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These two cemeteries are is located in Bradford
Township two miles south off Highway 218. Pearl Rock
Catholic is also known as Old Saint Michaels Catholic.
The other is Pearl Rock Protestant. In 2004 it is not
clear through documentation if these two cemeteries
appear distinct.

The WPA records (1935 - 1943) record two Pearl Rock Cemeteries with one being Pearl Rock Catholic, south of Nashua, abandoned. It also records Saint Michaels in Nashua.

In the Grace Colburn McGregor article entitled "Pearl Rock*," she writes: "Another visible site is the cemetery. The one acre plot was donated by the O'Donnell family in 1870. The earliest burial was 1873--the last in 1924. In 1904, four acres of new land was donated by N. Bloom (Vincent's Bloom's father) from land he purchased from Will Getsch. (This is the present Catholic Cemetery in Nashua). The bodies were then moved by Model T Ford truck to the new cemetery. Not all bodies were moved because permission was not given by the relatives. Two dozen or more remained in the old cemetery-- some with no markers. The Protestant cemetery was north of the present on Tracy land. Many of these graves were moved to Greenwood or Oak Hill cemeteries in Nashua. According to Frank Tracy, 1977 only three graves remain. (No markers). An old civil war soldier, a relative of the Demro's and Will Wample ? and his wife, poor people she lived with Piersons whose home was moved back in from old 218 to where D. Kingery lives now.[sic]"

*=The article is undated and the 1977 Frank Tracy reference is the latest date in the complete article. Contributed by Linda Fouste. Transcribed to Web Site by Mike Peterson. Go Here For Complete Article.
Article On Restoration and Preservation of Pearl Rock Cemetery

1901 Memorial Day Burial Notations

Saint Michaels Cemetery, Nashua

The Pearl Rock Protestant Cemetery was canvassed by WPA workers
in the late 1930's. This list was taken from those records.

Bridget O'Donnal
Died 7-27-1917 aged 84

Catherine O'Donnal
Died 1-31-1919 aged 79

Ellen (? O'Donnal Odanell ?)
Died 12-24-1924 aged 92

Ellen O'Donnell
Died 9-25-1884 aged 21

Joseph F. O'Donnell
Died 4-3-1891 aged 26

Peter O'Donnell
Died 12-31-1881 aged 60
Wife Mary
Died 4-1-1894 aged 66

Jacob Sailor
Died 12-16-1867 aged 91

Henry Slawson
1802, N.Y. to 10-18-1872

Frank Slosson
(Co. K 41st Wis Inf Civ War)
(No dates)

Mary Somers
Died 5-3-1884 aged 26

Birdget Staples
(Mrs. Michael)
Died 1875 Aged 50