Table of Contents

Glimpses pf Douglas Township Page 6
   Old Grant Page 8
A Backward Glace into East Township Page 10


Page 12

   Life of an early Doctor

Page 14
   Oldest Man in - Tom Cooney Page 16
   Uncle Billy Sipes Indian Raid of 1858 Page 16
Frankfort Townships Glorious History Page 18
   Early Frankfort Page 20
   What's In A Name Page 22
   Historical Marker Dedicated Page 22
Here and There in Garfield's History Page 24
   An Early Lawsuit Page 24
   A Railroad Is Born Page 24
In Grandma's Day Poem by Rae Danhom Page 28
Grant Township, Westward-Ho Page 30
   Items of Interest Page 32
   Stories of Pioneers Page 34
Looking Back at Lincoln Township  Page 38
The First Wales School Page 40
New Wales Gynasium Page 40
Pilot Grove's Past and Present Page 42
   Pilot Grove Church Page 44
   Red Oak Ferry Page 44
   Early Political Parties Page 44
Red Oak Township, Growing with Page 46

                 Industries on the Move:

Page 48
  Thomas D. Murphy Co. Red Oak's Oldest Centennial Industry Page 48
  Kerrihard Foundry to Ko-Z-Aire Products Page 48
  National Carbon Co., A New Industry Page 48
  Farmers Mercantile, Outgrowth of Red Oak's First Store Page 48
  Red Oak's Past Industry Page 50
  New Church at Elliott Page 50
Faithful Officers Work in County Landmark Page 52
  County's Outstanding Landmark Page 52
  Supreme Court Page 52
  Officials, 1953 Page 53
  The Chautauqua Age Page 54
  Red Oak Hospital Page 54
  Company M Page 54
  Red Oak Schools Since 1859 Page 56
  Taught 97 Yeas Ago Page 56
  Sanitarium Converted to Private School Page 56
  R. O Class of 1890 Page 56
  Schools --Old and New Page 58
  Red Oak Fire Department Modernizes Page 60
  Disasters Page 60
  No Boundaries Page 76
  "Monty Festo" Page 76
  Religious Influence Great in Red Oak Page 78
     First Baptist Church Page 78
     First Methodist Church Page 78
     First Presbyterian Church Page 78
     Congregational Church Page 78
     Mission Covenant Page 78
     United Brethren Church Page 78
Churches of Red Oak Page 80
     Church of Christ Page 82
     Bethlehem Lutheran Church Page 82
     St. Mary's Catholic Church Page 82
     St. Paul's Episcopal Church Page 82
     United Presbyterian Church Page 82
     The Salvation Army Page 82
The First Wedding in Red Oak Page 82
The First Settler in the County  Page 82
Stanton "the Little White City" Page 84
    Growing and Progressing with Page 85
Scott Township ... A Little Bit of Sweden Page 86
Sherman Township, Then and Now Page 90
Elliot Then and Now    Page 90
Picturesque Stennett Page 94
   Old Stone Houses Page 94
   Once an Active Center Page 96
   Modern Trends Page 98
Stratton Community Page 98
   The Stratton Church, by Cora M. Granson Page 98
   Stratton Community Built Around a Church Page 98
   A Loyal Community Page 98
Pioneer Days in Washington Township Page 100
Go West Young Man, Go West Page 102
   Half Way Home     Page 104
   First Events Page 104
Farm Bureau Page 106
A Half Century of County Fairs Page 108
  "The County Fair" Page 108


Aaron and Nancy Patterson, Douglas Township Page 6
M. E. Church, Grant, Iowa Page 6
Old Mill, Grant, Iowa Page 8
Old Grant High School Page 8
D. Vetters Store about 1895 Page 8
McNaughton Building, Villisca Page 10
Railroad Crossing Southwest of Villisca Page 10
West side of Villisca, circa late 1890's Page 12
Villisca High School Football Team, 1903 Page 12
O. S. Donoho Page 14
Dr. McNaughton in his buggy Page 14
Tom Cooney Page 16
Sarah Ann Stafford Page 18
Winchell Stafford Page 18
Edith Lathrope and Pupils of Stafford School, 1893 Page 18
First Court House Page 20
Historical Marker Dedication Page 22
Garfield Blacksmith Shop Page 24
McPherson Village Page 24
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Brodd, Hawthorn, Iowa Page 26
Methodist Church, Hawthorn, Iowa  Page 26
B. F. Runnels and son Walter Page 26
Pupils in Garfield School #7, 1913 Page 28
Coburg Stockyards Page 30
Old Gilmore Store Page 32
Amil Nelson Blacksmith Shop Page 32
Ellen (Aunt Nellie) Stafford Page 34
Coburg Band, 1912 Page 34
The First Wales Store, 1890 Page 38
Wales Store, 1953 Page 38
First Wales School Page 40
New Wales Gymnasium Page 40
Threshing Crew, 1890 John G. Jones farm at Wales Page 40
Pilot Grove Center Church, 1953 Page 42
1930 Pilot Grove Sunday School Class Page 42
Pilot Grove Ladies Aid, 1923 Page 44
Botts School, Pilot Grove, 1893 Page 44
Ariel View of Red Oak Page 46
Early Scene of Square, Red Oak Page 46
Mule Drawn Street Car Page 46
County Officials 1926 Page 52
County Officials, 1938-1939 Page 52
Present Day County Court House Page 52
Officials, 1953 Page 53
Chautauqua Pavilion Page 54
Sophronia W. Shank Page 56
Red Oak Class of 1890 Page 56
Red Oak Junior High School Page 58
Red Oak High School Page 58
Webster School --Old and New Page 58
Bancroft School -- Old and New Page 58
Jefferson School -- Old and New Page 58
Washington School Page 58
Lincoln School Page 58
Early 1912 Firehouse Page 60
1953 Fire Department and Equipment Page 60
West side of Red Oak Square, 1870 Page 62
Southwest Corner Red Oak Square, 1870 Page 62
Southeast Corner Red Oak Square, 1870 Page 62
Northeast Corner Red Oak Square, 1870 Page 63
From a village to a City Page 63
Mrs. Hiran Cole Houghton Page 76
"Monty Festo" Cast Members Page 76
"Monty Festo" Parade in Red Oak, 1915 Page 76
Mission Church Page 80
Congregational Church Page 80
--- Church Page 80
Lutheran Church Page 80
Christian Church Page 80
Baptist Church Page 80
Methodist Church Page 80
Presbyterian Church Page 80
Catholic Church Page 80
United Bethlehem Church Page 80
Nazarene Church Page 80
Stratton Church Page 84
Stratton collage Page 85
Rev. B. M. Halland Page 86
Stanton, Iowa circa 1890? Page 86
A. Johnson Meat Market, Stanton (also members of the community) Page 87
Elliot in Buggy Days Page 90
Elliott Bank Established 1884 Page 92
Public School, Elliott, 1912 Page 92
Elliott High School, 1911-12 Page 92
C. B. Halbert's Store, Elliott, Iowa 1896 Page 92
Thomas Murray Implement Co., Elliot Page 94
Home Built by Wayne Stennett, 1869 Page 94
Old Wilson Mill, Stennett, Iowa Page 96
Ruins of Octagon House, built by J. B. Packard, Stennett  Page 96
Old School House, (home of First Town Meeting), Stennett Page 96
Stratton Church, 1896 Page 98

"Grandma" Mrs. Polly  Wheeler 100th Birthday

Page 100
Grandma Wheeler's 100th Birthday Party Page 100
Steve Shield's first automobile Page 102
Carr "Half-Way" House (Stage stop) 1886 Page 102
Salem Church Page 104
Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Woodin and family Page 104
Climax store Page 104
"Old" Grist Mill on Walnut Creek at Climax 1885 Page 106
Mrs. Geo. Bishop, sons Walter and Dewey Page 106
"Alix," Queen of the Trotters Page 108
Interior Scenes of a Farm House #1 Page 110
Interior Scenes of a Farm House #2 Page 110
Interior Scenes of a Farm House #3 Page 110
Mrs. Blanch Draper Brayton and Mrs. Nell Draper Northrup Page 112
Midget Baseball Team members Page 112
Red Oak Flood, June 1947 Page 112
South Side of Red Oak Square After Fire of 1902 Page 112