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Births 1909 - June 1921

This is a list of births from 1909 thru Jun 1921.  It lists the child's name, date of birth, Mother's maiden name and the number and box of the certificate.  You can get copies from the state or county. These are from the Iowa State Historical Society online records at https://iowaculture.gov/history/research/collections/vital-records. Contributed by Nettie Mae Lucas, April 2022.

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NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Paar, ArthurJuly 18, 1920DubuqueBurg632B2532
Paar, Belle Ann05 Dec. 1919DubuqueWelsey408B2531
Paar, Rita May07 Jan. 1920DubuqueZugenbuehler580B2532
Paas, William E.12 Aug. 1915DubuqueWilsey380B2828
Padgorny, Segmon29 Oct. 1914DubuqueWitck474B2527
Page, MaryMay 7, 1911DubuqueStuart664B2525
Pahlas, Jane Elsa28 Oct. 1919DubuquePings239B2531
Paisley (Baby Boy)May 25, 1911DubuqueBuye230B2525
Paisley, Howard Gene16 Feb. 1918DubuqueNelson677B2530
Paisley, Leonard L.July 30, 1915DubuqueNelson378B2828
Paisley, Richard David07 Dec. 1913DubuqueDonaldson507B2527
Paisley, Robert John31 Aug. 1911DubuqueDonaldson268B2525
Paisley, Susan09 Sept. 1920DubuqueLattner839B2532
Paisley, W.K.25 Nov. 1916DubuqueDonaldson520B2529
Paisley, William HerbertJuly 23, 1919DubuqueSchmitt39B2531
Palen, Anne Janet Ancy10 Feb. 1912DubuqueSpilman661B2526
Palen, Ethel Mary25 Feb. 1918DubuqueMeyer678B2530
Palen, Nicholas Robert07 Aug. 1918DubuqueSpilman679B2530
Palen, Robert JeanJuly 21, 1920DubuqueSpilman633B2532
Palin, Daniel LeRoyMay 28, 1920DubuqueRaskop468B2532
Palm, Kathleen Luella04 Feb. 1921DubuqueRoskop321B2533
Palm, KennethJuly 2, 1918DubuqueRoskamp680B2530
Palmer, Carl Joseph04 Apr. 1914DubuqueBrennan501B2527
Palmer, Lorene1910DubuqueGrutzmacher336B2524
Palmer, Mary Harrett12 Aug. 1916DubuqueBrennan505B2529
Pancratz, Charles LeoJune 1, 1920DubuqueBoyer550B2532
Pandy (Baby Girl)05 Apr. 1917DubuqueCarberry392B2529
Pape, Donald J.June 30, 1914DubuqueGassmann500B2527
Pape, Dorothy20 Nov. 1917DubuqueSpielbauer383B2529
Pape, Dorothy LoisJuly 13, 1914DubuqueBeldin483B2527
Pape, Hazel28 Sept. 1912DubuqueGassman130B2526
Pape, Herbert A.04 Jan. 1918DubuqueSchwer682B2530
Pape, John George17 Oct. 1916DubuqueSpilbauer518B2529
Pape, LewisMay 6, 1914DubuqueSchroers477B2527
Pape, Marie Hedwig04 Oct. 1920DubuqueSchews936B2532
Pape, Mary Ann24 Nov. 1914DubuqueSpielbauer499B2527
Pape, Paul Arthur23 Aug. 1916DubuqueDoran519B2529
Pape, Peter Joseph28 Feb. 1910DubuqueDoran127B2524
Pape, Richard Herman20 Feb. 1919DubuqueSchwers118B2530
Pape, Rose Elizabeth20 Apr. 1912DubuqueSchwers32B2525
Pape, Ruth MaryMay 27, 1913DubuqueDoran505B2527
Pape, William31 Aug. 1920DubuqueWalters741B2532
Pape, William H.July 12, 1913DubuqueSpiebbauer506B2527
Papenthein, Edwin Fred23 Mar. 1920DubuqueKnochel304B2532
Papin, Raymund Paul17 Aug. 1909DubuqueFitzgerald383B2523
Paradiso, FrankJuly 26, 1918DubuqueParadiso683B2530
Paradiso, Joseph Anthony09 Dec. 1919DubuqueParadiso409B2531
Parker, Gerald Joseph19 Feb. 1920DubuqueFunke183B2531
Parker, Harold24 Oct. 1909DubuqueBoemecke546B2524
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Parker, Janet FaithJune 11, 1920DubuqueRichter551B2532
Parker, Joseph W.08 Feb. 1917DubuqueBrunsmann385B2529
Parker, Violet Maxine25 Dec. 1917DubuqueRichter580B2529
Parr, Charles NobertMay 11, 1919DubuqueBoyd367B2531
Parrott, Luella M.May 8, 1909DubuqueWolf665B2524
Partusch, Leonard Michal28 Oct. 1909DubuqueMetz442B2523
Pasbach, Ida23 Apr. 1909DubuqueMeyers520B2524
Pasker, Alice M.June 29, 1915DubuquePasker384B2828
Pasker, Anselena Virginette21 Apr. 1921DubuqueNaber322B2533
Pasker, Ida Elizabeth14 Jan. 1920DubuqueBunsmane72B2531
Pasker, John A.July 28, 1918DubuqueBrunsmann684B2530
Pasker, Ralph William HenryJuly 14, 1918DubuqueHoeger685B2530
Pastel, Katherine Lorain02 Feb. 1920DubuqueAllerding184B2531
Pastush, Chester Joseph02 Aug. 1917DubuqueMetz390B2529
Patch, Joseph Charles01 Mar. 1910DubuqueZarecky456B2524
Patey, John Ralph29 Sept. 1920DubuqueRalph840B2532
Patey, Judith MarieJuly 4, 1918DubuqueRalph686B2530
Patrick, Bart William03 Aug. 1912DubuqueBurds505B2526
Patrick, Vernon Joseph29 Apr. 1909DubuqueBurds417B2523
Patterson, Erma Kathryn23 Feb. 1920DubuqueOrcutt185B2531
Patterson, Melvin OrinJune 8, 1910DubuqueMeyers414B2524
Paul, Melvin ChesterJuly 24, 1914DubuqueMagdal709B2528
Pauley, Celestine02 Apr. 1920DubuqueEngel405B2532
Pauley, Nicholas VincentMay 9, 1911DubuqueEngles2B2524
Paulson, Marcella Rose04 Mar. 1919DubuqueHealey208B2531
Pauly, Colford N.22 Feb. 1914DubuqueKelly489B2527
Pauly, Fredrick10 Apr. 1920DubuqueGaylor404B2532
Pauly, John Peter16 Sept. 1914DubuqueGaylor491B2527
Pauly, Loretta Mary27 Mar. 1912DubuqueEngler263B2526
Pauly, Melvin Walter Joseph11 Apr. 1909DubuqueGaylor509B2524
Pauly, Virginia Elizibeth13 Oct. 1917DubuqueLang394B2529
Pautvin, John JosephMay 11, 1916DubuqueBurgess513B2529
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Pautz, SelmaMay 1, 1919DubuqueWinkelman368B2531
Pearal, Lehven05 Apr. 1916DubuqueFox507B2529
Pease, Robert Frederick28 Jan. 1918DubuqueFox687B2530
Pease, Viola25 Oct. 1914DubuqueFox503B2527
Peck, Alice Sybille08 Nov. 1916DubuqueLischesky509B2529
Peck, Clawrence FloydMay 19, 1917DubuqueMoery391B2529
Peck, Fleurange14 Jan. 1912DubuqueLischesky312B2526
Peck, Herold HarvyJuly 8, 1918DubuqueMorey688B2530
Pedersen, catherine JaneMay 4, 1919DubuqueMaloney369B2531
Pedersen, Miriam11 Oct. 1915DubuqueMaloney716B2529
Pederson, Kenneth Andrew24 Nov. 1912DubuqueMaloney37B2525
Peiffer, Celia Amelia17 Nov. 1910DubuqueAltmann458B2524
Peil, GeorgeJune 30, 1916DubuqueKress510B2529
Peil, Lester John17 Mar. 1920DubuqueKnor305B2532
Peil, Pearl Hilda31 Oct. 1911DubuqueKress686B2525
Pennington, Harriett M.July 9, 1914DubuqueScott488B2527
Pensch, Charles J. Jr.June 7, 1918Dubuquegassmann693B2530
Peretz, Raymond A.12 Feb. 1915DubuqueNarborg381B2828
Perleth, Bernice17 Sept. 1909DubuqueBohn596B2524
Perrigo, Mary Ellen08 Dec. 1912DubuqueEllen421B2526
Perrin, Alene05 Nov. 1909DubuqueHinnsinger517B2524
Peryon, Thaisa Mara19 Nov. 1916DubuqueHochinsteiner511B2529
Peter, Ruth Adele18 Jan. 1920DubuqueHossfale73B2531
Petermaier, Raymond Joseph28 Feb. 1909DubuqueHerbert415B2523
Petermair, Virginia Margaret06 Feb. 1911DubuqueHerbst16B2525
Peters, Adeline Marie05 Mar. 1919DubuqueLewis209B2531
Peters, Clarence A.30 Dec. 1914DubuqueLouis498B2527
Peters, Elesebeth27 Aug. 1918DubuqueTimich689B2530
Peters, Fredlin Carl01 Apr. 1917DubuqueLewis384B2529
Peterson, Earl RobertJuly 25, 1918DubuqueDrewelowe690B2530
Peterson, Elinor Edith02 Aug. 1914DubuquePeterson484B2527
Peterson, Helen ElizebethJuly 12, 1920DubuqueFroelich634B2532
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Peterson, Ruth LinneaMay 2, 1916DubuqueLinden0712AB2529
Peterson, WalterJune 24, 1921DubuqueFroshlieh323B2533
Petisch, Kenneth24 Feb. 1921DubuqueBeschen324B2533
Petrakes, Eudokia26 Mar. 1920DubuqueAntinipolos306B2532
Petrukis, Varilsos08 Aug. 1918DubuqueDimond691B2530
Petry, Melvin Joseph12 Feb. 1914DubuqueMcCarthy134B2525
Petsch, Harold William23 Nov. 1910DubuqueReisch524B2524
Pettinger, Maria KatharineJune 8, 1916DubuquePomas521B2529
Petty (Baby Boy)June 16, 1916DubuqueVollmer512B2529
Petty, ErnestMay 6, 1918DubuqueCavanaugh692B2530
Petty, Harriet E.17 Sept. 1914DubuqueVollmer485B2527
Petty, Lenore Jessie24 Jan. 1920DubuqueCavanaugh74B2531
Petty, Mildred May05 Dec. 1919DubuqueCavanaugh410B2531
Petty, Raymond02 Feb. 1921DubuqueCavanaugh325B2533
Pfab, AmeliaJuly 30, 1912DubuquePiersch574B2526
Pfahl, Maleta Catherine19 Jan. 1920DubuqueGotto76B2531
Pfeffer, Herbert Frederick14 Mar. 1920DubuqueBrown307B2532
Pfeiffer, CharlesMay 10, 1919DubuqueJohnson370B2531
Pfeiffer, Clarence John25 Nov. 1910DubuqueMareski463B2524
Pfeiffer, Geraldine Marie Sophia01 Feb. 1913DubuqueSchubert509B2527
Pfeiffer, margaret08 Aug. 1918DubuqueMareski694B2530
Pfeiffer, MertelMay 17, 1920DubuqueMaraski469B2532
Pfeiler, Emmet JosephJuly 10, 1920DubuqueRuden635B2532
Pfeiler, Luella P.July 20, 1920DubuqueKoeller636B2532
Pfeiler, Madonna Madgelene04 Sept. 1920DubuqueSchmitt841B2532
Pfhol, Peter RaymondJuly 18, 1912DubuqueFriedman195B2526
Pfieffer, ClaraMay 16, 1914DubuqueMareski490B2527
Pfieler, George Leander30 Oct. 1912DubuqueRuden194B2526
Pfieler, Rita23 Dec. 1914DubuqueRuden481B2527
Pfiffner, Alois C. Jr.08 Jan. 1920DubuqueRuff75B2531
Pfiffner, Cletus Phillip03 Apr. 1920DubuqueKlein406B2532
Pfiffner, Robert Frederick28 Dec. 1916DubuqueStuck504B2529
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Pfiffner, Rosalie Mary16 Nov. 1918DubuqueRuff695B2530
Pfiggner, John12 Mar. 1919DubuqueVogt210B2531
Pfitzenmaier, Max Carlton20 Dec. 1919DubuqueKuehnle411B2531
Pfohl, Albert M.30 Apr. 1918DubuqueFriedman696B2530
Pfohl, Clara Anna02 Jan. 1911DubuqueGotto245B2525
Pfohl, ClarenceJune 17, 1914DubuqueFuchmann479B2527
Pfohl, Eldon Arthur22 Sept. 1916DubuqueBrimeyer517B2529
Pfohl, Hubert P.June 24, 1914DubuqueGotto497B2527
Pfohl, Lawrence Henry20 Oct. 1911DubuqueBrimeyer243B2525
Pfohl, Leona07 Aug. 1910DubuqueLang124B2524
Pfohl, Leonetta Elizabeth19 Sept. 1912DubuqueGotto124B2526
Pfohl, Margaret05 Oct. 1910DubuqueFredmann292B2524
Pfohl, Servina J.June 8, 1914DubuqueBrimeyer496B2527
Pfohl, Severius A.June 8, 1914DubuqueBrimeyer495B2527
Pfriler, Roy JosephMay 10, 1916DubuqueSchmitt503B2529
Pfuler, Anselma04 Nov. 1917DubuqueRuden388B2529
Pfuler, Cecelia05 Feb. 1909DubuqueRuden15B2523
Pfuler, Mabel09 Aug. 1910DubuqueSmith300B2524
Pfuler, MarsellisMay 14, 1910DubuqueRuden308B2524
Phelan, Clement DelbertJuly 5, 1918DubuqueCallahan697B2530
Phelan, Grace E.June 25, 1916DubuqueKepp506B2529
Phelps, James Lester10 Sept. 1920DubuqueAnderson842B2532
Phillips, Hugh G.May 28, 1920DubuqueWhite470B2532
Phillips, James Lyod15 Jan. 1919DubuqueRheel54B2530
Phillips, Lorraine ElvaMay 7, 1921DubuqueRheel326B2533
Piehart, Elizabeth Marie20 Feb. 1910DubuqueSteffen441B2524
Pier, Jean Elizabeth30 Dec. 1920DubuqueLoes1109B2532
Pierce, Marrion Helen19 Oct. 1910DubuquePierson415B2524
Piersch, Donald Henry18 Nov. 1913DubuqueWoerdihoff503B2527
Piersch, Raymond William06 Oct. 1918DubuqueWoerdehoff698B2530
Pierson, Nell Anne22 Sept. 1918DubuqueRonayne698.5B2530
Pietz, Harvey Peter17 Aug. 1912DubuqueKies277B2526
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Pillard, Lester Leonard22 Apr. 1913DubuqueHelkin504B2527
Pillasch (Baby Girl)07 Sept. 1914DubuquePillasch494B2527
Pinch, John Milton08 Feb. 1920DubuqueMcKinney186B2531
Pinch, Mary PearlJune 22, 1918DubuqueMcKinney699B2530
Pink, ClaraMay 21, 1912DubuqueTaki650B2526
Pink, John A.July 10, 1914DubuqueDaacke493B2527
Pink, Julia Maria05 Oct. 1911DubuqueDaacke536B2525
Pinnington, Ernest16 Nov. 1912DubuqueScott489B2526
Pins, Agatha17 Aug. 1909DubuqueNeiser302B2523
Pins, Albert George23 Apr. 1919DubuqueAment294B2531
Pins, Clarence20 Oct. 1912DubuqueNeises376B2526
Pins, Clarence J.May 1, 1917DubuqueSchmitt386B2529
Pins, Edward Steven27 Oct. 1909DubuqueStronk683B2524
Pins, Genevieve04 Oct. 1912DubuqueAment403B2526
Pins, Jerome B.30 Aug. 1917DubuqueAment389B2529
Pins, Laverne Louis06 Jan. 1919DubuqueSchmitt55B2530
Pins, Mary J.June 3, 1914DubuqueAment475B2527
Pins, Richard03 Apr. 1911DubuqueNeises548B2525
Pins, Vincent05 Apr. 1911DubuqueAment198B2525
Pirkel, Anna Maria02 Nov. 1909DubuqueMutset328B2523
Pirley, Hellen Margaret19 Nov. 1916DubuqueRouhkig522B2529
Pirnat, Josephine15 Mar. 1917DubuqueMedle387B2529
Pitts, Jeanne marcella25 Aug. 1918DubuqueSamson701B2530
Pitz, Bernard Francis11 Dec. 1919DubuqueKies412B2531
Pitz, Bertren Robert11 Dec. 1919DubuqueKies413B2531
Pitz, Dorothy Isabelle12 Jan. 1921DubuqueKolb327B2533
Pitz, Florence Marie26 Jan. 1909DubuqueKalb47B2523
Pitz, Maria Josephin25 Aug. 1909DubuqueWorboy125B2523
Pitz, Paul Arnold1911DubuqueKalb330B2525
Pitz, Ruth Anna IreneJuly 3, 1918DubuqueKolb700B2530
Plamondon, Catherine Agnes Imelda11 Nov. 1919DubuqueMcIntyre325B2531
Plamondon, Virginia Celeste06 Oct. 1912DubuqueMcQuillen461B2526
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Platt, Catherine23 Nov. 1919DubuqueMarkham326B2531
Platt, Donald07 Apr. 1914DubuqueMarkham480B2527
Platt, Marie Maxine19 Sept. 1917DubuqueMarkham382B2529
Platz, Beatrice D.25 Dec. 1915DubuqueJasper382B2828
Platz, Edwin John02 Dec. 1920DubuqueLippert1110B2532
Platz, Gilbert Edmond02 Feb. 1918DubuqueJasper702B2530
Platz, Herbert Cletus07 Oct. 1920DubuqueJasper937B2532
Pleain, Peter John02 Oct. 1912DubuqueWandal478B2526
Pleimling, Joseph Wilbur13 Jan. 1920DubuqueLahey78B2531
Plein, Edmund M.21 Nov. 1914DubuqueWandal487B2527
Plein, Irene Elsie09 Sept. 1910DubuqueWandel505B2524
Plein, Pearl Mayme02 Oct. 1912DubuqueWandel477B2526
Pline, Mary16 Apr. 1916DubuqueThomas502B2529
Ploessl, Edwin Arthur28 Dec. 1919DubuqueBrunsmann414B2531
Ploessl, Emil18 Mar. 1914DubuqueHellerbrant476B2527
Ploessl, JosephineJune 28, 1910DubuqueHellebrand259B2524
Ploessl, JuliaJune 16, 1912DubuqueHildebrand21B2525
Podgorny, Andrew Joseph17 Nov. 1920DubuqueWitek1014B2532
Podgorny, Olga27 Sept. 1918DubuqueWitek703B2530
Pohl, Elmer22 Sept. 1910DubuqueWeinschent331B2524
Poire, Joseph Charles01 Oct. 1920DubuqueDuschek938B2532
Polfer, Catherine Mary15 Dec. 1920DubuqueHeacock1111B2532
Polfer, Clem Francis29 Aug. 1915DubuqueHeacock377B2828
Polffer, Anthony Arthur11 Mar. 1911DubuqueHeacock457B2525
Polffer, Elmer FerdinentJune 29, 1913DubuqueHeacok502B2527
Pollock, Donald FrancisMay 9, 1920DubuqueHunter471B2532
Polse, Ferdinand b.25 Oct. 1918DubuqueOller704B2530
Polse, Ruth11 Dec. 1919DubuqueOller415B2531
Polsean, Alfred Louis08 Nov. 1911DubuqueKnockel642B2525
Polsean, Tilden Julius12 Apr. 1918DubuqueKnockel681B2530
Popel, Cecilia28 Mar. 1909DubuqueWeimerskirch518B2524
Popel, MargaretJuly 1, 1910DubuqueWeimerskirsch591B2524
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Popke, Vilet Edith30 Jan. 1920DubuqueGratriek79B2531
Porter, Frederic John22 Jan. 1921DubuqueMullen328B2533
Porter, Harritt Lewis02 Apr. 1916DubuqueWittemore515B2529
Porter, Herbert WilliamJuly 2, 1909DubuqueValentine208B2523
Porter, Herbert WilliamJuly 2, 1909DubuqueValentine239B2523
Porter, James S.1914DubuqueWhittemore492B2527
Post, Hellen Lorain07 Apr. 1921DubuqueMullen329B2533
Posttewaite, JohnMay 24, 1918DubuqueWillmers705B2530
Pothoff, Amelia SalomaApr. 1912DubuqueMeier132B2526
Pothoff, Ania1909DubuqueMeyer695B2524
Pothoff, John H.16 Sept. 1915DubuqueMeyer379B2828
Pott, John16 Aug. 1917DubuqueStoffel381B2529
Pottebaum, Reynould Emmett25 Mar. 1920DubuqueFriedmann308B2532
Potter, Marrian Lucilla11 Aug. 1909DubuquePotter390B2523
Potter, Mary Ester26 Oct. 1910DubuqueRay422B2524
Potter, Rachael N.June 14, 1916DubuqueRay508B2529
Potterweld, June Adell13 Jan. 1920DubuqueBeil80B2531
Potts, Sylvester05 Jan. 1920DubuqueStoffel81B2531
Powell, James R.29 Sept. 1913DubuqueKunz682B2527
Powers (Baby Boy)15 Mar. 1918DubuqueLynch707B2530
Powers (Baby Girl)17 Oct. 1918DubuqueHolzen706B2530
Powers, Cecelia Marie19 Apr. 1919DubuqueMenges295B2531
Powers, Florence04 Feb. 1911DubuqueChapman212B2525
Powers, John Joseph21 Mar. 1911DubuqueMcCabe466B2525
Powers, Joseph MathewMay 15, 1920DubuqueLynch472B2532
Powers, Lucille EmilyJune 6, 1919DubuqueMilroy464B2531
Powers, Luella MaeJune 6, 1919DubuqueMilroy463B2531
Powers, Mary15 Nov. 1920DubuqueDuggan1015B2532
Powers, Mary F.06 Mar. 1912DubuqueMurphy57B2525
Powers, Mildred17 Sept. 1911DubuqueHealey571B2525
Powers, Raymond Joseph21 Sept. 1912DubuqueRyan213B2526
Powers, Rita Ellen22 Feb. 1914DubuqueRyan478B2527
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Powers, Robert Loras27 Mar. 1921DubuqueMurphy330B2533
Powers, Rose M.01 Apr. 1914DubuqueMcCabe482B2527
Powers, Rose Mary30 Nov. 1919DubuqueHolzen327B2531
Powers, William Thomas16 Nov. 1916DubuqueMcCabe516B2529
Pratt, Anna15 Feb. 1909DubuqueFitzimmons593B2524
Pratt, Lloyd Kenneth24 Feb. 1921DubuqueHammond331B2533
Preitaner, Susan05 Feb. 1916DubuqueBentley514B2529
Preston, Donald Gustavus06 Oct. 1912DubuqueJohnson153B2526
Preston, Garda Malissa19 Feb. 1911DubuqueJohnson525B2525
Preston, Milton Marion24 Oct. 1910DubuqueBacker316B2524
Preston, Willard Fillmore24 Oct. 1910DubuqueBacker317B2524
Price, DorisMay 11, 1921DubuqueWolter332B2533
Price, Eliane Helen12 Aug. 1917DubuqueDillon393B2529
Price, Harry Jr.June 24, 1919DubuqueDillon443B2531
Priebe, CharlesJune 21, 1911DubuqueDenkard182B2525
Primasing, Kenneth JohnJune 1, 1920DubuqueEgglestone552B2532
Primmasing, Frances15 Feb. 1920DubuqueWagner187B2531
Puccio, Samual Aloysius25 Jan. 1920DubuqueGadiano82B2531
Puetz, Margaret Kathern20 Jan. 1912DubuqueWarborg405B2526
Pugh, Charles27 Apr. 1914DubuqueKelly473B2527
Pugh, Delia Elizabeth13 Oct. 1911DubuqueBramble163B2525
Puls, Irwin07 Sept. 1911DubuqueBleile250B2525
Puls, Jean Millicent04 Nov. 1919DubuqueGronlid328B2531
Puls, Mildrid Mary14 Apr. 1918DubuqueSloan709B2530
Puls, Milton W.08 Feb. 1910DubuqueBlelia209B2524
Punka, Mary15 Aug. 1911DubuqueMago62B2525
Purcell, PhilipMay 28, 1914DubuqueCosgrove502B2527
Purcell, Ruth07 Dec. 1911DubuqueCosgrover585B2525
Purige, Rose AnnaMay 4, 1915DubuqueLeahey383B2828
Purvis, Harriet Jane05 Dec. 1919DubuqueBrown416B2531
Pusateri, Joseph William03 Mar.1920DubuquePolito309B2532
Pushcar, Dorothy SophiaJuly 25, 1920DubuqueGagel637B2532
Puslicar, Edward Joseph15 Jan. 1918DubuqueGiygali708B2530
Putman, Dorothy Helen10 Aug. 1910DubuqueDooling421B2524
Putman, Lorraine AgnesJune 13, 1918DubuqueDooling710B2530
Putman, Rita Catherine22 Feb. 1912DubuqueDooling460B2526
Putman, Ruth Mary26 Dec. 1911DubuqueKreis14B2525
Putnam, Robert J.10 Dec. 1914DubuqueDooling486B2527
NameBirth DateCountyMother's Maiden NameCertificate #Box#
Qouwalske, ArthurMay 3, 1920DubuqueSchmitt473B2532
Quade, Audrey CharlotteJune 16, 1919DubuqueTowner444B2531
Quade, Bertha05 Nov. 1910DubuqueHaupert163B2524
Quade, Charles La Tharpe19 Dec. 1912DubuqueTonner594B2526
Quade, Erma06 Dec. 1911DubuqueHantelmann455B2525
Quade, Harry Richard06 Dec. 1914DubuqueTowner504B2527
Quade, Helen Emily04 Apr. 1917DubuqueTowner395B2529
Quade, Janette Rose02 Jan. 1920DubuqueWill83B2531
Quade, Mildred Hilda14 Sept. 1913DubuqueGeisen508B2527
Quade, RalphOct. 1917DubuqueWill396B2529
Quade, Thelma Ada1911DubuqueGiesen462B2525
Quinlan, Charles04 Feb. 1920DubuqueDiebolt181B2531
Quinlan, Clarence LeoJune 4, 1920DubuqueHuber553B2532
Quinlan, Delmore ThmasJuly 4, 1918DubuqueSchichoff711B2530
Quinlan, Lervine EllenMay 18, 1916DubuqueDelold523B2529
Quinlan, Margaret04 Feb. 1920DubuqueDiebolt182B2531
Quinlin, Burton Gilbert04 Nov. 1919DubuqueZoller329B2531
Quint, Leo Jacob30 Mar. 1918DubuqueNemmer712B2530
Quint, Marie J.11 Jan. 1915DubuqueWarborg385B2828
Quint, Nicholas John17 Sept. 1920DubuqueWarborg843B2532
Quint, Susan Margaret30 Apr. 1918DubuqueWarborg713B2530