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Cemetery Index

Pleasant Grove Cemetery
-originally named Oakland or Oak Woods cemetery-
McGregor, Mendon Twp. Sec 21 SE/SE
Platted 1859

Pleasant Grove cemetery

To reach the cemetery turn off of Main St. (Hwy 76) onto 4th St. Turn left on Kinney St., which changes to Giard St. as you follow next curve. Follow the road left onto Cemetery Rd. (138th St.) and follow it as it winds up the bluff to the cemetery.

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This is an ongoing project to list of burials in Pleasant Grove cemetery. Contributions & corrections are welcome.

Sources used to compile these records are:

*WPA cemetery records, transcribed by Phyllis Montour
*Gravestone inscriptions, Obituaries, Biographies, Newspaper items
*Names, dates and notes contributed by researchers
*Clayton co. Death Records (annotated CCDR), contributed by Constance Diamond
*Clayton co. Death Certificates (annotated CCDC), from Family Search.org
*Allamakee co. Death Records (annotated ACDR), contributed by Richard O'Brien

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Clayton co. Obituary Board Index & Allamakee co. Obituary Board Index *

Name Birth Death Comments
Gale, Samuel P. 1833 1907 Co. D 27th Wis. Inf. Sergt.
Galer, Frank Russell 12/24/1913 1961 h/o Ruth G. Bickel (see Ruth Pool); s/o Mason B. & Emma (Patch); born Livingston, MT
Gallager, John James 08/24/1858 09/19/1928 h/o Violet; s/o Wm & Mary (McDonald); Note: gravestone = GALLAGER, Death cert = GALLAGHER
Gallager, Leonard 01/22/1894 01/23/1921 s/o Robert & Emma (Craig); struck by a train
Gallager, Violet E. nee Johnson 07/22/1866 04/11/1940 w/o John; d/o William & Susan
Gallager, William L. 10/23/1899 04/25/1944 h/o Emily; s/o John & Violet, U.S. Army, WWI
Galligan, Walter      
Garrison, Laura nee King 07/10/1848 03/27/1938 w/o Clarkson L.; d/o John
Gass, H. H. 03/25/1890   Corporal, Service Ok Unit 338 World War I
Gaulke, Carl Henry 08/14/1891 11/23/1961 h/o Genevieve; s/o Charles & Helen; U.S. Navy, WWI
Gaulke, Charles SR 12/17/1855 07/02/1940 h/o Helen; s/o William & Hattie (Hanks)
Gaulke Charles J. 'Chuck' 01/14/1922 01/06/1994 h/o Mildred; s/o Carl & Genevieve; died in Scottsdale, AZ; U.S. Navy, WWII
Gaulke, Genevieve A. nee Dremmel 03/05/1896 09/28/1975 w/o Carl H.
Gaulke, Helen A. nee Rickleff 04/20/1861 01/2?/1945 w/o Charles; d/o Gerhard & Caroline
Gaulke, Michael Allen 12/28/1952 12/29/1952 twin/o Patrick; s/o Charles & Mildred
Gaulke, Mildred 'Milly' nee Peterson 05/12/1927 12/26/2008 w/o Charles J.; d/o Gilbert & Rebecca (Magenusson); died in Mesa, AZ
Gaulke, Patrick Charles 12/28/1952 12/29/1952 twin/o Michael; s/o Charles & Mildred
Gaulke, Warren   09/2?/1923 3 y/o s/o Carl & Genevieve
Geisler, Clara A. nee Thompson 01/02/1888 01/23/1989 w/o Fred; d/o John & Gunil (Lyke)
Geisler, Fred 09/15/1884 09/16/1948 h/o Clara; obit=DOB 1886, gravestone=1884
Gemmill, Annabelle nee Handy   06/21/1948 w/o John W.; d/o Homer
Gemmill, Eliza ca1828 04/06/1914 w/o Thomas; died at the County Hospital
Gemmil, John W. 02/22/1864 12/17/1939 h/o Annabelle; s/o Robert & Mary
Gemmill, Mary J. nee Wallace 10/17/1832 08/26/1896 w/o Robert
Gemmill, Robert 1833 1914 h/o Mary
Gemmill, Thomas ca1827 ca1885-1890 h/o Eliza; Co. K, 1st IA Cav. Note: his widow filed for pension 8/11/1890
Gemmill, William A. 10/01/1874 11/24/1931 unmarried; s/o Robert & Mary; died Mercy hospital, Iowa City, IA
Gentz, Johanna 1833 11/20/1922 widow; ACDC
Geraghty, Eulalia Elizabeth nee Gray      
Geraghty, James Mark 04/14/1889 04/28/1961 h/o Eulalia
Gerich, Clara      
Gerich, Joseph 1857 1936  
Gerich, Mary 1858 1925 w/o Joseph
Gerick, J. Emil      
Gerick, Joseph      
Gerndt, Bertha May Curiel nee Durr 1897 12/20/1966 w/o 1st Daniel Curiel (?divorced), 2nd Theodore; d/o John & Mamie (Russow); died in Dubuque, IA; Note! See Frank Curiel family this cemetery
Gerndt, Charles T. 12/18/1858 10/2?/1946 h/o Minnie
Gerndt, Clara S. 1898 10/07/1968 d/o Charles & Minnie; died in Prairie du Chien, WI
Gerndt, Fred August 03/09/1888 03/07/1960 s/o Charles & Minnie
Gerndt, Harry James 10/07/1889 08/14/1971 h/o Helen; s/o Charles & Minnie; CPL Co. A 118th Inf., WWI
Gerndt, Helen Dorothy nee Trygg 01/08/1907 11/01/1982 w/o Harry; d/o John & Austine (Leibrand)
Gerndt, Johnnie James 10/28/1968 04/09/1989 s/o Robert & Ruth; died in a car accident
Gerndt, Katherine E. 10/25/1896 08/12/1915 d/o Charles & Minnie; died of diphtheria
Gerndt, Minnie nee Geske 04/24/1866 04/22/1941 w/o Charles; d/o Fred
Gerndt, Robert James 08/17/1938 09/19/2015 h/o Ruth Bothel; s/o Harry & Helen
Gerndt, Ross E. 11/09/1935 09/12/2002 s/o Harry & Helen; U.S. Army veteran
Gerndt, Theodore Edward 04/01/1891 08/03/1953 h/o Bertha; s/o Charles & Minnie
Geske, Anna      
Geske, Frederick Ferdinand 12/26/1822 02/25/1898 h/o Sophia
Geske, Fred 10/10/1859 06/02/1935 s/o Frederick F. & Sophia
Geske, Henry C.      
Geske, John H.      
Geske, Martin X. 'Mart' 11/01/1870 10/??/1951 s/o Frederick & Sophia
Geske, Sophia Marie nee Wilkin 04/23/1842 01/28/1927 w/o Frederick F.
Geske, Thomas   05/2?/1909 killed in a train yard accident; Note: burial here should be confirmed
Gestoutas, Leonora      
Gibbs, Frank   06/26/1947 1st h/o Winifred H. Russow (see Winifred Bock)
Gifford, Charlotte nee Gordon 06/14/1926 02/25/1995 d/o Milton & Anna
Gilbert, Arthur      
Gilbert, Mabel Atheria      
Gilbert, Mabel L.      
Gilbert, Mary      
Gilchrist, Grave 1864 1907 [Middle initial I or J]
Gilgenbach, Isabelle      
Gilgenbach, Peter      
Gilmore, Thelma Grace 05/16/1901 05/04/1902 d/o Fred; Note! Burial here should be confirmed
Gilster, Bertha S.      
Globke, Otto 1867 1925  
Goddard, Edith K. nee Werder 01/08/1869 03/19/1918 1st w/o Bert; d/o J. Wm. & Wilhemena (Stephan)
Goddard, Herbert J. 'Bert' 10/19/1865 11/21/1929 h/o 1st Edith, 2nd Alice Irmscher; s/o Milton & Jane (McMann or McMannus); Note: he had a twin sister who predeceased him
Goddard, Helen      
Goddard, Lori      
Goddard, Louis A. 01/11/1874 11/03/1936 h/o Nona; s/o Milton & Jennie; died in Mason City, IA
Goddard, May 1865 09/25/1888 age 22y 11m 6d; d/o A.M.
Goddard, Milton W.      
Goergen, Margery nee Caudy 01/01/1900 05/24/1970 age 70; w/o William; d/o Daniel & Melinda (Davis); prominent photographer, studio in McGregor
Goergen, Minnie nee Werder 1871 11/??/1909 w/o Peter; d/o J. Wm. & Wilhemena (Stephan); her gravestone immediately adjacent to Frank & Emma (Werder) Dornbach (Emma was her sister)
Goergen, Ruth L. nee Wiszmann 06/09/1924 09/24/2007 w/o William H.
Goergen, William H. 07/06/1921 02/15/2004 h/o Ruth; s/o William W. & Margery; WWII Veteran
Goergen, William W. Sr. 'Bill' 04/24/1901 04/02/1955 h/o Margery; s/o Peter & Minnie; raised by his uncle & aunt Bert & Edith Goddard
Gohde, Albert      
Gohde, Clarence w.      
Gohde, Mary Ann      
Goltz, Edward Carl     s/o Edward & Ella
Goltz, Edward Charles 01/22/1895 11/21/1952 h/o Ella; s/o William & Minnie; WWI U.S. Army veteran
Goltz, Ella Christine nee Bank 06/09/1905 1983 w/o Edward C.; d/o Carl W. & Cardian (Missum) Bank; d. Lansing, IA; Thornburg Funeral home; ACDR
Goltz, Herbert Earl 'Herb' 09/02/1898 01/11/1944 h/o Mary T.; s/o Edward & Ella; he shot his wife, then shot himself
Goltz, Herbert William   unkn. infant s/o Edward & Ella
Goltz, Mary Tobitha nee Prouty 01/22/1900 01/11/1944 w/o Herbert E.; d/o James M. Prouty; killed by her husband
Goltz, Wilhelmina Marie 'Minnie' nee Braatz 1873 09/24/1931 lot 19; w/o William C.
Goltz, William Charles 1869 02/22/1921 lot 19; h/o Minnie
Goltz, William Arthur 01/11/1894 05/05/1927 lot 19; h/o Jennie Vivian Gurkow; s/o William C. & Minnie; Co. C, 3rd Pioneer Inf., World War I veteran
Gordon Bertha Adeline      
Gordon, Bennett Fred      
Gordon, Claudie Bell nee Rose 08/15/1897 04/29/1989 w/o Kenneth; d/o Alexander 'Jeff' & Myrtle Rose
Gordon, Delbert G.      
Gordon, Fred Bennet      
Gordon, Glenn      
Gordon, Josephine M.      
Gordon, Kenneth   1964 h/o Claudie
Gossman, Elva 1887 1935 lot 14
Gould, Amanda 1832 06/05/1887  
Gould, Geo. 1832 03/28/1892 lot 10
Goulke, Charles J.      
Grady, Jessie Helene nee Scrogum 03/19/1879 02/18/1946 w/o Michael; d/o Jacob Scrogum
Grady, Michael E.     h/o Jessie
Grady, Opal O. 01/28/1908 09/30/1989 ssa Edwin Coon
Graff, Joseph J.      
Graff, Lucia      
Graff, William Christian      
Graham, Louis      
Grant, Duane 1846   53rd Wis. Inf.
Gray, Della      
Gray, Flora      
Gray, Harrison M.      
Gray, John K.      
Green, Libbie nee Standart 1857 1894 lot 37; ssa & d/o Chas C. & Sarah C. Standart
Griffin, Catharine 1837 1867 lot 61
Griffin, Sarah M. 1854 1861 lot 61
Grossheim, August H.      
Grossheim, Helen C.      
Grossheim, William Augusta      
Grossman, Elva O. nee Oliver   1935 1st w/o Elzer
Grossman, Elzer C. 08/17/1884 08/30/1961 h/o 1st Elva; 2nd Velva; s/o Henry & Emma
Grossman, Velva Wilbur nee Mount 08/04/1899 04/29/1962 w/o 1st unkn Wilbur, 2nd Elzer; d/o Sam & Cora
Gruner, Wilford R.      
Gumley, Jacob 1824 1886 Co G, 2nd IA Infantry
Gutheil, ?? 1837 1907 "Mother"; lot 2
Gutheil,?? 1828 1891 "Father"; lot 3
Gutheil, Edward 1858 1934 lot 3
Gutheil, Eliza Weisenberger nee Castle 12/01/1862 02/21/1943 1st h/Philip Weisenberger; 2nd h/George Gutheil
Gutheil, George H.     1st w/Minerva R.; 2nd w/Eliza
Gutheil, LaVant F. 09/21/1891 11/01/1915 lot 3; s/o George & Minerva
Gutheil, Minerva R. nee Reynolds 1869 1922 lot 3; 1st w/o George H.
Hackelman, Elizabeth Irene 'Bessie' nee Miller 1885 1907 See Elizabeth Irene 'Bessie' Miller entry
Hagensick, infant sons     no dates inscribed; sons o/ Mr. & Mrs. Will
Hagensick, son & daughter   12/??/1896 infant twins of John & Caroline; died at ages 7 & 10 days
Hagensick, Caroline nee Trumm 12/05/1865 11/09/1948 "Mother"; w/o John; d/o Daniel & Margaret
Hagensick, Clara Gertrude nee Sass 06/02/1901 01/23/1988 w/o Harry M.; d/o Jacob H. & Mary J.
Hagensick, Everett Edwin 10/09/1897 09/20/1969 s/o John & Caroline
Hagensick, Harry Mervin 11/08/1896 09/06/1963 h/o Clara; Iowa, SFC Co G, 319 Repair Unit, World War I
Hagensick, John 10/16/1867 01/12/1919 "Father"; h/o Caroline; s/o J.L. & Marie
Hagensick, John Louis 01/02/1831 01/09/1910 lot 4; h/o Marie; s/o Christoph & Eve (Bochinger)
Hagensick, Marie M. nee Thoma 1837 1915 lot 4
Hagensick, Minnie E. 1867 1939 ssa William H.
Hagensick, William H. 1871 1957 h/o Minnie E.; s/o J.L. & Marie
Hahn, Anna Belle Magnuson nee Danielson     see entry for Anna B. Magnuson this cemetery
Haight, Dreeme   04/17/1876 5y 11mo.; d/o John H. & Elizabeth; Note: died in McGregor, burial place not given in obit
Haight, Elizabeth 1843 01/02/1910 lot 43; w/o John
Haight, Glenn      
Haight, John H. 1821 08/31/1877 lot 43; 56y; h/o Elizabeth
Haight, Loran L. 08/23/1874 03/2?/1937 s/o John & Elizabeth
Haight, Roger Ray   04/01/1876 6y 8m 17d; s/o John H. & Elizabeth; Note: died in McGregor, burial place not given in obit
Hall, Blanche Hirsch 03/02/1895 03/27/1964  
Hall, Francis Aloha 10/18/1917 03/01/1923 d/o Frank & Myrtle (Bailey); d. Waukon, IA (ACDC)
Hall, Frank Berdett 01/08/1919 03/12/1924 s/o Frank & Myrtle (Bailey); died of Congenital Mitral Stenosis
Hall, Frank Linzey 01/22/1888 11/21/1918 buried in O.H. Bailey plot; 1st h/o Myrtle Izeta Bailey (d/o O.H. Bailey, she remarried to Joe May); s/o John & Clara (Hill)
Hall, Howard 12/18/1910 04/03/1911 s/o Frank & Myrtle (Bailey); from the McGregor News, 4/5/1911: "The four months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall died Monday of whooping cough. Funeral today". Death Certificate = Burial in Pl. Grove
Haltmeyer, son   1886 age 2y; s/o Herman & ; Note: Burial in Pl. Grove has not been confirmed
Haltmeyer, John 01/20/1828 08/12/1897 lot 12; h/o 1st Susanna, 2nd Barbara (see entry of Barbara Dixon, this cem); Co. L, 9th IL Cav.
Haltmeyer, Susanna 1826 1873 lot 12; w/o John
Haltom, Marion I. nee Davies 08/30/1918 04/18/2008 w/o Lee; d/o Adam & Helena (Miller) Davies
Hamann, Edward A. JR 11/03/1942 05/21/2008 h/o Mariln Strnad; s/o Edward & Juniver (Bruehahn) Hamann
Hamann, Edw'd Henry Sr.      
Hamilton, Emma   bet 1872 & 1882 d/o Horace & Fannie; named in her father's obit as an infant
Hamilton, Horace MD 1832 03/16/1882 h/o 1st Amelia 'Minnie' Lull (d. 1869, bur. National), 2nd Arabella 'Fannie' Wilson (later Hutchins, d. 1915)
Hammond, John 09/02/1833 09/23/1918 s/o James & Ruby (King); died at the County Home
Hammond, Sara J.      
Hancock, Arvilla 1821 1890 lot 67
Hancock, B.F. 1822 1890 lot 67
Handlen, Hollis W.      
Handlen, Irene Ruth J.      
Hansen, Henry      
Hanson, Aden F. 1917 1975 ssa Lois E.
Hanson, Anna 1827 1900 lot 5
Hanson, Lois E. 1929 1998 w/o Aden F.
Hardin, Timothy 11/??/??? 05/??/1885 age 37y; Co. K, 31st Wis. Inf.; lot 5
Harding, George W.P. (doctor) 04/13/1803 12/17/1857 see obit for his details; burial in Pleasant Grove is not confirmed
Harding, Virginia nee Crowl 1819 03/15/1878 1st w/o William H.; lot 65
Harding, William H. 'Billy' 03/12/1816 04/26/1897 h/o 1st Virginia, 2nd Julia Church
Harrington, Clifford Arthur 08/04/1900 12/13/1969 s/o Horton & Josephine; died in Park Ridge, IL; WWI veteran
Harrington, Earl Esten 'Andy' (born Enders) 12/27/1915 07/17/1999 h/o Elsie; s/o Mike & Ruth (Knoebel); took surname of his step-father Geo. V. Harrington; U.S. Army WWII
Harrington, Elsie nee Lawrence 04/09/1920 11/09/1997 w/o Earl; served in the British ATS during WWII
Harrington, George Victor 05/20/1891 03/01/1985 2nd h/o Ruth; s/o Horton & Josephine; U.S. Army veteran, WWI
Harrington, Harold Francis 05/24/1895 01/25/1971 s/o Horton G. & Josephine; died in Chicago; U.S. Army, Co. D, 325th Inf.; WWI
Harrington, Ida nee Southwick 03/05/1874 05/20/1910 w/o George (note: not George V.); d/o unkn Southwick & Caroline (Burgess)
Harrington, Josephine Francis nee Ellsworth 11/13/1868 05/24/1954 w/o Horton G. (?divorced); d/o Marvin & Frances; died in Chicago
Harrington, Ruth Enders nee Knoebel   12/30/1967 73y; w/o 1st Mike Enders (divorced), 2nd George V.; d/o Edward H. & Lone G. (Oliver)
Harris, Florence H. nee Henry 1904 1991 w/o Louis H.
Harris, Louis H. 1890 1970 ssa Florence
Harry, Danny Harold      
Harry, Hazel Irene      
Hart, Emma Elizabeth nee Hunter 12/13/1866 09/22/1904 w/o James
Hart, James P. 1849 03/??/1941 h/o Elizabeth
Hartman, Willia May      
Hartson, Antoinette      
Hartson, Archie LaVern   09/28/1990  
Hatch, Albina nee Spaulding 05/08/1834 12/20/1911 lot 34; w/o Leander; d/o Asher & Betsy (Dow)
Hatch, Arthur 1858 07/??/1896 lot 34; h/o Katherine Gilchrist; s/o L.O. & Albina
Hatch, Elizabeth 08/06/1888 11/25/1922 single, died of tuberculo-pneumnia at the State Hospital, Independence, Buchanan co. IA
Hatch, Frank      
Hatch, Leander O. (Hon) 1825 1894 lot 34; h/o Albina
Hatch, Mary E.      
Hatfield, Ellen   04/10/1900 66y 8m 9d; w/o Marshall; no existing gravestone
Hatfield, Marshall   10/16/1904 h/o Ellen; Mexican War veteran and Civil War Co. E, 5th IA Infantry
Haugen, Martin 04/27/1870 05/05/1926 lot 19; died in E. Dubuque Iowa
Haugen, Milbert Jr.      
Haugen, Milbert Roy      
Haupt, Laura Augusta nee Fill - aft 1921 w/o Milton J.; no other information, she may have been buried elsewhere, possibly N. Dakota
Haupt, Milton Joseph 01/22/1851 06/30/1917 h/o Laura; s/o Jacob & Rebecca (Greggary)
Havens, James D.     See De Haven
Havermann, Caroline 1836 03/09/1813  
Hayem, Paul      
Hayes, Winifred      
Haymand, Catherine 1834 1912 lot 8
Heaton, Harriet Jane   12/30/1857 w/o Horace; aged 27y; Burial here has not been verified
Heaton, Marian V.      
Hector, Edna Evelyn nee Dickens 02/24/1881 11/07/1939 w/o Wm. S.; died in Chicago & initially interred there before being removed to the family mausoleum in Pleasant Grove in 1941
Hector, William Dickens 03/13/1918 11/??/1977 s/o William S. & Edna
Hector, William S. MD   07/19/1942 age 76; h/o Edna E.; died in Chicago
Hedeman, Elmer      
Heffron, Anna M.      
Heilman, Alma B.      
Heilman, Clara Maker      
Heilman, Elizabeth      
Heilman, George J.      
Heilman, J. J. 09/18/1939 01/15/1908  
Heilman, John      
Heilman, K. Louise      
Heilman, Louisa K. 1846 02/29/1932 lot 7
Hellberg, Arthur 'Arty'     s/o John H. & Rosa
Hellberg, Eda 10/04/1885 04/1?/1959 d/o John H. & Rosa
Hellberg, Henry 10/30/1870 09/20/1933 s/o John H. & Rosa; died in Albert Lea, MN
Hellberg, John H. ca1837 03/14/1897 h/o Rosa
Hellberg, John Henry 'Dick' 12/13/1872 06/01/1963 s/o John H. & Rosa
Hellberg, Mary nee Teynor 03/03/1881 06/12/1958 w/o William; d/o John & Margaret
Hellberg, Rosa Marie nee Hermann 06/04/1845 01/06/1916 w/o John H.; d/o Samuel & Mary
Hellberg, William Frank 'Will' 05/01/1879 02/20/1961 h/o Mary; s/o John H. & Rosa
Helmey, Doris nee Fiet      
Helmey, Robert E.   01/17/1984 76y; h/o Doris; Veteran
Henderson, Catherine 1812 1907 lot 17; 1st h/ Ira Perry
Hendrickson, Carl J.      
Hendrickson, Dorthy nee Casey 1884 1963 w/o John
Hendrickson, Gerald S. 1907 1935 lot 26
Hendrickson, John 1884 1967 ssa Dorthy
Hendrickson, Katherine      
Hendrickson, William J.      
Hendrickson, William J. Jr.      
Henkes, Arthur      
Henkes, Carroll A. SR 04/05/1911 08/10/1983 h/o Irene Hultgren; s/o Mabel E.
Henkes, Loren Keith 07/15/1941 06/03/1987 s/o Carroll & Irene; 101st Airborne Div., Vietnam
Henkes, Mabel Edith nee Siegele 1887 12/15/1963  
Henkes, Mable Bertha nee Davies 09/21/1890 07/27/1947 w/o Saward; d/o Richard & Lena
Henkes, Saward     h/o Mable B.
Henry, Agnes Pearl nee Adney 08/18/1913 03/13/2013 w/o Raymond F.; d/o Herman & Myrtle (Barker) Adney
Henry, Albert      
Henry, Albert John 1889 1979 h/o Rose M.; s/o Jacob J. & Mary J. (Sass) Henry
Henry, Andrew D.     h/o Mary Ann
Henry, Anna M. nee Beisker 05/25/1890 07/15/1974 w/o George; d/o William & Anna Marie (Daubenstein), (ACDR & SSDI)
Henry, Charles William Henry 02/23/1926 12/04/1996 h/o Maxine; RMS US Navy, World War II veteran
Henry, Edith 1902 1980 d/o John A. & Helena
Henry, George W. 1889 1953 h/o Anna M.; s/o Andrew D. & Mary A.
Henry, Gladys     no dates on stone
Henry, Helena nee Fruechtenicht 1868 1911 w/o John A.
Henry, Jacob J. 1868 1934 lot 12; h/o Mary J.; s/o Andrew D. & Mary A.
Henry, John Andrew 1863 1924 ssa Helena
Henry, Mary     d/o Andrew D. & Mary A.
Henry, Mary Ann nee Lewis     w/o Andrew D.
Henry, Mary Johanna nee Sass 1870 1922 lot 12; w/o Jacob J.
Henry, Maxine Ruth nee Abbott 06/22/1928 01/01/2021 w/o Charles H.; d/o John & Edna (Weidenbach)
Henry, Raymond F. 1907 1971 h/o Agnes P.
Henry, Robert 1911 1911 s/o John A. & Helena
Henry, Rose Marie 1893 1973 w/o Albert J.
Henry, Wilber G. 09/11/1915 04/24/1989 PFC US Army, World War II veteran
Henthorne, Marion E.      
Henthorne, William W. 08/13/1920 06/15/1944 Captain, 5307th, 475 Inf. Br., WWII
Herbert, Elizabeth 1830 03/31/1910  
Herbert, James 1821 07/28/1899 same lot as Elizabeth
Hertrampf, infant      
Hertrampf, Lester A. 06/28/1920 10/09/2002 Veteran
Hervison, James Andrew 1858 1933 h/o Julia; lot 17
Hervison, Julia S. nee Carey 06/10/1863 06/19/1940 w/o James A.; d/o Joseph & Harriet (Mason); CCDC
Hescott, Phillip      
Hibbard, Irena Scott 1812 1890 lot 1
Hibbard, Sarah 1810 1883 lot 11
Hill, Albert Robert   10/29/1979 h/o Betty L.
Hill, Betty Lou nee Luster 1928 09/06/1996 w/o Albert; d/o Robert & Margaret
Hill, Cora Belle nee Dresden   11/??/1963 age 83y; w/o Marion C.
Hill, Edward F. 02/21/1887 09/06/1914 lot 2
Hill, Frank Lynn      
Hill, L.D.      
Hill, Marion C. 04/02/1879 06/15/1944 h/o Cora; s/o Wm & Julia
Hill, Marion F.      
Hill, Monica Bergman      
Hill, Robert M.   06/1?/1971 age 69; died in Prairie du Chein
Hill, Tina Marie      
Hilmoe, Annie Estenson nee Midtevene 01/18/1841 05/14/1910 w/o John; d/o Esten & Mary (Oleson)
Hilmoe, John 03/06/1834 08/06/1915 h/o Ann; s/o Jhonas & Guru (Gresli); struck by a train
Hinkel, Vickie Rae      
Hinsch, Charles      
Hirsch, Martin E. 02/06/1886 03/10/1945 h/o Blanch Christ; s/o John & Mary (Leibrand)
Hirth, Georg. 1844 1864  
Hitchcock, Dennis Walker T.      
Hodson, Annual LeRoy      
Hodson, Jessie Lamoine 06/25/1895 12/23/1991 w/o A.L.
Hoffman, unknown - - unable to read first name or initials
Hoffman, Derick B. Capt.   04/1?/1884 lot 26; h/o Jane
Hoffman, Elesa 'Lisa' 12/14/1872 08/15/1930 lot 144; niece of J.D. Bickel, sister of Fritz
Hoffman, Elizabeth      
Hoffman, Fritz     h/o Oleta
Hoffman, Jane   09/04/1890 lot 26; w/o Derick
Hoffman, Oleta Mae nee Green RN 11/17/1891 01/05/1973 w/o Fritz
Hohensce, John 1851 1921 lot 23
Hohensee, Otto 1871 1936 lot 23
Holden, Ed     lot 32 - Possible same as Edgar D. below
Holden, Edgar D. 02/14/1848 03/20/1908 h/o Alida Landes; s/o Clinton & Sarah (Grashan); funeral conducted by Christian Science church
Holden, Lulu Belle 11/06/1875 06/16/1899 d/o Edgar & Alida (Landes); funeral conducted by Christian Science church; Note! Burial her should be confirmed, but is likely
Holden, Stonewall 1859 05/22/1930 lot 12
Holmden, George J.      
Holtom, Leand Odis      
Holtz, Alfred      
Holtz, Gottfried 1838 1920 lot 15
Holtz, Mary L.      
Holtz, Minnie      
Homas, Jane      
Hook, Juanita LaVonne      
Hopkins, Adena      
Hopkins, E. B. 1824 1884 lot 76
Horne, Charlie 1876 1876 lot 16; s/o H.B.
Horne, Henry Bulmer 02/08/1837 05/06/1907 "Father"; lot 16; h/o Jane
Horne, Jane K. nee Baird 04/25/1835 04/19/1909 "Mother"; lot 16; w/o H.B.; died in Winnipeg, Canada
Horning, Alamando Ambrose 11/19/1862 12/15/1937 lot 22; h/o Annie; s/o Henry & Ann (Calhoun); photographer, CCDC
Horning, Annie nee Kennahan     w/o Almando
Horning, Edna      
Horning, Homer J. 1853 1904 lot 22
Horsefield, Thomas E.   04/29/2002 age 47y; h/o Donna; s/o Thomas & Kathleen
Horstman, Elno Fredrick      
Houston, Frank     'Vogel'
Howard, John D. 1848 03/2?/1904 lot 144
Howard, John      
Howard, Mary E.      
Hoxie, Elial 01/08/1839 04/28/1923 h/o 1st Anna M.; 2nd Marcia; 3rd Sobrina P. (b. 6/26/1842 d. 4/20/1926 in Bay City, MI); s/o Joseph & Mary
Hoxsie, Joseph C. 1811 1896 lot 12; h/o Mary
Hoxsie, Anna Marla nee Gates 08/20/1839 07/25/1904 lot 12; 1st w/o Elial
Hoxsie, Mary 1805 11/2?/1896 lot 12; w/o Joseph
Hoxsie, Marcia Zeurah Stevens nee Kellogg 01/07/1848 09/04/1915 lot 12; 2nd w/o Elial; d/o C.V. & Amelia M. (Stewart)
Hoyem, Ruby Evelyn      
Hoyt, Naomi Beatrice nee Pullen 06/08/1906 09/06/1938 w/o Rev. Claire C.; d/o Emerson; died in NE on train enroute to funeral of L. Gerald Connell, her b-i-l; she lived in Pueblo, CO
Hubacher, Elizabeth 1812 1899  
Hubacher, John 1848 1926 lot 12
Hubacher, John Sr. 1818 1910 lot 12
Hubacher, Mary 1853 1935 lot 12
Hubacher, Ray Burnell      
Hubbard, Alvina E. 'Anna' nee Giles 02/09/1840 04/18/1880 w/o Rudolphus Hubbard; her remains were removed to Joliett, IL in July 1904 "laid to rest beside her husband" in Oakwood cemetery, Joliet, Will co., IL; both of their obits have been posted to Obit Board
Huebach, Anton      
Huebach, Mary M.      
Huebsch, Dorothy K.   12/19/1992 age 91
Huebsch, Frank G.      
Huebsch, Frank R.      
Huebsch, Fred G.      
Huebsch, Harriet      
Huebsch, John A. 1869 1935 lot 38
Huebsch, Kate Myrtle      
Huebsch, Thomas G.   09/13/1944 s/o Kate; KIA in France, WWII; remains repatriated in Nov. 1948
Huebsch, Toney 1871 1928 lot 97
Huesch, Dorothy K.      
Hueston, Glen L.      
Huff, Floyd      
Hughes, Harriet Ann      
Hughes, William Wesley      
Hulseburg, Twin Boys      
Hultgren, Dolly nee Minney   02/02/1943  
Hunter, Bernice Helen nee Kohl 02/19/1917 03/09/1981 1st h/ Harry Fish, 2nd h/ Vern Hunter; ssa Marjorie N. Murphy
Huntting, son 01/10/1900 01/12/1900 newborn s/o Harry S. & Kate
Huntting, Alice 'Kate' nee Updegraff 01/02/1861 01/20/1900 w/o Harry; d/o Thomas & Laura (Platt); died a few days after giving birth to her 2nd child, a son
Huntting, Charles E.   07/??/1948 age 82y; h/o 1st Frances, 2nd Grace; died Minneapolis, MN
Huntting, Frances Laura nee Lake 11/22/1868 01/09/1906 lot 2; 1st w/o Charles; d/o Frank & Harmony (Button); died of eclampsia of pregancy
Huntting, Grace Anna nee Allen 12/28/1886 1968 2nd w/o Charles E.; d/o William A. & Margaret E. (Kelly)
Huntting, Harry Smith 04/16/1861 12/12/1927 lot 1; h/o Kate; s/o W.S.; died in Los Angeles, CA
Hutchinson, Henry   05/07/1888 Co. C, 16th IA Inf.; lot 26


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