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Names on this listing are included in the WPA Graves Project
but the cemetery name is not evident. The listing shows exactly
how the name is recorded.

Meyers, Eli 1877 to 12-6-1930 rses. h.w. Plainfield; Bremer County Independent 12-11-1930

Miller, August Ray 8-31-1887, Floy Co., Ia. to 4-17-1922; res. in Barracksville, W. Va. wife Lillian Blackmore Nashua Reporter Apr. 27, 1922

Miller, Frank 1865 Cook. Co., Ill. to 2-2-1930; res. New Hampton Charles City Press 2-6-1930

Miller, Marvil died 12-14-1932 aged 31; res. New Hampton Charles City Press 12-14-1932

Moine, James died 1-19-1890 bear Republic, Ia. wife Mary Barron wife's obituary is in Nashua Reporter 4-4-1912

Monaghan, Michael 1856, Cecelia, Ia. to 12-7-1932, res. Alta Vista buried Cecelia cem., St Cecelia.

Nafus, ----- 1829 to 1-18-1917, Owosso, Mich. his res. buried Hotyon cem., Horton Weekly Nashua News 1-18-1917.

Nowell, Edward died 8-12-1895 aged 56 (Co. B 13th ---- Civ. war) son of C. & E. (E. died 2-13-1871 aged 60.

Orms, Jonathan 1823,West Chazn, N.Y. to 11-21-1907; wife Chloe Atwood res. New Hampton (New Hampton Tribune 11-26-1907.

Parker, George 1887 to 2-29-1935, res. Nashua (Des Moines Register 6-30-1935).

Phillips, J.C. died 8-22-1905 aged 73; res. Frederocksburg Des Moines Leader 8-24-1905, page 3, col. 5.

Piehn, August 1873, Alta Vista to 5-20-1938, buried Alta Vista wife Emma Heinold (Telegraph-Herald, Dubuque 5-23-1928.

Pleggenkuhle, Wm. o850, Germany to 10-14-1924; Sumner, Ia. his res. buried Richfield cem., Sumner wife Louisa Heomke (New Hampton Trib. 10-15-1924.

Potter, G. H. died 2-6-1913, res. Bassett Ia. buried there New Hampton Trubine 2-12-1913

Rabe, Fred Jr. died 7-28-1907, res. Alta Vista Independent, Waverly 8-2-1917

Reckner, Carl died 6-29-1907, res. Alta Vista New Hampton Tribune 7-2-1907.

Reichman, Henry Sr. died 3-14-1902, Fredericka his res. Independent, Waverly 3-20-1902.

Riedel, Anthony 1861, Germany to 5-8-1912; New Washington his res. wife Katherine Welter (New Hampton Tribune 5-15-1912).
Reilly, Tere?? ? 1851 ?? to ? ?? ????

Rotz, Andrew died 8-15-1934 aged 57; res. New Hampton Charles City Press Aug. 15, 1934.

Roarty, Daniel 1826, Ireland to 7-4-1916; New Hampton his res. wife Mary Day (New Hampton Tribune 7-19-1916.

Robinson, Chas. W. 1-23-1895 to 4-6-1919 (World War) New Hampton cem. (does not indicate which New Hampton cemetery)

Rodolph Geo. died 1912, res. New Hampton (Des Moines Register 9-28-12

Rose, John died 1-21-1930 res. Ionia(Des Moines Register 1-22-1930

Rumbaugh, F. W. 1847, Lima, O. to 1-20-1917, Bradford his res. wife Vadie M. Brown Greencastle cem., Ira

Russell, Patrick R. 1875, Ireland to 2-2-1917; St Mary's cem., Lawler wife Mary C. Martin (New Hampton Tribune 2-7-1917)(Note: Quite possibly with other Russell's in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery).

Schoenfeld, Lewis 1830 to 7-8-1914, Ionia his res.; wife Wilhelmina died 1879 aged 46 (New Hampton Trib. 7-15-1914

Schuetz, Nicholas 1873, Bankston, Ia. to 5-23-1938, New Hampton his re wife Mary Yearling (Tel-Herald Dubuque 5-24-1938

Scott, Walter died 6-7-1923, res. Besset (Charles City Press 6-8-1923,

Shaver, Hiram 1845, Monrow, Wis., to 12-4-1903, New Hampton his res. wife Estella Van Dorn Independent, Waverly 12-10-1903

Shields, Robt. Sam'l. died 10-3-1929; son of Ed. res. near Cedar Falls Nashu Reporter 10t.9,1929

Silber, John F. 1859, Clayton co. Ia. to 12-9-1934, Nashua, Ia. Bremer Co. Independent 12-12-1934, Waverly

Springer, Wm. T. 1874 to 11-15-1935, res. Lawler Charles City Press Nov. 15, 1935.

Stephens, W.A., 12-5-1866, Benton, Wis. to 1-4-1927; res. Nashua, Ia. son of Alexander & Mary Ann) wife Margaret Zwanzinger Independent, Waverly Jan. 2, 1937 his wife died July, 1936

Strong, Albert (son of A.H. & A. S.) died 12-16-1861 (civ. war) in St Louis, Mo.

Sullivan, John died 10-29-1930 aged 45, res, Alta Vista, buried there Tripoli Leader 11-6-1930 (Note: Placed here as there was no indication which of the many cemeteries in Alta Vista)

Sweeny, John 1881 to 9-10-1937, Parkston, S.Dak., his res, buried New Hampton Telegraph Herald, Dubuque 9-10-1937, p.11

Swinton, James Ingalls 1855 Fond Du Lac, Wis. to 5-21-1929; res. Nashua wife Hattie West also 2d Sophie Summerlin Independent Republican, Waverly May 23, 1929

Taylor, Ed. M. died Jan., 1906, res. Alta Vista (Independent, Waverly 2-1-1906).

Thomas, A.R. died 1876 aged 63p Lawler cem., near Lawler (Note: Placed here as there was no indication which of the many cemeteries in or near Lawler)

Townsend, Carl died 10-1-1906 aged 52, res. near Plainville New Hampton Tribune 10-9-1906

Tunner, W. L. died 7-22-1914 aged 55; res New Hampton Register 7 Leader, Des Moines, Ia. 2-13-1914,p.1,col.1

Wagoner, Jennett Adams (Mrs. Wm.T.) 1866 to 7-28-1921 (see under Waggoner). (Editor note: Under Waggoner is Wm. T. buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. Other Waggoners at Maple Grove Cemetery.)

Wheaton, Joseph 1828, Mercer co. Pa. to 6-11-1916; New Hampton his res wife Mary Ann Doty (New Hampton Tribune 6-14-1916

Westemeier, Henry 4-2-1863, B(D)yersville,??. to 2-20-1937; buried in New Hampton, Ia.; wife Anna. Fanga(m?)n Catholic Daily tribune, Dubuque, Ia. 2-21-1927, p.5

Williams, Ephraim H. (prob the E. H. above) wife Abigail Mullen Nashua Reporter 4-18-1912 in wife's obituary.
Note: "(prob the E. H. above)" refers to a WPA entry of E. H. Williams, died 4-26-1895, aged 69, buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Lot 4 bk. 50

Winter, Andrew M. 9-1-1898 Utica twp. to 2-28-1927 res. New Hampton New Hampton Tribune 3-2-1927

Zeiske, Louis died 12-13-1926 aged 85; res. Fredericksburg Indepentedt Republican, Waverly 12-16-1926

Transcribed By Mike Peterson