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ACKER 1650-1925 GER>NY>IA>NE Patti Bacon
AUXIER 1870-1900 KY>IL>IA Judith Tickel Need
BERENS 1846-1955 GER>PA>IA>WA>CA Darleen Berens
BLUM 1870-1930 GER>WI>IA>OK Karen White
BOOK 1819-1940 GER>IA Darleen Berens
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1810-1996 LUX>IA>OR Marlene F. Ricci
BROWN 1818-Present MA>CANADA> MI>IA>WY>IA Linda Hannan Radcliff
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BUTZEN 1600-Present GER>IA>IL John Rosenthal
CARLSON 1880-1946 DEN> IA> NE Gary Carlsen
CHALLY 1800-Present NOR>IL>IA> Gwen Butrum
CLAUSEN 1837-1997 DEN>IA>MN Dorothea Clausen
COENEN 1800-Present GER>IA> John Rosenthal
CONRAD (John) 1856-1904 GER>IL?>IA> Susan Mein
COX 1850- NY>MI>IA Kathy Brummel
CROWDER 1817-1997 SC>IL>IA>NM>CA Barbara Crowder Black
DERICHSWEILER 1880-1890 GER>IA Rich Hill
DIXON 1839-?? AL>OK>TX>IA> IL&TX Barbara Crowder Black
DOMINO 1874-1985 ?> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
DRESEN 1830-1918 PRUSSIA>WI>IA Darleen Berens
ENGEL 1841-1985 GER>IL>IA Rochelle Roulette
FARRELL 1875-1926 CAN> ClintonCo,IA> ShelbyCo,IA Judy McMichael
FESER (John) 1848-1915 GER> IL> IA Brenda Scieszinski
FLITTNER 1849-1930 ?> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
FOXHOVEN 1869-1985 ?> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
FROMM 1850-1985 ?> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
FOUTS 1751-1915 MD>NC>IN>IA Darleen Berens
FOX 1804-1925 NJ>KS>NE>IA Darleen Berens
GAU 1883-1985 ?> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
GLAWINSKI 1857-1922 GER>PA>IA Darleen Berens
GOERES 1849-present LUX> IA Matt Miller
GOLLOBITH 1860-1919 AUSTRIA>IA Darleen Berens
GRAEVE 1843-1924 IA Darleen Berens
GREINER (Henry) 1853-1942 GER> IA Brenda Scieszinski
GROSS 1871-1985 ?> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
HAVICK c1892-1975 >??> ShelbyCo,IA William R Jentzen
HELLER 1849-1950 GER>IA Darleen Berens
HERTERT 1750-1997 LUX>IA>NE Drew Hogwood
HEWSON 1892-19?? IA>ShelbyCo,IA Jack Roberts
JEMMING 1845-1914 GER>IL>IA Dennis Walsh
JENKINS 1814-1941 OHIO>IN>IOWA Barbara Crowder Black
JENKS 1643-Present MA>VT>OH>IL>IA Linda Ellsworth
JOHNSON 1868-1920 DEN>Shelby Co,IA David Maxwell
KAUFMAN 1842-1963 GER>IA Rochelle Roulette
KAY 1869-1894 GER>IA Joanne Steinbach
KENKEL 1863-Present GER>IA Cindy Hoffman
KINGSBURY 1865-1970 ??>IA Robert Livesey
KINGSLEY 1865-1975 NY>IL>Benton Co, IA>Shelby Co, IA Robert Livesey
KLEEB 1859-1896 IA>TX Mary Munnecke
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KLEIN 1849-1922 GER>IA Darleen Berens
KLEIN(Joseph) 1849-1990 GER> Shelby Co. IAa Rochelle Roulette
KNAUSS 1850-1970 GER>PA>Louisa Co, IA>Shelby Co, IA Robert Livesey
KUHL 1754-1990 GER>WI> Shelby Co.,IA B Langenfeld
LAING 1859-96 IRL>IA>TX Mary Munnecke
LANGENFELD 1747-present GER>WI> Shelby Co.,IA B Langenfeld
LEENAN 1854-1915 HOLLAND>IA Darleen Berens
LEINEN (Mathias) 1849-1929 GER> IA Brenda Scieszinski
LENSCH 1881-1997 GER>IA Brian M. Lensch
LEUSCHEN 1846-1924 GER>IA Darleen Berens
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1840-1988 GER>IA
Dennis Walsh
LOEHR 1807-1975 GER> WI>Shelby Co.,IA B Langenfeld