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Nashua Reporter, 30 May 1901

Appropriate Services Mark the Day Set
Apart to Keep Sacred the Memory
of Our Departed Soldiers

---Today is the hallowed day when all over this land the solemn memorial services are held to sacred commemoration of our loved soldiers who gave so much for their country's welfare. Early this morning the boys of '61 and their co-workers, the ladies of the Relief Corps began gathering at the Post routes to get in readiness the flags and flowers to decorate the graves of their departed comrades in the various cemeteries.
---At 8 o'clock, headed by a squad from Co. D, of Charles City and accompanied by the Relief Corps, the veterans to the stirring music of the life and drum marched to Oak Hill cemetery and paid their tribute of love and honor to their comrades who had gone before.
---The other cemeteries were then visited after which they all returned to the G. A. R. hall where dinner was served. This afternoon at the opera house a memorial address was delivered by Rev. Ewin Ewell, and a program of music and recitations rendered. Following are the names of the dead, who are buried in our cemeteries:

Frederick Paul, E20th Wis inf.
John Felcher, G27th Iowa inf.
E. C. Rathbun, E9th NY cav.
John Parish, B7th Iowa inf.
John Lacell, B7th Iowa inf.
John Harris, G27th Iowa inf.
L. Jackson Dowd, G27th Iowa inf.
Giles Hall, G27th Iowa inf.
Jacob Noble, H4th Iowa cav.
James A. Gibson, A1st Cal cav.
P. H. Caldwell, 1st Vermont cav.
Surrey Bromley, K96th NY inf.
Richard L. Bean, C6th Iowa cav.
Asa R. Gedding, G44th Ill inf. and A12th Ill cav.
Addison Johnson, H8th Ill cav.
Alfred J. Johnson, I8th Wis inf.
Philander F. May, C41st Wis inf.
A. A. Turner, H24th Wis inf.
Reme Cherbenau, H16th Wis inf.
Thos. S. Bradford, F24th Wis inf. and E14th Wis inf.
David Allen, D12th Ill cav.
Sylvester Frisby, War 1812
John Kebler Sr., War 1812
Joel Parish, War 1812
John Felcher Sr, War 1812
F. Reubenhagen, D49th Iowa inf. Spanish War

Wm. Tupper, K17th Wis inf.
Henry Dodge, H14th Iowa cav.
Asa C. Price, R18th Wis inf.
Adelbert A. Smith, G1st Wis b art.
Wm. Janes, I13th Wis inf.
Leander C. Pettit, H4th Iowa cav.
Victory A. Fuller, H6th Iowa cav.
George W. Biggs, C12th Wis inf.
Alex'r F. Merritt, H21st Wis inf.
Thos W. Price, G27th Iowa inf.
John Emmons, Navy.
Wm. E. Hurd, B111th NY inf.
Chas. F. Greeley, L8th Ill cav.
Wm. Herren, C105th Ill inf.
Jonathan Smull, E147th Ill inf.
James Walsh, H1st Mich sharp-s.
R. D. Spencer, H4th Iowa cav.
E. W. Durston, G42nd Wis inf.
Oscar Hill, I9th Ill cav.
Mike Ernwine, Mexican war.
Silas M. Brookins, War 1812.
Gird Crapser, D49thIa inf Sp w.

Robert Beck, G27th Iowa inf.
Chas. Beebe, C67th, C65th NY in
Loyd Wardell, E95th Ill inf.
David Ripley, War 1812.

Frank Slawson, K41st Wis inf.
(Note: WPA Indicates "Slosson")
John H. Brown, C6th Iowa cav.
Wm. Bartlett, War 1812

(By C. M.)
Ten thousand of patriot freemen
Went forth at the beat of the drum
To rescue our dear bleeding country
Or fall ere the task was done

Ah, well we remember the morning
When our brave boys bade us adieu
How proudly they marched to the music
Arrayed in the National blue

Beneath Southern myrtle and roses
Sleep many of that patriot band
How nobly they fought, but have fallen
Far, far from their dear native land

In unknown graves they are sleeping
Our heroes so brave and so true
No stone, no flower for the resting place
Of the boys who wore the blue

Breath sweet, pathetic, tender strains
Fit to the true and brave
Whose duty done, and nobly dear
Rest in a soldier's unknown grave

The so true men should ne'er be forgotten
Their mem'ry still cherished will be
As long as the flag of the Union
Waves over the land of the free

Contributed by Claudia Groh, Transcribed by Mike Peterson