sept. 1911DubuqueHolzman172B2525
Theis, Gladys ElizabethJune 9, 1912DubuqueLaughlin664B2526
Theisen, Bernard Joseph16 Jan. 1918DubuqueTheisen875B2530
Theisen, Clarence26 Nov. 1912DubuqueSchmitt197B2526
Theisen, Clementine11 Apr. 1910DubuqueDeuhr294B2524
Theisen, Cletus30 Apr. 1914DubuqueLanser641B2528
Theisen, Donald Joseph16 Feb. 1919DubuqueCallahan133B2530
Theisen, Edgar williamJuly 30, 1920DubuqueWeland648B2532
Theisen, George L.10 Aug. 1915DubuqueSchroeder534B2528
Theisen, James Lawrence28 Aug. 1910DubuqueDerany513B2524
Theisen, Jean Marie17 Dec. 1918DubuqueFriedell876B2530
Theisen, Leo Anetta03 Oct. 1909DubuqueLanzer23B2523
Theisen, Lorena01 Nov. 1910DubuqueAnthony140B2524
Theisen, Marcella Anna28 Sept. 1916DubuqueCallahan641B2529
Theisen, Monica D.26 Nov. 1912DubuqueFriedel569B2526
Theisen, Otto29 Mar. 1910DubuqueSmith299B2524
Theisen, Viola Marie31 Jan. 1915DubuqueCallahan520B2528
Theisen, Wilma Margaret23 Nov. 1911DubuqueAnthony261B2525
Thelen, Olive M.01 Nov. 1914DubuqueAcker711B2528
Thelen, Robert26 Nov. 1920DubuqueCapritz1028B2532
Theltgen, Peter12 Mar. 1921DubuqueGlosser403B2533
Theobald, John PaulJune 29, 1918DubuqueSpantz877B2530
Theobold, Joseph25 Oct. 1913DubuqueSpantz614B2527
Theviot, Alma Sophia Henrietta27 Nov. 1912DubuqueSpoerl120B2526
Theviot, Lydia C.16 Oct. 1915DubuqueSpoerl529B2528
Thielen, Angela06 Jan. 1913DubuqueDillon619B2527
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Thielen, Joseph Harry11 Dec. 1920DubuqueClark1130B2532
Thielen, Mary E.July 30, 1914DubuqueDillon650B2528
Thielen, Robert Anthony27 Feb. 1920DubuqueDillon212B2531
Thiesen, Mathias N.July 14, 1914DubuqueDeuhr646B2528
Thill, Agatha03 Nov. 1909DubuqueKepler349B2523
Thill, Anna Marie26 Feb. 1913DubuqueBouquet612B2527
Thill, August24 Apr. 1912DubuqueNorman337B2526
Thill, Elden L.29 Jan. 1915DubuqueNorman522B2528
Thill, Frances Margaret26 Feb. 1911DubuqueBouquet139B2525
Thill, Frank Jacob05 Nov. 1911DubuqueKeppler460B2525
Thill, Joseph Alan08 Sept. 1917DubuqueCorcoran516B2529
Thill, Lillian17 Mar. 1916DubuqueBouquet645B2529
Thill, Maelon Albertha11 Mar. 1917DubuqueNorman517B2529
Thill, Mary Mabel27 Oct. 1910DubuqueHoffmann428B2524
Thill, Remalda M. Wagner22 Aug. 1914DubuqueThill685B2528
Thill, Robert Frank21 Dec. 1919DubuqueSnyder438B2531
Thill, Robert James19 Sept. 1919DubuqueCorcoran178B2531
Thill, Ruth Mary17 Apr. 1921DubuqueNorman402B2533
Thillen, Marie Frances27 Feb. 1910DubuqueSmith430B2524
Thillen, Viola LorraineJuly 15, 1915DubuqueWessels720B2528
Thillman, Anna Marsela28 Sept. 1909DubuqueDiederich495B2523
Thilmany, Emma Augusta21 Feb. 1910DubuqueThill313B2524
Thilmany, Mary28 Oct. 1918DubuqueThilmany879B2530
Thiltgen, Leo Charles18 Mar. 1913DubuqueFarni622B2527
Thiltgen, stella Mary19 Mar. 1912DubuqueFarni185B2526
Thittman, Applonia03 Aug. 1909DubuqueStraub565B2524
Thoeni, Margaret ReginaJune 30, 1916DubuqueBretzrin650B2529
Thoma, George Nicholos09 Oct. 1918DubuqueKoempel880B2530
Thoma, Paul J.May 13, 1915DubuqueKoempel533B2528
Thomann, Louise Elizabeth10 Oct. 1911DubuqueBrenke311B2525
Thomas (Baby Boy)03 Apr. 1918DubuquePetrakis881B2530
Thomas, Eleanor Vivian AnnJune 30, 1920DubuqueMarra570B2532
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Thomas, HaroldJune 11, 1910DubuqueStronk469B2524
Thomas, John J.19 Mar. 1914DubuqueBeyer639B2528
Thomas, John Victor30 Apr. 1921DubuqueDetman404B2533
Thomas, Lucille17 Oct. 1912DubuqueLorang534B2526
Thomas, Melvin10 Oct. 1915Dubuquethomas517B2528
Thomas, Phyllis IsabelMay 17, 1919DubuqueLeppert386B2531
Thomas, Ranold Joseph18 Aug. 1913DubuqueStrock625B2527
Thomas, William James10 Dec. 1911DubuqueDodson598B2525
Thome, Helen Louise30 Mar. 1918DubuqueBlaser882B2530
Thompson (Baby Boy)July 7, 1914DubuqueLindemann637B2528
Thompson (Baby Boy)July 7, 1914DubuqueLindemann638B2528
Thompson, Eldon Joseph1913DubuqueDaniels613B2527
Thompson, Elmer Louis16 Oct. 1915DubuqueDaniels527B2528
Thompson, Iola Lucille03 Nov. 1916DubuqueSmith655B2529
Thompson, Joseph E.08 Nov. 1915DubuqueHarker516B2528
Thompson, LeonaJuly 1, 1919DubuqueHarker54B2531
Thompson, Lester Harris05 Feb. 1912DubuqueHarker54B2525
Thompson, Lillian14 Nov. 1915DubuquePlein525B2528
Thompson, Marcella Edith Mae26 Apr. 1910DubuqueSchmidt454B2524
Thompson, Robert John25 Dec. 1919DubuqueFlaherty439B2531
Thompson, Virginia Marion30 Jan. 1921DubuqueLemmer405B2533
Thomson, Kathleen I.16 Nov. 1920DubuqueSenn1029B2532
Thor, Helen Marie22 Aug. 1911DubuqueLange177B2525
Thore, FrancisMay 15, 1917DubuqueLange525B2529
Thorp, CarlMay 30, 1913DubuqueStrauman618B2527
Thorp, Frederick EmmaJune 5, 1917DubuqueStrauman519B2529
Thorp, George Albert19 Feb. 1917DubuqueWilliman530B2529
Thorpe, Ralph Arthur27 Dec. 1913DubuqueLudovissy617B2527
Thul, Henry JohnMay 15, 1909DubuqueMai192B2523
Thunten, Helen Catherine19 Nov. 1918DubuqueLester883B2530
Thurston, Isabel03 Apr. 1917DubuqueLester521B2529
Tiefel, Dail Joseph06 Mar. 1921DubuqueDress406B2533
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Tierney (Baby Girl)29 Mar. 1920DubuqueCoffee335B2532
Tierney, Louis B.July 30, 1917DubuqueCoffee522B2529
Tierney, Mary27 Dec. 1918DubuqueCoffee886B2530
Tierney, Paul Joseph12 Apr. 1921DubuqueCosgrove407B2533
Tigges, AlvinMay 19, 1919DubuqueFrisch387B2531
Tigges, Arthur21 Aug. 1918DubuqueKoenig885B2530
Tigges, Bernice26 Sept. 1914DubuqueFrisch645B2528
Tigges, Cathern AngelineJune 2, 1919DubuqueLinden453B2531
Tigges, Cerril O.13 Jan. 1914DubuqueSticklein652B2528
Tigges, Clarence Joseph07 Nov. 1909DubuqueStecklein332B2523
Tigges, Dorothy Angelina17 Dec. 1911DubuqueStecklein481B2525
Tigges, FrankMay 9, 1916DubuqueSticklein634B2529
Tigges, Genevieve Lena13 Feb. 1917DubuqueNauman528B2529
Tigges, Joseph John27 Feb. 1919DubuqueNaumann134B2530
Tigges, Leo JosephMay 17, 1916DubuqueNaumann514B2528
Tigges, Lorraine Anna02 Jan. 1920DubuqueBanwirth101B2531
Tigges, Luella C.16 Nov. 1915DubuqueTigges530B2528
Tigges, Macella ClaraMay 20, 1913DubuqueNaumann620B2527
Tigges, Madaline A.24 Sept. 1913DubuqueKoenig626B2527
Tigges, Marie Bernidine1910DubuqueManmaus323B2524
Tigges, Martha EllaJuly 14, 1917DubuqueLinden523B2529
Tigges, Melvin Joseph22 Apr. 1917DubuqueFrisch527B2529
Tigges, Raymond Anton10 Dec. 1917DubuqueBanwarth534B2529
Tigges, Rosella Mary03 Dec. 1913DubuqueBanwarth628B2527
Tigges, Sylvester23 Aug. 1910DubuqueKoenig239B2524
Till, Dola Ann04 Nov. 1920DubuqueLudwig1030B2532
Timmer, (Baby)12 Jan. 1910DubuqueWarborg283B2524
Timmer, Bernard John13 Aug. 1918DubuqueWarborg887B2530
Timmer, Lawrence Peter07 Dec. 1913DubuqueWarburg621B2527
Timmer, Nicholas F.15 Mar. 1916DubuqueWarburg653B2529
Timmer, Raymond22 Nov. 1911DubuqueWarborg424B2525
Timmerman, Lorraine Josephine03 Oct. 1909DubuqueReisweber515B2524
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Timmerman, Rosemary Helen22 Mar. 1919DubuqueMeyer227B2531
Timpe, RitaJune 28, 1915DubuqueWilberding531B2528
Tinkham (Baby Girl)26 Sept. 1915DubuqueKlarins524B2528
Tinkham, Violet Augusta Amelia02 Oct. 1916DubuqueJames646B2529
Tinzel, Marie KathurynJuly 13, 1912DubuqueKirchberg111B2526
Tischhauser, Alice E.19 Sept. 1914DubuqueHoch651B2528
Tischhauser, Ethel Mildred20 Aug. 1912DubuqueHoch106B2526
Tischhauser, Lester FloydJuly 20, 1918DubuqueHoch888B2530
Tix, Florence13 Mar. 1915DubuqueFries528B2528
Tjaden, Johann HermanMay 12, 1919DubuqueLangerenken388B2531
Tjaden, Paul Gerhard30 Nov. 1920DubuqueHeeren1031B2532
Tobin, Alvina AnnaJuly 12, 1919DubuqueJurgens55B2531
Tobin, Amanda Cecetia11 Nov. 1912DubuqueLattner175B2526
Tobin, Amilla01 Apr. 1911DubuqueKramer491B2525
Tobin, Antona14 Apr. 1911DubuqueJaeger495B2525
Tobin, Bernadette Mary16 Mar. 1917DubuqueLattner531B2529
Tobin, Geneve Mary25 Aug. 1917DubuqueStreit532B2529
Tobin, George FrancisJuly 3, 1913DubuqueJeuden624B2527
Tobin, Jerome GeorgeJuly 1, 1911DubuqueLattner494B2525
Tobin, Marie Emily01 Aug. 1916DubuqueJugins643B2529
Tobin, Mary M.29 Feb. 1916DubuqueJugens644B2529
Tobin, Merlin E.27 Aug. 1915DubuqueStreit518B2528
Tobin, Paul08 Mar. 1909DubuqueJaeger669B2524
Tobin, ThomasJuly 21, 1912DubuqueJaeger180B2526
Tobin, Vincent John02 Dec. 1913DubuqueJergens177B2526
Tobin, Virgina23 Jan. 1913DubuqueKramer623B2527
Toll, Donald John02 Mar. 1918DubuqueHarms899B2530
Tonen, Eleanor Louise14 Jan. 1920DubuquePowers102B2531
Toner, Harriett Hellen09 Jan. 1917DubuqueRowan518B2529
Toussiant, Raymond Benidict1911DubuqueHuss393B2525
Townsend, George08 Jan. 1918DubuqueStreator890B2530
Trainor, Nona Helen15 Sept. 1920DubuqueVinton860B2532
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Trapp, Herbert Arthur23 Feb. 1919DubuqueMeyer135B2530
Trapp, Lois Estelle19 Aug. 1918DubuqueGilbert891B2530
Trausch, Armand11 Nov. 1920DubuqueRenter1032B2532
Traut, Dorothy Elane27 Nov. 1915DubuqueCanavan521B2528
Traut, George E.29 Jan. 1914DubuqueHartmann647B2528
Traut, Mary Lucille09 Jan. 1921DubuqueWeber408B2533
Traut, Virginia Louise05 Nov. 1917DubuqueCanavana514B2529
Treanor, Edwin LeRoy24 Oct. 1917DubuqueHerveg515B2529
Treanor, William B.June 22, 1916DubuqueHeivig638B2529
Trebon, Rosemary Theresa09 Apr. 1921DubuqueKuenzel409B2533
Treisvieler, Elmer L.04 Feb. 1915DubuqueMeyer535B2528
Trenbomp, Mary Katharine26 Feb. 1919DubuqueSteffen136B2530
Trencamp, Agnes Rose23 Aug. 1918DubuqueEnnis892B2530
Trenkamp, Edmund Florian24 Aug. 1920DubuqueSteffen763B2532
Trenkamp, Hildegard01 Aug. 1917DubuqueSteffen533B2529
Trentz, Merlin Emmett20 Oct. 1920DubuqueGau957B2532
Tressel, Jean Elizabeth30 Mar. 1921DubuqueNaters410B2533
Treweiler, Harry30 Oct. 1920DubuqueSchueller958B2532
Trexler, Robert Anthony27 Jan. 1919DubuqueTraut65B2530
Triervieler, Eleanor M.29 Jan. 1920DubuqueVitzthum103B2531
Triervieler, Ralph07 Aug. 1914DubuqueSchueller644B2528
Triervieler, William J.03 Apr. 1918DubuqueVitzthurn893B2530
Trierweiler, Raymond18 Aug. 1916DubuqueSchueller658B2529
Triesveiler, Helen Anna10 Mar. 1913DubuqueSchueller627B2527
Trieweiler, Alfred N.08 Oct. 1910DubuqueSchneller235B2524
Trieweiler, Ida AnnaJuly 10, 1912DubuqueSchueller593B2526
Trilk, Cath M.28 Jan. 1915DubuqueGraham532B2528
Trilk, Donald Lincoln12 Feb. 1920DubuqueDietl213B2531
Trilk, Elsie M.02 Mar. 1911DubuqueGraham609B2525
Trilk, Grace Adair06 Mar. 1918DubuqueMaghie894B2530
Triller, Dorothea20 Aug. 1918DubuqueBuse895B2530
Triller, James10 Mar. 1918DubuqueConrad897B2530
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Triller, Jane Ann10 Mar. 1918DubuqueConrad896B2530
Trimey, LoraineMay 31, 1916DubuqueCosgrove637B2529
Tropf, Robert EmileMay 26, 1918DubuqueGruetzmacher898B2530
Trudell, Nanomi SuszaneJuly 10, 1910DubuqueJacquinot398B2524
Trueb, Tony HenryJune 25, 1918DubuqueVolrath899B2530
Truman, Harry John11 Apr. 1919DubuqueBieger306B2531
Truman, Mary JaenettJuly 18, 1920DubuqueRich649B2532
Trumm, Carl Joseph16 Feb. 1918DubuqueNiemyer900B2530
Trumm, Ruth Agnes31 Dec. 1912DubuqueNiemeyer548B2526
Trumm, Walter J.07 Sept. 1915DubuqueNiermeyer526B2528
Tschiggfaie, Edward29 Jan. 1921DubuqueMaters412B2533
Tschiggfrie, Elmer Louis04 Apr. 1909DubuqueStrotz375B2523
Tschohl, Clarence02 Mar. 1910DubuqueSchoot338B2524
Tschudi, Charles J.30 Nov. 1915DubuqueSommers537B2528
Tschudi, Ellen Caroline25 Jan. 1917DubuqueHaas513B2529
Tschudi, Robert19 Feb. 1916DubuqueFay651B2529
Tucker, Bogess LevernMay 17, 1917DubuqueParrott526B2529
Tucker, Grace MarieMay 8, 1914DubuqueDucker648B2528
Tucker, Helen Marie05 Jan. 1919DubuqueParrott66B2530
Tucker, Joseph John1916DubuqueChristiana635B2529
Tucker, Luella Clara22 Apr. 1918DubuqueTucker901B2530
Tucker, Viola L.02 Jan. 1909DubuqueTucker356B2523
Tuegel, Eleanor Grace20 Aug. 1909DubuqueKronfeldt270B2523
Tuensmann, Earl HenryJuly 11, 1919DubuqueSegbers56B2531
Tuller, Margaret LouraJune 21, 1917DubuqueBlickman520B2529
Tully, Mary Margaret10 Aug. 1918DubuqueO'Rourke902B2530
Turley, Rose Mary1916DubuqueBuchte639B2529
Turner, Cleda E.20 Dec. 1915DubuqueFarley538B2528
Turner, Hazel25 Mar. 1914DubuqueAlkinson636B2528
Turner, Mildred22 Jan. 1909DubuqueNezidly216B2523
Turner, Mildred22 Jan. 1909DubuqueNezidly245B2523
Turner, Morva Jane26 Oct. 1913DubuqueFarley616B2527
Turnis, Raymond Joseph14 Aug. 1910DubuqueKoppis56B2524
Tuthill, Elwood JosephJune 24, 1919DubuqueDelaney455B2531