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What's New on the Tama County Website?

9 Apr 2019
Index to Tama County Marriages, 1880 - 1900

1 Apr 2018
Complete transcription of Iowa Century Farms in Tama County.

29 Sep 2017
New page for Western College. Complete transcription of Faculty and Staff list.

14 Apr 2017
Complete transcription of the Souvenir Atlas of Tama County, Iowa, pub. C. J. Wonser, 1909. The result is a Directory with 3,008 entries, listing all rural property owners in Tama County. This makes it much easier to locate a farm in the Atlas, given the owner's name.

14 Oct 2016
Complete transcription of the Business Directory and Advertisements from the 1897 Plat Book of Tama County.

14 Sep 2016
Population totals for each township, from the lost 1873 Iowa State Census.

27 Feb 2016
Transcribed 6 very short newspaper articles in the category of Accidental Deaths.

26 Feb 2016
1884-5 Tama County excerpts from the Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1884-5, Vol III, by R.L. Polk & Co. and A.C. Danser. This is a complete transcription of everything in the Gazetteer and Business Directory related to the places in Tama County.

22 Feb 2016
Historical Sketches of Iowa Baptists, Chapter XXIX, by S.H. Mitchell, 1886
Complete transcription - this is the chapter that deals with Tama and surrounding counties.

7 Sep 2015
Complete transcription of Tama County Death Index for 1934-1936 (550 individuals)

6 Sep 2015
New page on Tama County Political History, with previously transcribed Congressional Records, and several newly transcribed newspaper articles.

5 Sep 2015
New page on the murder case of Sherman Wilcox, including transcriptions of 8 short newspaper articles.

1 Sep 2015
New transcription: 1885 List of Veterans Living in Tama County This is a complete list of all 435 entries in "List of ex-soldiers, sailors and marines, living in Iowa" who were living in Tama County.

23 Mar 2015
New page for the Meskwaki Code Talkers of WWII.

18 Mar 2015
Transcribed History of Badger Hill Cemetery from The Gladbrook Tama Northern, Gladbrook, Iowa, Friday, August 12, 1955, page 5.

23 Nov 2014
Transcribed records for all 95 Tama County Veterans from the Spanish-American War.

22 Nov 2014
Transcription of newspaper article on Meyer and Mayer, two army buddies reunited in Tama County.

10 Nov 2014
Transcription of Post Offices in Tama County

4 Aug 2014
Transcription of 1897 County, Township and Town Officers

13 May 2014
Complete Transcription of two old record books, Attendance Records for School District No. 4,
Spring Creek Township, Tama County, Iowa, 1894-1907
(Done after the Spring Reviews)

6 Apr 2014
Complete WWII US Army Enlistments from Tama County. There are 801 records, including name, birth, enlistment, branch, rank, civilian occupation and marital status. This is a complete set of records transcribed from archives.gov, alphabetized and collected in one table.

23 Feb 2014
New page listing 39 veterans from Tama County, listed in the WWII Honor List of Dead and Missing from Army and Army Air Forces. Also a new page listing US Military Casualities After the Vietnam War. Only 5 listed so far.

6 Nov 2013
New page on the Early Veterans of Tama County. There are only 11 so far.

4 Nov 2013
List of 424 Civil War Veterans buried in Tama County, including rank, unit, birth, death, cemetery, enlistment and discharge dates, when available. This is a complete transcription of data available from various sources.

18 Aug 2013
The 8th Grade graduates from Tama County schools, 1939, in 8 high resolution images. Please help identify.

18 Jul 2013
New transcription of the 1892 business/farm diectory, listing 522 businesses. Linked on the Directories Page. More transcriptions on the way!

11 Jul 2013
New transcription of the 1875 business/farm diectory, listing 751 businesses. This is very useful because it lists nativity and date settled in Tama County. Made a new Directories Page, and have more transcriptions on the way!

6 Jul 2013
Found some great maps in atlases at Iowa Maps Digital Collection. They are better and more complete than the maps I had before, so I have posted links to them on the maps page. Some of the altlases also had business directories. Transcription coming soon! Also revamped the maps page, with summaries of all five atlases.

5 May 2013
The Volunteer Lookup page had two volunteers listed. One email was not responding, and the other person indicated that she no longer wished to participate. I have renewed the page, but so far, I'm the only volunteer. If you can help, please let me know! Volunteer Lookup page

1 Apr 2013
Gladbrook 1946 Phonebook, contributed by Hank Zaletel, transcribed by William Haloupek.

12 Feb 2013
The old Surname Registry has been replaced by the updated Tama County Genealogists page. The original 464 entries have been reduced to 196, with 58 currently active researchers, all contacted by email.

3 Dec 2012
New page in the Family Stories section, on the Whannel Farm.