Tiny Picture Album showing 57 various images of Muscatine in 1891
Submitted by Norma Rogers
Grandchildren of Henry Babbit? Does anyone know anything about this family? Sender trying to give pictures to rightful owner. Submitted by Colleen Aneweer.
Booklet entitled: Souvenir--First Grand Opening Batterson Stores--Muscatine Iowa--Fall--1904. Submitted by Sally Flory-O'Neil. Page 1 , Page 2 , Page 3, Page 4 , Page 5 , Page 6 , Page 7 , Page 8 , Page 9
Residence of Samuel Marsh Batterson in Muscatine, Iowa
Submitted by Sally Flory-O'Neil--Samuel is her great grandfather
Eddie's D-X Service Station, owned by Edward A. Berg
Submitted by Gordon Thompson, 20 Jan, 2012
Photo of Ev. Brandenburg Submitted by Norma Rogers
Edward Brandt, photo taken by Oscar Grossheim, plate no. 6108. Submitted by John & Denise Allis, Nov. 26, 2012.
William Butcher Family. William Butcher, his wife Ida Viola Adams with children:-Harold Elmer Butcher [Beau's grandfather] and Maude Butcher. Picture taken in West Liberty, Muscatine county, in 1910
Submitted by Beau Butcher--His great grandparents and their children
Original Button Factory Submitted by Fran Weber Braley
Souvenir of Champion Hose and Hook and Ladder Company, 1875-1900.Submitted by Submitted by Mike Schmalz, Sept. 22, 2015
Chown family reisdence Left to Right: Unknown, Elizabeth, Louis W., Lewis D., John William Chown. The house they are standing in front of was completed in 1904 and is the second house on the East side of Main Street North of Ijem Avenue (HWY 22) in Nichols. The photo was taken shortly after completion. Submitted by Kevan Chown, Jan. 23, 2009.
Photo is of Lewis D., Elizabeth, and John William Chown. Willie was born in 1887, so my guess is the photo was taken in the mid 1890ís. Submitted by Kevan Chown, 23 Jan 2009
Friends' Oats Advertisement Kay had bought an old picture in a wooden frame. This paper was used as padding between the picture and the back of the frame. Submitted by Kay Huston, Sept. 6, 2014
Friends' Oats Advertisment - William Penn Making Friends with The Indians Submitted by Virgina Cardona, Feb. 22, 2015
Theodore Gerischer, Patrolman, who was shot and killed in the line of duty in 1911.
Submitted by Norma Rogers. Source of Photo: "The Muscatine Journal", Muscatine, Iowa, Monday, November 27, 1911, front page.
Greenwood Cemetery Groundsmen Unknown date. Submitted by Lynn McCleary, Aug. 21, 2017.
Gnau Button Factory Workers. Unknown date. Submitted by Jo Phillips
Photo of Pierre and Marie (Monet) Grosjean Submitted by Sherry Murphy
Threshing at the Grosjeans Submitted by Sherry Murphy
Photo of Therese Grosjean Submitted by Sherry Murphy
Photo of house owned by Fred and Arvilla Hines and Writing on back: Hines house--about 1906
Submitted by Jo Phillips
Home at 300 Grandview Avenue, Muscatine . Submitted by Submitted by Mike Schmalz, Sept. 22, 2015
Photo of Rose Houdek Submitted by Gladys Mittman, Sept. 19, 2014
"Possible" photograph of August Lemkau Submitted by Cindi Becker Lemkau
Obituary card for Bertha A. Friese Lemkau Submitted by Cindi Becker Lemkau
Jacob Lemkau Family. Jacob (Jake) born Dec 22, 1854 in Germany and died March 18, 1937 in Muscatine, and Auguste (Gustie) Dorn Lemkau born circa 1854 and died circa 1905 in Muscatine. The young man in the background is their son Freddie Lemkau b. circa 1880. Submitted by Cindi Becker Lemkau
Rebecca Lemkau and Dietrick Bierman Submitted by Cindi Becker Lemkau
Unidentified Lemkau's in San Francisco California--Can any one identify this family? Submitted by Cindi Becker Lemkau
Poem titled "If" by Charles A. Lucas--given to Jo Phillips husbands' grandmother in 1945
Submitted by Jo Phillips
Frank and Anna McCloud McBride Submitted by Sherry Murphy
Aerial Photo of the McBride Farm in Lake Township in the 1940's Submitted by Sherry Murphy
David George and Phoebe (Chattaway) McCloud Submitted by Sherry Murphy
Bert McKee, photo taken by Oscar Grossheim, plate no. 1215. Submitted by John & Denise Allis, Nov. 26, 2012.
Mens Group, tin-type photo was found in a family album that belonged to my GG Grandparents, Benjamin and Ann Eliza Mead who lived in West Liberty from about 1866 to early 1900's. The family of Benjamin was a merged family of Mead and Hogue siblings. They were all Quakers and members of the Wapsinnonic Monthly Meeting. Would like help in identifying who these men are. My best guess is that they may be of the surnames, Mead, Hogue/Hoge, White, and possibly Whitacre. Submitted by Thomas Mead , Feb. 10, 2010.
Mulford Sunday School Class . Submitted by Mike Schmalz, Sept. 22, 2015
Muscatine Boys Band, 1933 and Muscatine Boys Band, 1934 . Submitted by Submitted by Mike Schmalz, Sept. 22, 2015
Nichols, Iowa - Possibly 8th Grade Graduation, 1922. Many students in this picture are listed as 1926 Nichols High School Alumni. Submitted by Sara-Jane Gilb , April 18, 2009. Her grandmother was the Teacher.
BACK ROW: Robert Fox, Henry Hamilton, Marion Nash, Teacher (Nellie P. Burton Ramsay), George Sutton, Bill Quinby, William Dale
FIRST ROW: Elva McCulla, Evelyn James, Edna Rummels, Margaret Kirshner, Jessie Christopherson,
Gladys Hartz
Death card for John H. Ossman who died March 13, 1893 Submitted by Tony
William Henry Peck - 3 Jan 1859 - 9 Feb 1947. Submitted by Jennifer Williams--her husbands' G-G Grandfather
Roach & Musser Sash & Door Co. Warehouse Shed Crews, Muscatine, IA taken March 14, 1938. Submitted by Submitted by Mike Schmalz, Sept. 22, 2015
Ice Wagons owned by John Rosenmund - Photo ONE and TWO. Submitted by Gene Kuechmann, June 29, 2014. Listed in the 1904 Muscatine City Directory the business of J. F.Rosenmend ICE was located at 106 Grandview. The 1907 directory lists John and his wife Anna living at the same address. In later directories he is listed as living on Main street and had a different occupation. He died in January 1933 and is Greenwood Cemetery.
Family of Adelia Gregg Stratton. She was the daughter of Asa and Catherine (Drake) Gregg, early settlers of Muscatine Co. Adelia married Benjamin Clark Stratton. They lived in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co., IL. The picture was taken in the early 1900's by Edward.
Back row- Lucy & Charles Stratton, Minnie Stratton w/o Edward Stratton in doorway, Fred Stratton and his Sister Katherine.
Seated in chairs- Benjamin Clark Stratton, Adelia Gregg Stratton holding Granddaughter Helen d/o, Hattie and Fred Stratton.
Seated on porch- Grace Stratton d/o Edward and Minnie, Ruth Stratton d/o Fred and Hattie, Roy Stratton (Man) holding Leonard s/o Fred and Hattie, and Russell s/o Edward and Minnie.
Submitted by Nancy E. Davis, Nov. 17, 2010, gg granddaughter.
Photo's and other info on the Poole family Submitted by Leslie Fowers
VFW Soft Ball Team, Muscatine, Iowa, 1948. Submitted by Submitted by Mike Schmalz, Sept. 22, 2015
Pictures submitted by Jean Taylor from album owned by her grandmother, Alice Elizabeth Bisant, who had lived near Carbon Cliff, Rock Island Co., IL:
"Sully" with a date of August 29, 1916--West Liberty, Iowa Fair
"Sully & T (F?)ikton , "Baseball Stars", dated August 29, 1916--West Liberty, Iowa Fair
Frank Stowe or Slowe, Moline and P. C. Peyton, Jeweler/Carl Peyton, West Liberty, 1916,
Photo of Kathryn
"The WL belles"--Elsie Voss, Lucy Clark & Kathryn Neubauer--1916
The W.L.B.B. Team, Aug. 1916
Mable Womochel, photo taken on May 13, 1904 by Oscar Grossheim, plate no. 6635. Submitted by John & Denise Allis, Nov. 26, 2012.

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