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Military Involvement


Servicemen - B surnames KIA POW DNB Pic/s
Bassett, Wyatt Dean X      
Berven, Allen X     X
Besaw, Obe X     X
Bevan, Robert       X
Bixby, Donald        
Bockman, Bill        
Bockman, Irving        
Bollard, Donald W.        
Bonnicksen, Chalmer   X    
Boone, Daniel Leigh X      
Boone, Lloyd Jr.        
Boone, Ralph        
Brandt, Edward        
Brown, Lawrence LeRoy X      
Buckley, Joseph D.        
Bunge, Leland Francis        
Burckart, Donald Paul X      
Bush, Lester        

Lewis John Bair was born Apr. 16. 1913 to Irvin Lewis and May Narcissus Frisinger Bair. He died Dec. 18, 1944 and is memorialized at the Walls of the Missing Manila American Cemetery, Taguig City, Philippines and has a cenotaph in Wibaux County Cemetery, Wibaux, MT.

Petty Officer Bair served in World War II with the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Spence (DD-512) and was declared MIA/KIA when that ship capsized and sank in a major typhoon that struck the Pacific Fleet.

His brothers, Sgt. Roger R. Bair (U.S. Army Infantry) and Arthur Irvin Bair (U.S. Navy Submarine Service) were also KIA in World War II.

Source: ancestry.com; abmc.gov

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