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New Additions
August 23, 2022Added 15 new Matchbook Covers. Donated by Stephanie Pierce
August 15, 2022Added burial listing for Iowa Veteran's Cemetery. Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall
May 22, 2022Added a new photo for Hastings High Senior Class, 1955. donated by Gary Good, class President.
May 3, 2022Updated the Mills County Surname Registry. Connect to others researching your family.
April 6, 2022Added Family Photo of Lang Family. donated by Christina Eagan
April 4, 2022Added two new Matchbook Covers. donated by Mike Avitt
March 28, 2022Added a complete list of Early Post Offices, 1918-1919 Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918/1919
January 8, 2022Added Original sketch for St. Mary's School, 1856. Donated by Scott Snyder
New Additions
October 8, 2021Added a complete list of Mills County Convicts.
May 21, 2021Added biography for Don Hall donated by Carrie Merritt
May 8, 2021Added photo for Hillsdale School by Ester Hardy, compliments of Tabor Historical Society
March 22, 2021Added Early Church History compliments of Harry Wilkins
March 3, 2021Added Historical Society Members, 1950 & 1952. donated by Nettie Mae Lucas
January 27, 2021Added biography of Grace Rodman, Teacher of Walnut Grove School.donated by Harry Wilkins
January 26, 2021Added one two photos of Vintage Match Book Covers. donated by Mike Avitt
New Additions
December 16, 2020Added one new photo of Shady Grove, Graduation Program, 1915. donated by Craig Margrave
December 11, 2020Added one new photo, along with transcribed letter, of Staff at Glenwood State Hospital, c1894. donated by Mark McCullough
November 29, 2020Added two new photos of Walnut Grove School, c1895 & c1905. donated by Harry Wilkins
November 29, 2020Added one new photo of Four Corners School, c1890. donated by Harry Wilkins
November 16, 2020Added National Registry Historical Sites.
October 22, 2020Added a new matchbooks covers for Emerson and Strahan, donated by Mike Avitt
September 26, 2020Added a new postcard Mills County Fair, 1909, from David Shedlock's collection.
September 24, 2020Added a new postcard Glenwood, 1950s, from David Shedlock's collection.
September 22, 2020Added a new postcard Glenwood, 1920, from David Shedlock's collection.
August 11, 2020Added one day in the Malvern Leader Spanish Influenza, October 24, 1918.
August 11, 2020Added a new postcard of Glenwood Courthouse Square. donated by Mike Avitt
August 3, 2020Twenty five new Obituaries and Eight Miscellaneous articles added by Joy Moore, Cheryl Moonen, Lois Shaul, Karyn Techau
April 15, 2020Added one day in the Malvern Leader" Spanish Influenza, October 17, 1918.
January 3, 2020Added index for Gravestone Photo Project.
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