Co. E., 133rd Infantry, Webster City, Iowa -- 1941

First "Top" Row - Left to Right:
Eugene E. Meller, Captain
Mathias J. House, 1st Lieut.
Donald M. Andrew, 2nd Lieut.
Kenneth O. Nichols, 1st Sgt.
Henry R. Mahoney, 1st Sgt.
Row 2 from Top-Left to Right Row 3 from Top-Left to Right Row 4 from Top-Left to Right
Albert A. McCollough Herman V. Streb Edwin J. Lemke
Donald M. Shade Donald R. Shelton Earl L. Calkins
Clifford E. Rollins Donald D. Meyer Wayne E. Brinton
Howard D. Kirkpatrick Sterling R. Vold John F. Baker
Lawrence E. McConnell Curtis E. Anderson Fred L. Wilson
Lawrence D. Crouch James A. Rawson Robert L. Boucher
Robert R. Patterson Frank M. Meller Karl W. Waggoner
Darrel C. Kennedy David J. Gouge James L. Stamy
Gerald W. Bever Victor W. Lyons Charles E. Meyers
John L. Calkins Howard W. Ash Earl R. Jensen
Orville O. Jondal Gale M. Butler Ralph E. Shaffer
Eugene R. Gordon Donald E. Scott Roland J. Silvers
Robert F. Schweppe Paul E. Cooper Myrl L. Ray
Kenneth W. Cornett Henry L. Brown Rayburn J. Lentsch
Marvin E. Knapp Homer R. Ankrum Harville R. Conkling
Row 5 from Top-Left to Right Row 6 from Top-Left to Right Row 7 Bottom row-Left to Right
Alvin R. Fisher Truman D. Sharkey Earl W. Keast
Homer J. Pilk Arthur W. Cox Harold D. Willson
Emmett J. Harris Frank W. Smalley James S. Fye
Warren E. Loder Leland L. Sears Raymond C. Christenson
Charles B. Wilson John G. Petrow Keith S. Slater
Leo B. Voga Leland L. Hudson John P. Schissel
Arthur C. Philbrook Richard L. Obe Harold B. Gouge
James K. Van Fleet Robert E. Simpson Darold M. McIntyre
Melvin A. McCollough Melvin M. Greenley Roger L. Groves
Louis L. Lovelace John M. Thorpe Eugene C. Bashford
Carl A. McCollough John H. Biggs Delmer P. Bole
Robert T. Read Eugene D. Wilson Chelsea O. Willson
Edward C. Peterson Vincent L. Peters John G. Miller (not in picture)
Nelson A. Branch Larkin B. Woodie  
Harold H. Hanson Charles H. Harris  

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Co. E Leaves Tomorrow For Peacetime Training At Camp Claiborne, La.

Four officers and 88 men of Company E, 133rd infantry, U. S. national guard, will leave here tomorrow shortly past noon for peacetime military training at Camp Claiborne, near Alexandria, La.

The special train will leave at 12:50 p.m., Capt. E. E. Meller announced, proceeding to Chicago via the Illinois Central system then south to Memphis, Tenn., and on to Alexandria, La. The guardsmen are scheduled to arrive at camp Saturday morning.

Doubtless there will be thousands of people on hand when the company boards the train.

Supt. Burrus E. Beard announced that the school band would be at the train providing music for the unprecedented event and that classes in all schools would not be convened for the afternoon until 20 minutes after the train has departed.

After leaving Webster City, three companies will be added to the troop train at Waterloo and another at Dubuque, it was learned.

In order that the guardsmen may be kept well informed on events at home, copies of The Daily Freeman-Journal will be mailed each day to Company E without charge.

Capt. E. E. Meller
“Skipper” of Company E

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, Iowa, Wednesday, February 26, 1941 (photos included)

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