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July 2018

7/19/2018 Onawa High School & Rodney, Iowa School, 1940s Pics -- Contributed by Pam Smith w/photos scanned from her Dad's Scrapbook. Thanks so much to Pam for sharing these fabulous pictures saved by her Dad of his school & highschool days!

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June 2018

6/4/2018 **More (and ongoing) edits/additions added to the burial lists of several Monona County cemeteries. Those posted today were:

Kennebec Cemetery (8 Updates) ** Graceland Cemetery (4 Updates) ** Grant Twp Cemetery (5 Updates) ** Mt. Hope Cemetery (18 Updates) ** Preparation Cemetery ( 1 Update) ** Onawa Cemetery (18 Updates) ** Hite Cemetery (2 Updates) * * Center Cemetery (2 Updates) * * Harrison Cemetery ( 1 Update) * * Fairview Albaton Cemetery ( 1 Update) ****More Updates are being transcribed and will be posted very soon.

Thanks to Connie Swearingen for her research updates, allowing our cemetery lists to become as updated as possible. The additions consist of Recent burials added, Name corrections made, along with birth & death dates & some marriage date detail.

6/6/2018** H-P Complete segment of the St. Mary's Cemetery - Mapleton IA burial list is now transcribed and posted on this website. Watch for the last segment SOON.

St. Mary's Cemetery - Mapleton

** H-P ** *Q-Z ***

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May 2018

5/3/2018 **Contributor, John Uhl, has shared two "wonderful" old photos of the Billard Hall of Mapleton IA, 1880s. This is the Mapleton town page link, which includes a photo of the Billard Hall and its proprietor, Martin Uhl. John also contributed several St. Mary's Catholic Church pictures and the Wagon Bridge over the Maple postcard photo. John, thanks so much for sharing this Monona County history!!

5/3/2018 **Added 2 church history pages with photos: First Congregational Church, Onawa and St. John's Catholic Church, Onawa.

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April 2018

During April there were 21 OBITS and 18 DOCS posted to this website.

4/4/2018 **Now posted are fabulous Monona County "Country & Town School" photos shared by a granddaughter of a former pupil at Center No. 2 (township) rural school. The student was Alice Jensen (Larsen), years 1917-1919. In 1920 she & her siblings attended school in Castana, when the rural school was consolidated into town. These photos include a Class of 1925 graduation photograph of the lovely, Miss Alice Jensen. HUGE THANKS to Kim Larsen Hunter for her willingness to share the history that her Grandma Alice journaled and saved in her scrapbook albums!! The links are as follows:

Center No. 2 Photos ** Center No. 2 Teachers ** Center No. 2 Memories ** and Castana Town School.

**Drum Roll Please -- April 2018, Monona County IAGenWeb PASSED the semi-annual IAGenWeb Review time.

March 2018

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February 2018

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January 2018

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December 2017

During the month of December there were 26 OBITS posted.

The Monona County IAGenWeb Assistant Coordinator has submitted for posting the St. Mary's Catholic Mapleton Cemetery burial records. Huge THANKS to Connie! The first part of the alphabet, A-G burials, has been formatted and transcribed and is now posted for view. Huge COMPLETE data base of burials for this cemetery to date!

November 2017

11/01/2017 **There were 63 edits/additions added to the A & B burial list Grant Twp Cemetery. Thanks to Connie Swearingen for her ongoing research updates, allowing our cemetery lists to become as updated as possible. These additions consist of new burials added, name corrections made, along with birth & death & some marriage date detail. When research reveals, the woman's maiden name is also noted. Connie has done a SUPERB JOB--Watch for more updates for this cemetery.

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October 2017

10/8/2017 **Thanks to Monona County researchers, Eric and Marcia Driggs, there is now WWI information under the title heading on the Main page for WWI-The Great War. Huge thanks....don't forget to visit this page link to read about WWI and the Death List of Servicemen from Monona County. [Complete record]

During October there were 51 OBITS posted. Check out the recent obituary posts--Maybe one of them includes history about your ancestor!

**In October theMonona County IAGenWeb PASSED the semi-annual Review time.**

Sept 2017

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August 2017

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July 2017

During July there were 53 additional OBITS posted on this website--many of which also had photos included. Thanks again to Connie Swearingen for her consistent work effort to submit these.

June 2017

6/14/2017 **There were 29 edits/additions to the Onawa Cemetery, Onawa, IA. Thanks to Connie Swearingen for her ongoing research updates, allowing our cemetery lists to become as updated as possible.

During June, there were 17 additional OBITS posted.

May 2017

5/4/2017 **More edits/updates done to the H-I Surname burial list for Mount Hope Cemetery. This also included 32 additional names and information now added. Thanks to Connie Swearingen, Monona Assist. County Coordinator, for her research help with this. Connie does an excellent job!

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April 2017, Monona County IAGenWeb PASSED the semi-annual Review time.

During the month of April there were 41 additional OBITS posted, most of which had photographs with the obituary. Thanks to C. Swearingen for her diligence and work effort getting all this work submitted!


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