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Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE
Platted 1859

Pleasant Grove cemetery

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.

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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Clayton co. Death Certificates (annotated CCDC) Family Search.org
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien
*McLaury family dates & relationships, contributed by JoAnn Rockefeller

* View gravestone photos for Pleasant Grove cemetery
Clayton co. Obituary Board Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Board Index *

Name Birth Death Comments
Madden, Alice Lillian 05/13/1866 07/11/1898 d/o George & Martha
Madden, George W. 01/07/1828 06/30/1915 h/o Martha; Co. C, 3rd IA Inf.; died in Delta, CO
Madden, Martha nee Thompson 04/08/1840 05/08/1904 w/o George; obit = died of breast cancer
Magnuson, Anna Belle nee Danielson 11/26/1875 06/06/1931 lot 2; w/o 1st John M., 2nd A.B. Hahn (bur. St. Mary's cem.); she's buried w/John
Magnuson, John M. 01/01/1861 03/26/1915 lot 2; 1st h/o Anna
Magnuson, Robert Junior 01/30/1916 08/27/1918  
Maher, Elizabeth 1875 1963  
Mahoney, Paul 11/05/1930 11/08/1935 s/o George & Margaret (McLaughlin); diptheria, CCDC does not specify cemetery, embalmer was Pilkington, McGregor; burial in Pl. Grove should be verified
Maloney, James William 06/25/1912 07/09/1924 s/o R.J. & Edith (Kramer); drowned; CCDC
Mann, Archie R.   01/14/1978 age 89y; h/o Augusta; s/o Frederic & Lucy (Gnyder)
Mann, Augusta nee Duerr / Durr   1968 w/o Archie R.; d/o Johannes & Augusta (Kleinlein)
Mann, Erwin W. 1911 1965 ssa Ethel
Mann, Ethel 1918 2004 ssa Erwin
Marlett, Harry   01/21/1939 age 21y
Marsh, Dexter      
Marsh, Elmer R. 05/18/1863 11/10/1946 h/o Flora
Marsh, Flora Mathilda nee McGhee     w/o Elmer
Marsh, Marian Orabel      
Marsh, Marshall Leonard 01/28/1828 11/24/1917 lot 30; h/o Rachael; s/o Jonathon & Clarissa (Shumway)
Marsh, Rachael Adelaide nee Burnham 08/25/1843 05/07/1931 lot 30; w/o Marshall L.; d/o Benjamin P. & Julia (Evans)
Marshall, Thomas      
Mason, Elmira 1838 1906 lot 77
Mason, Mariah 1825 1887 lot 28
Mason, Martin 1829 1905 lot 77
Mason, Martin L. 1853 1881 lot 28
Massey, James L.     Co E 27 IA Inf.
Mathews, Amanda nee Mann 1827 07/19/1883 lot 1; 1st w/o Isaac
Mathews, Cassius 1846 10/06/1895 lot 1; s/o Isaac & Amanda; died at Independence, IA
Mathews, Isaac 04/24/1822 01/18/1900 lot 1; h/o 1st Amanda, 2nd Eugenia (Wadsworth) Brandeberry (see Eugenia Davies)
Matthew, Edna L.      
Matthew, Frank      
Matthew, Lenora K.      
Matthew, Midgley, M.H.      
McCoy, Elizabeth      
McCroy, Dennis W.      
McGenty, Emma nee Worden 1850 10/13/1870 lot 26; age 20y 6m; w/o J.S.?; Note: maiden name is 'best guess'
McGill, Caroline nee Wetzel 06/26/1859 11/??1926 w/o David
McGill, David Leonard 12/17/1844 12/26/1917 lot 14; h/o 1st Milfred A. Crawford (d. 12/1889, bur. Giard cem.), 2nd Caroline; s/o John
McIntosh, Shirley 12/06/1934 09/11/1949 d/o L.W. McIntosh
McKay, Percy      
McKinnie, Alexander 1827 07/16/1868 lot 18
McKinnie, Celia A. 1827 01/08/1872 lot 18
McLanahan, George 1833 1924 lot 7
McLanahan, Martha 1848 1922 lot 7
McLaury, John Adams 10/18/1798 07/19/1858 h/o Mary P.
McLaury, George Redfield 02/19/1837 07/03/1899 lot 15; h/o Harriet; s/o John A. & Mary
McLaury, Harriet R. nee Henry 07/05/1839 09/10/1926 lot 15; w/o George R.
McLaury, Mary Prime nee Vanderlip 09/29/1800 02/11/1892 lot 26; w/o John A.
McLaury, Thomas 11/06/1824 10/11/1892 lot 26; s/o John A. & Mary; Co C Wis. 12th inf.
McMahan, daughter 03/27/1917 03/29/1917 d/o James H. & Sarah (Cooper); Death Cert = born premature
McMahan, Clarence Edward 10/07/19?? 05/21/1917 s/o James H. & Sarah L. (Cooper)
McMahan, James Henry 04/09/1863 05/31/1922 h/o Sarah Cooper; CCDC
McMahan, Raymond Richard 06/13/1910 07/27/1910 s/o James H. & Sarah (Cooper)
McMichael, Genevieve 05/13/1894 04/26/1895 d/o William & Katherine
McMichael, John F. 02/26/1893 07/28/1913 lot 8; s/o Wm & Katherine
McMichael, Katharine nee Flemming 02/22/1868 11/15/1895 lot 9; w/o Will; d/o Jack; died in Texas of consumption
McMichael, William 'Will' 01/01/1863 08/04/1898 lot 8; h/o Katherine; s/o Thomas; committed suicide
McMillin, Andrew Glenn      
McMillin, Anna E. nee Marsh 05/05/1907 10/09/1985 w/o Francis; d/o Elmer & Flora (McGhee)
McMillin, Francis Z. 01/18/1905 04/29/1987 h/o Anna E.; s/o Frank & Catherine (Riley)
McMillin, Ida Mae      
McMillin, James LeRoy      
McMillin, Maren C.      
McMillin, Mary Ann      
McWilliams, Anna Robinson nee Beckett 02/07/1891 12/04/1970 w/o John; d/o Fred & Bessie (Robinson); d. Waukon; (ACDR)
McWilliams, Ellen Louise nee Jacobson 05/03/1918 12/??/1998 w/o Jack; d/o Grant & Sophia (Westby)
McWilliams, Jack   02/09/1968 h/o Ellen
McWilliams, John 05/11/1882 08/28/1974 h/o Anna R.; s/o John & Mary (Grossman); d. Waukon hospital; Thornburg Funeral home (ACDR)
Mead, Daisy Edith      
Mead, David E.      
Mead, Mathias 01/12/1830 or 1832 08/02/1888 lot 9; h/o Sarah
Mead, Redena F. nee Gohde 07/25/1907 03/15/1989 w/o William D.; d/o Albert & Mary (Hendrickson)
Mead, Sarah nee Moore 09/??/1847 05/05/1906 lot 9; w/o Mathias; died in Mason City, IA
Mead, William D.   01/01/1973 h/o Redena
Mead, Willian Leverne     s/o William & Redena
Meade, Lou      
Meana, Donal D.      
Meana, Dorothy Anna      
Meana, Lloyd R.      
Means, George William      
Means, Ida      
Mehsling, infant daughter     d/o George & Mary
Mehsling, Charles 07/14/1853 12/03/1929 h/o Maggie; died at State Hospital, Independence, Buchanan co. IA
Mehsling, George Stanley 04/10/1885 1956 h/o Mary; s/o Charles & Maggie
Mehsling, Maggie nee Stokes 04/18/1864 10/27/1911 w/o Charles; d/o Thomas & Hulda (Shattuck)
Mehsling, Marie 'Mary' nee Eggan / Eggen 10/02/1884 09/??/1970 w/o George; d/o Haaken & Engelborg (Langen)
Mehsling, Norman E.   06/23/1968 age 77y; died in Prairie du Chien, WI
Mehsling, Robert Arthur 10/26/1910 11/12/1918 s/o George & Marie; struck by auto
Mehsling, Roger Henry 02/01/1915 08/24/1929 s/o George H. & Mary
Meier, Anna 1876 1912 lot 65
Menge, Wilhelmins     age 35; lot 3
Merchon, Claude 1901 1903 s/o Fred & Sauncy
Merchon, Frederick Virgil 07/14/1873 11/10/1915 h/o 1st Minnie Frank (?divorced), 2nd Cresentia 'Sauncy' Enders (d. 1961); s/o Charles & Julia (White); he was an actor
Meredith, Henrietta F.      
Merritt, Annette nee Ramaker 1905 1957 w/o Edward
Merritt, Edward H. 1897 1960 h/o Annette; s/o William W. JR & Emma J.
Merritt, Emma J. nee Patch 1876 1951 "Mother"
Merritt, William Warren JR 1869 1933 lot 26; "Father"; h/o Emma J.; s/o William W. SR & Rebecca (Moody)
Merwin, M. J. 1842 1888 lot 1
Merwin, M. S. 1838 1876 lot 49; Co 9, 1st N.Y.M.T.D. rifles
Metzcer, Christian 1822 02/16/1911 lot 84
Metzcer, Elizabeth 1831 02/11/1910 lot 84
Meyer, Joseph Jude      
Mikaka, Humphrey      
Mikesh, Louis      
Milks, Anna nee Henry 1872 1957 1st h/ David Weir, 2nd h/ Humphrey Milks
Milks / Milcks, George T.   02/18/1950 age 67
Milks, Humphrey 1876 1961 h/o Anna
Miller, Annie      
Miller, Caroline   07/25/1885 w/o Samuel
Miller, Elizabeth Irene 'Bessie' Hackelman 06/25/1885 08/30/1907 lot 47; w/o H.W. Hackelman; d/o Eno & Nancy (Stofford); drowned in Mississippi; she's buried next to her mother - her married name is not on her gravestone
Miller, Carl H.      
Miller, Charles 04/23/1835 09/06/1918 lot 8; s/o Carl & unkn; killed in runaway accident
Miller, Clydene Ann      
Miller, Constance B.      
Miller, Edna Sophia Emelie nee Henkes 11/21/1903 11/23/1989 w/o Walter L.; d/o Louis & Ida (Roth)
Miller, Elizabeth 1826 04/08/1914 lot 16
Miller, Harriet 1824 1872 lot 38
Miller, Helen H.      
Miller, John P.      
Miller, Louis      
Miller, Margaret Ottillie      
Miller, Marion E.      
Miller, Minnie Lang 1872 1929  
Miller, Nancy nee Stofford 1855 11/11/1910 lot 47; "Mother"; w/o Eno (divorced); d/o Seth Stofford & Eliza (Haglett)
Miller, Samuel H. 1830 06/26/1877 h/o Caroline; s/o Capt. John Miller; killed in a cave-in at Pictured Rocks 6/10/77
Miller, V. R. 1827 04/01/1914 lot 16
Miller, Walter Laafayette      
Miller, William A. 1847 1863 lot 38
Miller, William E.      
Minalk, Cyril      
Minch, Jacob   04/14/1919 Co F 17th Wis inf.
Minchk, Alice Mary      
Minchk, Amanda      
Minchk, Chas. Augusta      
Minney, Bessie E.      
Minney, Caroline A.   11/08/1992 age 93y
Minney, Celestia L. nee Weir 09/13/1864 04/??/1945 w/o John F.; d/o Henry
Minney, Charles S. 1834 1895 lot 58; h/o Matilda; Blacksmith, Co E 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Minney, Charles   1933 h/o Mary; died in Prairie du Chein, WI
Minney, D.A.     s/o John & Celestia
Minney, Dealton     s/o John & Celestia
Minney, Dewey 10/24/1897 1956 h/o Alice Dyke; s/o Edward & Rose
Minney, Dolly Amelia      
Minney, Edward F.      
Minney, Elizabeth      
Minney, Florence May      
Minney, George O. 1859 12/15/1917 s/o J.W. & Julia (Sarringson); see obit for death details
Minney, George Gerald   05/??/1916 17 y/o; s/o George; lockjaw
Minney, Homer Jr. 09/25/1926 11/20/1926 s/o Homer & Orrelle; CCDC
Minney, Homer Sr.     s/o John & Celestia
Minney, John Francis 07/04/1862 05/22/1924 h/o Celestia; s/o Wm & Julia
Minney, John      
Minney, Julia A. 1834 1875 lot 114; w/o William
Minney, Mary A. nee Gruver 08/30/1852 01/25/1925 lot 32; w/o Charles; CCDC
Minney, Matilda nee Charbonneau / Coles 12/20/1843 05/24/1924 lot 58; w/o Charles S.; d/o Jean Baptiste & unkn. A'Mour; CCDC
Minney, Orrelle nee Oliver     w/o Homer
Minney, Robert Frank      
Minney, Roy      
Minney, Willard A.      
Minney, Wilbert S. 01/27/1865 10/13/1935 twin of William; s/o Chas. & Matilda; CCDC
Minney, William 1830 1882 lot 115; h/o Julia
Minney, William H.      
Minney, William H. 01/27/1865 12/2?/1936 twin of Wilbert; s/o Chas. & Matilda
Mitchell, Clarence 1900 1926 lot 13; s/o James W. & Mary
Mitchell, Edna Mary Adney nee Love 05/15/1886 08/09/1961 w/o 1st Arthur Adney, 2nd James W. Mitchell; d/o Jacob
Mitchell, James W. 04/04/1868 02/26/1949 h/o 1st Mary, 2nd Edna; s/o William & Susan
Mitchell, Joan Margaret      
Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth nee Robbins 09/27/1871 09/0?/1939 1st w/o James W.; d/o Charles
Mitchell, Platt O., Dr. 1853 01/03/1936 lot 43
Mitchell, Sarah E.      
Mohler, Margret      
Moncrief, Hiram C. 10/16/1847 02/10/1866 lot 22; ssa Wm & Mary
Moncrief, Mary J. nee Featherly 1827 1902 lot 22; w/o William
Moncrief, William 'Uncle Billy' 04/20/1820 09/2?/1895 lot 22; h/o Mary
Montgomery, John      
Montgomery, John      
Montour, Charlotte Jean nee Hunter 12/20/1921 07/16/2004 w/o Gilbert; d/o Wayne & Cecile (Palmer)
Montour, Gilbert Ernest 03/30/1919 07/02/1995 h/o Charlotte; s/o Alvin A. & Meta (Lange); USAF Colonel, veteran & POW WWII
Monty, Louis 1860 1922 lot 17
Moody, Edward / Edwin 09/22/1898 11/25/1898 s/o Samuel & Julia; died of scarlet fever; burial here should be confirmed he appears on the Moody cemetery burial list, but no gravestone there
Moody, Emma Elizabeth nee Fortcamp 1900 1991 w/o Henry E.; d/o Bernard & Edith (Schaffer)
Moody, Ethel F. 1904 2001 w/o Milo D.
Moody, Everett R. 1924 1980 h/o LaVonne R.
Moody, Henry Everett 1900 1976 h/o Emma E.
Moody, Julia nee Hilmoe   06/22/1904 32y; w/o Samuel (d. 12/28/1946, bur. Bowdoin, MT); d/o John & Annie (Midtevene); obit = died in McGregor, funeral at home; burial here should be confirmed, but is likely as her parents are buried in Pleasant Grove
Moody, LaVonne R.      
Moody, Milo D. 1903 1998 h/o Ethel F.; s/o Charles E. & Ruth E. (Moore)
Moody, Ronald R. 1970 1978 s/o Everett R. & LaVonne R.
Moore, Alexander L. 1845 09/10/1904 h/o Emma; Co. C, 11th PA Infantry; lot 1??
Moore, Amos L. 1878 1970 lot 15; h/o Mabel; s/o Alexander & Emma
Moore, Amos Lawrence 08//14/1878 02/25/1970 h/o Mable; d. Waukon; Thornburg Funeral Home; s/o Alexander & Emma (Bernhardt); (ACDR)
Moore, Emma Harriet nee Barnhart 09/10;1851 03/27/1921 w/o Alexander
Moore, Mable Alice nee Orr 12/22/1880 1960 w/o Amos L.; d. MN
Moore, William      
Morgan, Ardoth      
Morris, Christiana 1811 1870 lot 4
Morris, John 1807 1875 lot 4
Morse, Marie      
Moser, Irene C.   10/23/1999 age 95; died in Michigan City, IN
Moyle, Emma      
Mudica, ?      
Mudica, Edward L.      
Mudica, Helen      
Mudica, Virginia M.      
Murphy, Marjorie Nell nee Kohl 04/04/1922 01/06/1967 w/o Max; ssa Bernice H. Hunter
Mussehl, Madonna      
Myers, Gertrude M.      
Myers, Isabel E.      
Myers, Lana Dillman      
Myers, Richard Wilson   02/07/1997 age 85
Myers, William Alvin      
Neilson, Mrs. Jorand      
Neilson, Ole      
Neiman, Marla 12/29/1957 10/19/2009 died in Florida, interred in a mausoleum in the back section of the cemetery; her dog Sam's remains are also in the mausoleum
Nelson, Alfred 05/26/1899 07/26/1917 lot 5; s/o Theodore & Emma; drowned in Mississippi
Nelson, Alfred Bernhard 09/16/1879 03/22/1924 1st h/o Emma E. Kafka (later Mrs. Barthel Olson); s/o Gilbert & Maren
Nelson, Carl M. 1882 1962 h/o Marguerite; s/o Gilbert & Maren
Nelson, Emma nee [?Bartels] 07/27/1880 03/30/1952 w/o Theodore
Nelson, Gilbert N. 12/30/1846 08/02/1903 lot 5; h/o Maren; hit & killed by a train in Prairie du Chien, WI
Nelson, Irene      
Nelson, Maren Nicoline nee Tharaldson / Larson 04/23/1840 03/15/1927 lot 5; w/o Gilbert
Nelson, Marguerite K. 1887 1952 w/o Carl
Nelson, Oscar Frederick 10/20/1877 01/11/1902 lot 5; s/o Gilbert & Maren; died in Independence, Buchanan co. IA
Nelson, Theodore C. 09/25/1876 05/15/1952 h/o Emma; s/o Gilbert & Maren
Nesbitt, Mary M. Schultz 06/06/1934 11/05/1970  
Nesbitt, Mary Schultz      
Nesvik, Mary K. nee Kleinow     w/o Richard L.
Nesvik, Richard L. 1925 1994 h/o Mary K.
Neverman, Elsie V.      
Neverman, Fred      
Nichol,Betsy 1826 1886 lot 37
Nichols, Abel L.   02/19/1880 39y 10m 26d
Nicholson, Ernest Pratt 09/01/1893 11/01/1939 h/o Gertrude Hagensick; s/o Howell P. & Marguerite (Harvey); CCDC
Nielson, Henry Alexander 01/31/1873 01/2?/1899 s/o Ole & Jorand; lot 92
Nielson, Jorand nee Hanson 04/03/1830 10/27/1917 w/o Ole; lot 92
Nielson, Ole 1831 1918 h/o Jorand; lot 92
Niewoehner, Alvin      
Noble, Anna Christine      
Noble, Edmund      
Noble, Edwin 1853 10/13/1866 died in a hunting accident; s/o Reuben & Harriet
Noble, Harriet C. nee Douglass 1826 03/08/1910 w/o H.C.; d/o George & Juliette
Noble, Merritt      
Noble, Merritt A.      
Noble, Reuben 04/14/1821 08/08/1896 lot 4; b. Natches, Miss.
Noble, Reuben Jr. 1856 06/10/1899 lot 4; died in Grand Forks, N.D.; s/o Reuben & Harriet
Noble, Virgil Bird      
Noble, Walter D.      
Noble, Anna Christine      
Nockels, Jayne A. nee Merritt 08/25/1899 07/07/1992 w/o P. Paul
Nockels, P. Paul 1899 1955 h/o Jayne
Noeding, Normal Carl      
Nordhus, Everett A.J.      
Nordus, Infant      
Norris, Cheri Lee      
Northcutt, Samuel      
Nottnagel, Fritz A.   1963 h/o Gladine
Nottnagel, Gladine Thelma nee Mays 03/18/1909 01/21/1983 w/o Fritz; d/o Daniel W. & Eva (Danks) Mays
Nugent, Clarence      
Nugent, Florence nee Faust      
Nugent, Francis Jerome      


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