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Births 1909 - June 1921

This is a list of births from 1909 thru Jun 1921.  It lists the child's name, date of birth, Mother's maiden name and the number and box of the certificate.  You can get copies from the state or county. These are from the Iowa State Historical Society online records at https://iowaculture.gov/history/research/collections/vital-records. Contributed by Nettie Mae Lucas, April 2022.

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NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Jackson, Anna HarriettJuly 8, 1917DubuqueQuamme234B2529
Jackson, John E.May 7, 1918DubuqueBurch396B2530
Jackson, Robert BurdetteMay 26, 1918DubuqueSalwalke397B2530
Jacobs, Albert WilliamJuly 7, 1918DubuqueComer398B2530
Jacobs, HenriettaJuly 23, 1916DubuqueComer309B2528
Jacobs, Jane Christine18 Aug. 1919DubuqueHanlon86B2531
Jacobsmeier, Anna C.29 Nov. 1910DubuqueStephensmeier490B2524
Jacobsmeier, Anna E.10 Feb. 1915DubuqueStefensmeier218B2528
Jacobsmeier, B.J.June 2, 1909DubuqueStephensmeier315B2523
Jacobsmeyer, Edward Stephen1917DubuqueSteffensmeyer230B2529
Jacobsmiser, Maggie20 Feb. 1912Dubuque 652B2526
Jacquinot, Bernice Marie27 Apr. 1916DubuqueGrimme307B2528
Jaeger, Anastasia M.22 Jan. 1911DubuqueMeyer227B2525
Jaeger, Bernedine02 Nov. 1917DubuqueSauser229B2529
Jaeger, BerniceJune 30, 1914DubuqueSchilling266B2527
Jaeger, Catherine26 Jan. 1916DubuqueSullivan312B2528
Jaeger, ClarenceJuly 26, 1911DubuqueSauser493B2525
Jaeger, Dale FrancisJune 28, 1921DubuqueKoch182B2533
Jaeger, Doris Jane10 Dec. 1920Dubuque 1081B2532
Jaeger, Ernest25 Jan. 1919DubuqueHulow31B2530
Jaeger, Florence F.July 5, 1915DubuqueRubner219B2528
Jaeger, Helen Claire18 Apr. 1921DubuqueVan Duelman181B2533
Jaeger, Heugine22 Feb. 1914DubuqueSauer276B2527
Jaeger, John ArthurJuly 6, 1918DubuqueHass399B2530
Jaeger, Leo WilliamJune 25, 1911DubuqueConrad249B2525
Jaeger, Lucile F.15 Feb. 1919DubuqueConrad97B2530
Jaeger, Marjorie Bernice28 Jan. 1913DubuqueRoyce301B2527
Jaeger, Raymond17 Feb. 1913DubuqueRubner305B2527
Jaeger, Thomas PeterMay 24, 1916DubuqueComad315B2528
Jaeger, Virginia May26 Mar. 1916DubuqueKoch314B2528
Jaegger, Virginia L.09 Feb. 1915DubuqueBoyce214B2528
Jaeggi, Frank WilliamMay 8, 1911DubuqueKunz68B2525
Jaegi, Denise Maria26 Feb. 1917DubuqueMcAloon237B2529
Jager, MagdelanJuly 4, 1911DubuqueRubner485B2525
Jahimcyk, Helen TheresaJune 2, 1910DubuqueKuhl357B2524
Jahimzyk, Elsie Susan19 Dec. 1911DubuqueKuhl630B2525
Jahn, Hellen May05 Apr. 1920DubuqueTschiazi379B2532
Jahn, John J.27 Sept. 1916DubuqueRichter316B2528
James, Harriet ElaineMay 20, 1919DubuqueHirkson344B2531
Jansen, Anna Levern01 Dec. 1916DubuqueCook313B2528
Jansen, Earl FrankJune 7, 1913DubuqueVosberg303B2527
Jansen, George Jacob07 Oct. 1919DubuqueRechsteiner219B2531
Janson, Howard04 Mar. 1909DubuqueWalz609B2524
Janssen, Dorothy Elizabeth17 Feb. 1921DubuqueStory183B2533
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Jarding, Kenith05 Oct. 1915DubuquePotts213B2528
Jarding, Leo Francis26 Jan. 1919DubuquePotts32B2530
Jarding, Lucile Maria ElizabethJuly 31, 1913DubuquePotts306B2527
Jasper, Donald Bernard16 Nov. 1920DubuqueKramer990B2532
Jasper, Laverne Louise22 Dec. 1913DubuqueKramer307B2527
Jasper, Leo05 Apr. 1914DubuqueNessel268B2527
Jasper, Velma Marie03 Apr. 1918DubuqueKramer400B2530
Jaworski, Jeanette Katherine17 Apr. 1921DubuqueTechmanski184B2533
Jeager, Herman05 Sept. 1920DubuqueSchilling816B2532
Jecklin, Frederick JamesJuly 16, 1911DubuqueWitter107B2525
Jecklin, John E.16 Mar. 1914DubuqueWitter270B2527
Jecklin, Kathryn Pauline29 Apr. 1921DubuqueGottchalk185B2533
Jehring, John James06 Feb. 1912DubuqueWeiter510B2526
Jelleson, EthelJune 28, 1911DubuqueDriscol600B2525
Jellison, Corrine M.May 14, 1913DubuqueCoorough297B2526
Jellison, Darrell Frayne09 Mar. 1912DubuqueRobothem663B2526
Jellison, Iona Ruth04 Nov. 1910DubuqueCoorough464B2524
Jellison, Joseph Vincent21 Sept. 1920DubuqueLang817B2532
Jenney, George Rex16 Mar. 1913DubuqueCox298B2526
Jensen, Charles MarionMay 17, 1909DubuqueHumann398B2523
Jensen, Frederich Harry19 Feb. 1920DubuqueBesser158B2531
Jensen, Marian Leith06 Dec. 1917DubuqueWilcox232B2529
Jeslice, Lillian17 Jan. 1921DubuqueScharff186B2533
Jess, JosephJune 17, 1917DubuqueMottman231B2529
Jestice, Ella28 Aug. 1916DubuqueSharff310B2528
Jestice, Ralph29 Mar. 1910DubuqueScharff496B2524
Jestus, Teresa12 Aug. 1912DubuqueScharff520B2526
Jimgbluth, Mary Josephine20 Mar. 1916DubuqueEndes311B2528
Jobyen, Lenore15 Jan. 1914DubuqueMartell269B2527
Jochum, DonaldDec. 1912DubuqueHaber618B2526
Jochum, Elmer LeoJune 2, 1918DubuqueTinkham402B2530
Jochum, Florine ElizabethJune 5, 1910DubuqueWelty65B2524
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Jochum, Gerald B.04 Apr. 1918DubuqueSchmitt403B2530
Jochum, Hazel20 Mar. 1911DubuqueTinkham571B2524
Jochum, Jannette19 Feb. 1920DubuqueCrouse159B2531
Jochum, Marie Viola14 Dec. 1911DubuqueWelty306B2525
Jochum, Victoria Lucille10 Nov. 1918DubuquePfab405B2530
Joerger, Carl John06 Oct. 1913DubuqueFisher295B2526
Joerger, Otto26 Apr. 1919DubuqueFisher266B2531
Joester, Donald August29 Nov. 1917DubuqueKrapfl227.5B2529
Joester, Mary Jane24 Apr. 1920DubuqueKrapfl378B2532
Jogerst (Baby Boy)17 Jan. 1910DubuqueBecker368B2524
Jogerst, Rose Mary15 Sept. 1914DubuqueKleinschmidt273B2527
Johannes, Arnold12 Sept. 1920DubuqueSaugel818B2532
Johanningmeier, Marie13 Apr. 1920DubuqueCasey579B2532
Johnsen, Lucile Rena06 Mar. 1919DubuqueGlenville177B2531
Johnson, Betty Carrine20 Feb. 1918DubuqueBruick406B2530
Johnson, Clara M.27 Sept. 1910DubuqueRiech555B2524
Johnson, Gordon Floyd20 Nov. 1914DubuqueShapland710B2528
Johnson, Harvey Clarence11 Oct. 1909DubuqueRobothein516B2524
Johnson, Harvey William08 Aug. 1917DubuqueGlanville236B2529
Johnson, Helen Ernestine30 Jan. 1912DubuqueWilson485B2526
Johnson, KennethJune 19, 1910DubuqueHerberger511B2524
Johnson, Leroy06 Mar. 1919DubuqueHerburger176B2531
Johnson, May Loretta08 Oct. 1920DubuqueDecker909B2532
Johnson, Melvin Arthur10 Mar. 1918DubuqueHeinz407B2530
Johnson, Robert Carl10 Dec. 1920DubuqueBurch1082B2532
Johnson, Roy L.June 15, 1914DubuquePinkston265B2527
Johnson, Ruth ElizabethJuly 17, 1913DubuqueMiller296B2526
Johnson, Sarah Catherine03 Mar. 1909DubuqueWilkinson169B2523
Johnson, Virginia JaneJuly 24, 1920DubuqueNassalke614B2532
Jones (Baby Boy)15 Apr. 1913DubuqueWhelden299B2526
Jones (Baby Boy)20 Aug. 1915DubuqueKimbel605B2528
Jones, Alvia Marie15 Sept. 1917DubuqueWheeldin233B2529
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Jones, Bradley05 Mar. 1912DubuqueBradley334B2526
Jones, Bradley05 Mar. 1912DubuqueBradley336B2526
Jones, Charles Henry12 Dec. 1915DubuqueStocker217B2528
Jones, Dorothy Jeanette11 Jan. 1921DubuqueJones188B2533
Jones, Dorothy P.26 Mar. 1913DubuqueBradley300B2526
Jones, George David22 Nov. 1919DubuqueStocker295B2531
Jones, Howard W.02 Nov. 1914DubuquePeterson274B2527
Jones, Idell Louise07 Mar. 1919DubuqueDetton178B2531
Jones, John15 Feb. 1920DubuqueBradley160B2531
Jones, Joseph Maurice23 Nov. 1913DubuqueCarpenter302B2527
Jones, Julius R.29 Oct. 1915DubuqueBradley215B2528
Jones, Julius R.29 Oct. 1914DubuqueBradley267B2527
Jones, LeroyJuly 27, 1914DubuqueWheeldin271B2527
Jones, Philip W.09 Dec. 1914DubuqueCarpenter275B2527
Jones, Raymond Charles30 Jan. 1918DubuqueBradley408B2530
Jones, Robert J.20 Apr. 1916DubuqueBradley305B2528
Jones, Truman Walter13 Feb. 1921DubuqueWirzbach189B2533
Jones, Virginia Dorothy26 Apr. 1921DubuqueWeber190B2533
Jones, Walter Virgil10 Mar. 1917DubuqueEngleman235B2529
Jones, William15 Sept. 1914DubuqueBradley272B2527
Joos, Margaret JustinaJune 11, 1921DubuqueBerg191B2533
Joos, Mildred15 Mar. 1917DubuqueBerg228B2529
Joos, Tillie05 Nov. 1909DubuqueThutsch528B2524
Joos, William J.July 23, 1915DubuqueEickert216B2528
Jordan, Gertrude L.20 Sept. 1912DubuqueLove322B2526
Jordan, Lydia Ruth03 Mar. 1913DubuqueTaylor304B2527
Jotham, Myrtle Carline10 Mar. 1912DubuqueOsthoff95B2525
Juergens, Robert25 Feb. 1919DubuqueWeber98B2530
Jungblut, Lester O.11 Apr. 1910DubuqueBaal240B2524
Jungk, Marian E.04 Dec. 1914DubuqueSchmitt375B2527
Jungwirth, Clarence01 Feb. 1911DubuqueGeiger568B2525
Jungwirth, Lovane18 Nov. 1915DubuqueGeiger220B2528
Jungworth, Joseph HaroldJuly 22, 1919DubuqueGeiger18B2531
Junkersdorf, Helen MarieJune 6, 1919DubuqueWeber454B2531
Juno, Lyle Leo11 Jan. 1920DubuqueGremore581B2532
Junyk, Donald02 Mar. 1920DubuqueSauer260B2532
Jurrus, Earl Martin30 Jan. 1918DubuquePalzer409B2530
Jurrus, Harlan Carl12 Jan. 1916DubuquePalzer308B2528
Justman, Donald George13 Feb. 1918DubuqueVolrath410B2530
Justman, Frederick17 Oct. 1914DubuqueVollrath277B2527