Hamilton County


Warren E. "Beeler" Loder




Webster City, IA

Harry A. and Lavina Turpin Loder were the parents of 3 sons that served in World War II.

Merle R. Loder was born Apr. 4, 1915. He died Dec. 18, 1993. Merle served with the U.S. Army.

Jack Loder was born Mar. 11, 1917. He died Nov. 14, 1991 and is buried in Homewood Cemetery, Ellsworth, IA. Jack served with the U. S. Navy.

Warren E. ‘Beeler’ Loder was born Feb. 28, 1923. He died May 27, 2001 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Jewell, IA. Warren served with the U.S. Army, Co. E, 133rd Infantry, 34th Division.

Source: ancestry.com