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Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE
Platted 1859

Soldiers Memorial, Pleasant Grove cemetery

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.

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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Clayton co. Death Certificates (annotated CCDC) Family Search.org
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien

* View gravestone photos for Pleasant Grove cemetery
Clayton co. Obituary Board Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Board Index *

Name Birth Death Comments
Saacke, August      
Saacke, Cora      
Saacke, Mary 1823 05/23/1896 lot 28
Saacke, William 1867 1909 lot 28
Saacke, William     Co C 3rd IA Inf.; lot 28
Sampson, Alta D.      
Sampson, Elroy      
Sass, John      
Sass, Lee      
Sass, Louis L.      
Sass, Sophia      
Sass, William John      
Sauer, Charles     h/o Ivanelle
Sauer, Ivanelle Ann 'Ivy' Heer nee Corlett 04/25/1931 10/26/2013 1st h/ Robert D. Heer, 2nd h/Chuck Sauer; d/o John E. & Azalia C. (Rubendall)
Sautter, Frederica 1828 10/24/1912 lot 33
Sautter, George 1821 11/11/1879 lot 33
Sautter, George 1831 10/24/1868 lot 33
Sautter, Louesa 1863 07/16/1879 lot 33
Sawvel, A. A. 1859 1925 lot 61
Sawvell, Albert Allen 08/12/1923 04/07/1928 s/o Jay & Myrtle; meningitis, CCDC
Sawvell, Albert Allen Sr.      
Sawvell, Donald S.      
Sawvell, Earl Emmett 1882 1955 h/o Mary L.
Sawvell, Eugene Vincent      
Sawvell, Frank C.      
Sawvell, Jay A.     h/o Myrtle
Sawvell, Mary E.      
Sawvell, Mary L. 1884 1941 w/o Earl
Sawvell, Myrtle I. nee Hendrick     w/o Jay
Sawvelle, Laura      
Sawyer, Bessie nee Blackburn 05/1881 1940 w/o Loyal; d/o Riley; died in New Jersey; ashes; Alert! Year of death assumed - ashes were buried in May 1940
Scarff, Albert Gene      
Scarff, Christopher Clayton 11/25/1993 02/08/1994 s/o David & Lisa (Landt)
Scarff, Christopher Wayne 12/05/1955 06/01/1980 h/o Peggy Ginerich; s/o Paul & Sally; died in car accident
Scarff, David 03/02/1961 07/17/1997 s/o Paul & Sally
Scarff, Frank      
Scarff, Frank C. 08/17/1953 7/2/2000 s/o Paul & Sally
Scarff, June Violet      
Scarff, Michael 07/18/54 07/12/98 s/o Paul & Sally
Scarff, Paul Henry 'Punky' SR 10/15/1925 12/23/1986 h/o Sally B. Veit; s/o Frank & Margaret (Walker); U.S. Army Inf., Engineer Div., WWII, S. Pacific, Philippines & Japan
Schade, Arthur G.      
Schade, Jane M.      
Schaffer, August 1889 1915 lot 140
Schaffer, Henry 1849 1921 lot 140
Schaffer, Paulina 1851 1930 lot 140
Scarff, June Violet      
Scheffert, Judy Elaine      
Schermeyer, Amel / Amil   11/16/1930 age 70y
Schilda, Lucinda 1825 1881 lot 14
Schlotfelt, Ralph      
Schmidt, Jessie      
Schmidt, Joseph      
Schmitz, Henry 1860 12/2?/1898 lot 35; h/o Augusta Meyer; killed in MN in a hand car - freight train accident
Schneider, Tillie Ann nee Moody 07/25/1864 10/28/1945 w/o William; d/o David & Mary
Schneider, William John     h/o Tillie
Schott, Anna Barbara 1835 1881 lot 15
Schott, Bertram Roy     s/o Henry F. & Emma J.
Schott, Caroline A.      
Schott, Emma Jane nee Barron 07/02/1864 02/19/1943 w/o Henry F.; d/o John
Schott, Harry Henry     s/o Henry F. & Emma J.
Schott, Helen      
Schott, Henry      
Schott, Henry Conrad 1827 1900 lot 15
Schott, Henry Frederick 06/12/1863 07/21/1926 lot 2; h/o Emma Jane
Schott, Henry William      
Schott, John      
Schott, Laura C.      
Schott, Lloyd E.     s/o Henry F. & Emma J.
Schott, Louisa M. 1861 11/??/1900 lot 15; d/o Henry
Schott, Richard B.      
Schott, Timothy Lee      
Schott, Violet G. nee Goltz   10/10/1983 age 83y
Schott, Warren R.      
Schride (?), Margaret Anne      
Schriver, Carrie May      
Schriver, George      
Schriver, George Rollins      
Schriver, Harvey   06/25/1944 age 38y
Schriver, Mabel Maye      
Schriver, Russell C.      
Schroeder, Ernest      
Schubert, Emma      
Schuldt, Charles      
Schultz, infant      
Schultz, Alan Jon 12/08/1961 06/11/1988 s/o Robert & Delores
Schultz, Albert A.   10/07/1939 aged 81y; h/o 1st Josephine Bertsinger (d. 1888), 2nd Johanna
Schultz, Benjamin Albert     ?s/o Albert & Johanna
Schultz, Earl      
Schultz, Friderica 1801 1891 lot 12
Schultz, Harvey L. 1884 1932 lot 12; s/o Albert & Josephine
Schultz, Harvey Lee      
Schultz, Johanna J. nee Becker     2nd w/o Albert A.
Schultz, Lawrence     s/o Albert A. & Josephine
Schultz, Mabel      
Schultz, Mabel I.      
Schultz, Maude      
Schultz, Robert B.      
Schultz, Wilford Howard      
Schurtzman, Agnes C. nee Scrogum / Scrogmann 1867 07/23/1926 lot 10; w/o H. A.; d/o Jacob H. & Charlotte; Note: various spellings of maiden name depending on the record
Schurtzman, Alvan Vernod 02/06/1889 12/20/1933 unmarried; s/o H.A. & Agnes; CCDC
Schurtzman, Amos 07/18/1887 11/17/1936 lot 10; h/o Letha; s/o H.A. & Agnes; WWII veteran
Schurtzman, Herman Amos   1926 lot 10; h/o Agnes C.
Schurtzman, Herman 1858 1928 lot 10
Schurtzman, Letha     1st h/ ? Thompson, 2nd h/ Amos Schurtzman
Schwer, Jessie R.      
Scott, ??     "Father"; lot 14
Scott, Alta      
Scott, Edward      
Scott, Elizabeth C. 1833 03/30/1908 lot 63
Scott, Emma Keen nee Horne 07/25/1828 04/25/1902 lot 14; w/o W.J.
Scott, G. S. C. 1820 1903 lot 1
Scott, Harry      
Scott, Homer Jones 1855 ca 02/02/1923 lot 1; s/o G.S.C.; died in Minneapolis
Scott, Jacob G. 1852 1908 lot 1
Scott, James   04/10/1940 age 77; bachelor
Scott, Jennetta M. 1824 1910 lot 1
Scott, Sam'l A. 1828 05/15/1906 lot 63
Scott, W. J.     h/o Emma
Scrogum, Amy Anna nee Gerndt 08/01/1906 10/18/1991 w/o Norman; d/o Charles & Minnie (Geske) Gerndt
Scrogum, Charles L.      
Scrogum, Charlotte Sophia nee Fischer 02/01/1844 07/24/1940 w/o Jacob H.
Scrogum, George H. 1871 05/25/1925 lot 11; s/o Jacob & Charlotte
Scrogum, Grace Ann      
Scrogum, Jacob Hanley 09/07/1845 04/25/1909 lot 11; h/o Charlotte; s/o Wm & Elizabeth (Hereford) Scrogum
Scrogum, Jacob Sr.      
Scrogum, Jessie 1905 1927 lot 11
Scrogum, John Milton 05/11/1882 02/18/1943 s/o Jacob & Charlotte
Scrogum, Julia      
Scrogum, Norman   09/12/1966 h/o Amy A.
Scrogum, William Henry 05/28/1869 02/24/1908 s/o J.H. & Charlotte
Seeley, ?? 1845 1912 "Father"; lot 8
Seeley, ?? 1841 1908 "Mother"; lot 8
Seigele, Eugene J.      
Seigele, Gayle Clara      
Seigele, Joyce      
Seigele, Marion Lucille      
Seigele, Mrs. Albert      
Seitz, Catherine nee Brumm 12/24/1824 04/14/1900 lot 35; w/o John
Seitz, John 1824 01/15/1904 lot 35; h/o Catherine
Seivers, Joseph R.      
Shadle, Bird      
Sharfenstein, Herbert 'Bert'   08/0?/1896 s/o Mary; died of diphtheria; Note: Burial here is likely but has not been verified, may be in the Geo. Prindle lot (his maternal g-father)
Sharp, Lisa Dee      
Sharp, Tamara E.      
Sharp, Tammy M.      
Sharp, Tracy Michelle      
Shaughnessy, Marvin A.      
Shaw, Abraham   11/17/1930 age 75y
Shrake, Anna A.R.      
Shrake, John F. 1862 1907 lot 85
Sibell, Bernice M.      
Sibell, Fred      
Sickinger, Nancy Lynn      
Sickinger, Robert E. 06/12/1940 09/09/2000  
Siegel, Harry Elonore      
Siegele, Alma L. nee Nieman 1889 1971 w/o Fred
Siegele, Amalie B. 'Mollie' 10/11/1891 06/04/1901 d/o Christian S. & Louise C. (Weller) Siegele
Siegele, Anita 1909 1976  
Siegele, Anna C. nee Schultz 01/22/1900 07/17/1980 w/o Walter; d/o Albert & Johanna (Becker) Schultz; d. Waukon; Martin Funeral home; ACDR
Siegele, Carl F. 05/09/1889 04/08/1962 h/o Hazel; s/o Louis & Clara; Sgt. Co F 350th Infantry, 88th Div., WWI
Siegele, Clara K. nee Foley 04/20/1863 1945 w/o Louis L.; d/o Timothy & Milinda Foley
Siegele, Ella C.S. nee Weller 09/02/1894 01/03/1988 w/o John T.
Siegele, Emily J. nee Flexman 03/21/1868 01/06/1943 w/o Fred A.; d/o Arthur
Siegele, Emma A.      
Siegele, Eugene John   11/16/1928 s/o John & Ella
Siegele, Fred 1887 1964 h/o Alma
Siegele, Fred A. 1858 1943 h/o Emily J.
Siegele, Fred Grover      
Siegele, Gayle C. 1903 06/23/1926 lot 17; d/o Louis & Clara
Siegele, Hazel Lucinda nee Helm 09/12/1891 10/14/1964 w/o Carl F.; d/o Levi & Ora Helm
Siegele, John T. 08/26/1899 02/06/1981 h/o Ella C.S.; s/o Louis & Clara
Siegele, Joice Darlene 03/07/1919 07/03/1919 d/o Carl & Hazel
Siegele, Louis L. 'Lou' 11/12/1860 06/24/1939 h/o Clara; s/o John
Siegele, Louisa 1853 1926 lot 43
Siegele, Marie      
Siegele, Marion Lucile 1930 1931 d/o John & Ella
Siegele, Ronald E. 11/01/1937 05/21/1957 s/o Walter & Anna; US Army veteran
Siegele, Walter L. 05/06/1897 01/01/1990 h/o Anna C.; s/o Louis & Clara; US Army, WWI
Simpsen, Jack P.      
Simpson, Cecil      
Simpson, Harry George      
Skillinger, Adaline   05/??/1904 lot 136; w/o John W.
Skillinger, Henry 'Hank' 04/16/1861 09/23/1929 unmarried; s/o John W. & Adaline
Skillinger, John Wesley     lot 136; h/o Adaline
Skillinger, John   08/1?/1947 died at the County Home
Skillinger, Samuel Jr. 06/15/1902 11/24/1921 s/o Samuel Sr. & Anna (Becker); killed while attempting to board moving train; CCDC
Slaughter, Betty Loraine nee Hager 06/11/1923 09/02/1993 w/o Jimmey; d/o Otto & Harriet (Ferris) Hager
Slaughter, Brenda      
Slaughter, Clair Levern 01/22/1925 06/30/1940 age 15y; s/o Jesse & Geneva
Slaughter, Geneva A. nee Moore     w/o Jesse
Slaughter, Jesse     h/o Geneva
Slaughter, Jimmey Lester 08/22/1922 04/23/2006 h/o Betty; s/o Jesse & Geneva; US Army, WWII
Slaughter, Mary Lou      
Sloane, Quincy A. 1843 03/??/1916 h/o Minerva; Co. C, 74th Ill. Inf.
Sloane, Elthear C.      
Sloane, Frank Carleton      
Sloane, John F.      
Sloane, Minerva M. nee Mathews 1848 12/01/1923 lot 10; aged 75y 7m 23d; w/o Quincy; d/o Isaac & Amanda (Mann); CCDC
Slyfield, Jack      
Slyfield, Lula Belle      
Smith, Charles G.      
Smith, F.A. 1861 07/28/1907 lot 40
Smith, Ida E.      
Smothers, Grant      
Smothers, Ruby      
Snook, Floyd W.      
Snook, Fredrick Allen      
Snook, Martha Mary      
Snook, Samatha Christine      
Sorrell, Joyce Elaine      
Sparks, Allen H. 06/01/1822 04/26/1907 lot 76; h/o 1st Martha Moore (d. 12/5/1852), 2nd Sarah A.Woodward; s/o James & Elizabeth (Gilman); Co. C, 3rd IA Inf.
Sparks, Blanch M.      
Sparks, Clifford      
Sparks, Edward D.      
Sparks, Ella Georgia 1873 1937 lot 57
Sparks, Estella 1863 11/25/1909 lot 76
Sparks, James Henry      
Sparks, James W. 1867 03/24/1913 lot 75
Sparks, Kenneth      
Sparks, Louisa Edwina      
Sparks, Sarah A. nee Woodward 1832 1912 "Mother"; 2nd w/o Allen
Spaulding, Clarence      
Spaulding, Edward Leslie   01/21/1939 age 45y
Spaulding, Kate E.      
Spears, William Edgar 1870 01/??/1912 lot 57; killed in RR accident in Avery, ID
Specht, Anna 1836 1909 lot 74
Specht, Eugene      
Specht, Henry P. 1817 1893 lot 74m
Spence, Irvin L.      
Spence, Stella Belle nee Harrington 09/22/1906 01/27/1993 w/o Vern; d/o Horton & Josephine (Ellsworth); died at Dodgeville, WI
Spence, Vern G.     h/o Stella B.
Spores, Harold JR 'Junior' 05/19/1936 12/23/2005 h/o Rita V. Gerndt; s/o Harold SR & Anna M. (Schultz) Spores
Standart, Charles C. 1826 1915 lot 37; h/o Sarah C.
Standart, Clarence Charles      
Standart, Rosanna Mary      
Standart, Sarah C. 1828 1900 lot 37; w/o Charles C.
Standart, Valeda      
Staples, Alvina Marie      
Staples, Howard W.      
Stark, Mercy Anna nee Skillinger 10/13/1850 05/28/1935 w/o William; d/o John & Adeline
Stark, William     h/o Mercy A.
Starr, Harry L. 1867 04/03/1920 lot 17
Stauer, Catherine 1827 07/03/1893 lot 12
Stauer, Frederick 1858 03/13/1858 lot 12
Stauer, Peter 1824 11/07/1902 lot 12
Steffens, Carl W. 06/20/1894 06/09/1993 Wagoneer, US Army, WWI
Steffens, Lyda Mae nee Prouty 1895 1982  
Steffens, Mary M.      
Steinberg, Lois E. 02/11/1929 04/20/1998 d/o Milo & Ethel Moody; w/o John Denning, Richard Cosgrove, Aden Hansen & Gerald M. 'Jerry' Steinberg
Stoddard, Anna      
Stone, Anna L.      
Stone, Bessie 1893 1934 lot 19
Stone, Marian      
Stone, Will 1862 1937 lot 19
Stone, William R.   05/04/1944 DOD is assumed, see obit; Veteran
Stone, William S.      
Stoneman, Caroline M. nee Southland 1833 11/12/1902 lot 14 or 41; w/o John T.
Stoneman, John T. (HON) 02/24/1831 10/11/1905 lot 14 or 41; h/o Caroline
Stow, ?? 1830 1912 "Mother"; lot 6
Stow, E. 1828 1908 lot 6
Strong, Minnie nee Jordan 08/10/1860 01/29/1949 w/o William; d/o Amasa J. & Mary A. (Roberts); died in Austin, MN
Strong, William R. 09/10/1856 12/06/1929 lot 13; h/o Minnie; s/o Henry & Lydia (Root)
Studebaker, Infant      
Stull, Charles Edgar      
Stull, Harry Lloyd      
Swan, Charles   1933 road worker, died of intoxication & exposure
Swan, Sarah nee Evensen 10/20/1846 02/14/1919 w/o Wm. M. (d. 7/13/1924, bur. Potters Field, County Farm, Waukon, IA); Death Cert: d/o G---bran Evensen & unkn.; died in Waukon Jct.
Sweet, Julien 1859 1912 h/o Louisa
Sweet, Louisa Caroline nee McMillin 08/15/1857 06/10/1948 w/o Julien
Tallman, Albert Lee      
Tannehill, Dorthea      
Tayek, John 01/27/1875 08/17/1944 h/o Katherine Kinney; s/o Anton
Tayek, Mary      
Taylor, Charles      
Teaser, James R.     h/o Roberta
Teaser, Judith A. Koethe nee Weitz 09/06/1941 05/18/2000 w/o James; d/o Robert & Janet (Kaune)
Teaser, Michael A.      
Teaser, Roberta R. nee Brooks 05/06/1928 01/21/1991 w/o James; d/o Robert & Ruth (Phillips)
Their, Lena      
Theviot, Albert 03/14/1860 03/22/1937 lot 13
Theviot, Fred J. 1888 1918 lot 13; s/o Albert & Lena; KIA World War I (France)
Theviot, Isabella Susanna      
Theviot, Lena nee Kress     w/o Albert
Theviot, Lydia 10/10/1891 08/07/1913 lot 13
Thier, Bernard      
Thomas, John H.      
Thomas, Marion 1826 1923  
Thomas, William H. Dr.      
Thomas, Winifred L.      
Thompson, Hugh 02/14/1829   h/o Katherine Parker (d. ca1871); s/o Samuel & Margaret (McClaus)
Thompson, Melvin G.      
Thompson, Nellie      
Thornburg, Duane      
Thornton, Elton 'Punk' 11/02/1932 02/16/2007 h/o Shirley Wagner; s/o Ross & Mary (Stahl) Thornton; US Navy, Korean War
Thornton, George W. 06/04/1925 02/25/2008 h/o Lillian Ayers; s/o Ross & Mary (Stahl) Thornton; US Navy veteran
Timmerman, Allen     lot 7
Timmerman, Carolina nee Lewin 1879 09/17/1948 w/o Charles
Timmerman, Charles     h/o Carolina
Timmerman, Frank William 12/18/1915 03/14/1992 h/o Lovina; s/o Wm & Minnie (Witt) Timmerman
Timmerman, George     lot 6
Timmerman, John Fredrick G. 12/18/1838 01/02/1908 lot 6; h/o Sophia
Timmerman, Kirk     lot 7
Timmerman, Lovina Albertine Hermina nee Levenhagen 04/28/1926 11/04/2008 w/o Frank; d/o Chris & Emma (Kiester) Levenhagen
Timmerman, Raymond     lot 6
Timmerman, Sophia nee Stalt     "Mother"; w/o John F.
Tipp, Charles Ross 02/14/1890 11/28/1964 h/o Louise; s/o Frank & Libbie; Cpl Btry A, 69th Field Artillery, WWI
Tipp, Frank G. 06/08/1858 11/05/1938 h/o Libbie; s/o Fred & Martha (Wellsey)
Tipp, Libbie L. nee Brooks 08/02/1869 09/06/1934 lot 4; w/o Frank; d/o Henry & Rebecca (Wanzer)
Tipp, Louise 1891 1897 w/o Charles R.
Tipp, Raymond W. 1891 06/??/1932 lot 4; s/o Frank & Libbie; died of diabetes in Sanborn, IA
Todd, Willard F. Dr. 06/11/1896 07/24/1937 lot 8
Townsend, Alvina 1935 1922 lot 4
Townsend, Gideon   09/19/1829 lot 4
Townsend, Ida      
Trainer, Laura      
Trenkler, Bertha      
Trenkler, Jean Marylin   12/31/1938 age 3y; d/o William
Trenkler, Jessie F.      
Trenkler, Willie      
Trewin, Robert William 02/06/1860 05/20/1910 s/o Robert & unkn.; Conflict: obit says burial in "McGregor cemetery" "funeral at St. Mary's, McGregor"; Death Certificate gives St. Mary's Catholic cemetery as burial place.
Troester, Alta Marie      
Troester, Carl David   05/24/1995 age 63y
Troester, Louis John      
Tromblee, Paul   01/10/1905 Co E, 27th IA Infantry
Troutfetter, Barbara nee Fischer 1856 1936 w/o Charles
Troutfetter, Charles M.   1913 h/o Barbara
Troutfetter, Elizabeth nee Weits 09/20/1819 05/09/1898 w/o Peter
Troutfetter, Jennie C.   01/25/1938 91y 7m 20d; sister of William & her ashes are buried on his lot; died at her home in Watsonville, CA
Troutfetter, William   11/09/1930 89y; died in Spokane, WA
Trygg, Augustine nee Leibrant 04/23/1877 12/06/1938 w/o John; d/o George & Amelia (Haltmeyer); CCDC
Trygg, George R.      
Trygg, John      
Trygg, Karen Yvonne   1942 Age 4y; d/o George R.
Trygg, Marjorie L.      
Turner, Catherine      
Turner, George R.      
Turner, Infant      
Turner, Nura D. Rains      
Turner, Robert F. 1875 05/12/1912 lot 24
Turnquist, Elbert A.      
Ulzerath, Elizabeth D.      
Ulzerath, Harry      
Updegraff, Elizabeth      
Updegraff, Ellen A.      
Updegraff, Florence Eliza nee Haight 1848 10/2?/1902 lot 2; 2nd w/o Thomas; d/o Charles & Mary (Ray)
Updegraff, Grey      
Updegraff, Rachel nee Smith 05/05/1800 02/18/1859 w/o William
Updegraff, Rachel   01/??/1923 aged 44y; d/o Thos & Florence; died in Charlottaville, TN
Updegraff, Thomas 04/03/1834 10/04/1910 h/o 1st Laura A. Platt (d. 1865, bur Elkader), 2nd Florence; s/o William & Rachel
Updegraff, Ula      


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