Mills County Tribune News

July - December 1902

02 Jul 1902

Divorce - Susan vs Granville COMPTON

Marriage Licenses:
John H. JONES, 31, Malvern, and Merida Pearl HARRINGTON, 18, Bartlett, NE
Elmer HAMAKER, 24, Wood Lake, NE and Myrtle E. THOMPSON, 21, Hillsdale

Birthday - Mrs. Esther KATES attained the age of 65

John KLINE, died last Monday of small pox at his home in East Rawles Twp. Buried privately the same night
Bennie WILDER, son of former, Mills County Surveyor J. P. WILDER, drowned at his home at South Boston, VA
Mrs. Martha J. LEE died June 26 at Belleview, NE and the body was brought to Glenwood for burial
James S. WRENWICK died June 30 at Denver CO

Births - To M/M Bert GENUNG of Carns, NE, a girl

10 Jul 1902

Marriage License - George L. HOAG, Red Oak, 24, and Sophia M. RETELSDORF, Malvern, 25

Frank L. DRENNAN of Glenwood and Pearl ENGLAND of Oak Park, IL were married on the 22nd
Ferdinand SEITZ was married July 3 to Eva BOYCE at the home of M/M Robert BOYCE in West Oak Twp.
Elmer HAMAKER and Myrtle THOMPSON were married last week at the home of the bride's parents in Hillsdale

Births - To M/M Rube ROSS south of town, a boy

D. H. SOLOMON, age 76, Glenwood pioneer, died at Owensburg, KY the first of the week.
John SANDILAND died Monday of last week at his son's home in Emerson
Sam McELRIE died last Saturday
Hattie BALLARD, 9 year old daughter of M/M J. E. BALLARD, died Sunday of appendicitis.
Alden E. vs Angie B. LONSBURY
Nettie vs Joseph R. ST. HILAIN

17 Jul 1902

Marriage License - C. F. NIPP, 27, and Rosa L. SCHOENING, 19, Mineola

William MAYNES died last Sunday at Henderson
Gracie BRIGGS, daughter of M/M J. E. BRIGGS of Henderson, died July 7
S. D. DAVIS, a pioneer of White Cloud Twp., died last Tuesday
A girl baby, daughter of M/M Thomas WHITE, born the 11th, died yesterday
To "Doc" and Mrs. MOSES July 14, a girl
To M/M John NORMAN, a boy, born July 16
To M/M Harry CHEYNEY last Monday, a boy

4 Jul 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Herman FIELDS, 33, Bethlehem, and Ida KIMMERMAN, 28, Plattsmouth
Verne HEWEY, 21, and Laura CARNES, 19, Pacific Jct.
George TOWNSLEY, 22, and Rosa KISBY, 17, Glenwood
Nathan GILLILLAND, son of Shirley GILLILLAND, died in Pueblo, CO
John F. DEE, died July 7 at Los Angeles
A two-year-old son of M/M J. J. CLYNE west of Glenwood, died Sunday
J. E. HOLDRIDGE died last Friday east of Macedonia at Wheeler Grove
Ethel JOHNSON, niece of W. P. FINCHEM, died at Lincoln Friday
Aurora vs Tip LONG
Emily DYER of Malvern vs George W. DYER
George TOWNSLEY and Rose KISBY were married at the home of the bride north of Glenwood
Herman FIELD of Bethlehem and Ida KIMMERMAN of Plattsmouth were married in Glenwood last Thursday
Charles NIPP and Clara SCHOENING of Mineola were married Wed. of last week
Frank L. DRENNAN and Pearl ENGLAND were married last Tuesday at Oak Park, IL
To M/M D. L. BAILEY, a daughter, July 17
To M/M Robert SHANNON, a daughter, Monday evening
To M/M J. F. BICHEL, a boy, July 18

31 Jul 1902

Mrs. B. K. WEST of Tabor died Wed. of last week, aged 38
Ruth RACOBS, daughter of M/M W. W. RACOBS of Bartlett, died at age 14
Martha HOWARD, age 11, daughter of M/M Edgar HOWARD of Columbus, NE died July 25, former Glenwood residents
Etta CHESEMAN, daughter of M/M G. W. CHESEMAN, former residents, died July 10 at Sappington, MT
To M/M August SCHOENING of Mineola, a boy baby, July 19
M/M W. R. BOGGESS are parents of a boy born last Sunday

07 Aug 1902

Tommie ELLIOTT and Mrs. Henrietta JONES, both of Omaha (a colored couple) were married yesterday by Squire TOLLES
Charles HAVENER and Hallie BRITTAIN were married Jul 30 at the bride's home in Tabor

Reunion - A TOLLES reunion was held recently at the H. A. TOLLES home in Glenwood

A child of M/M Elmer HARMAN of Glenwood, died last Sunday
Mrs. Maria Louise BENNETT died Jul 30, burial at Glenwood

Birth - To M/M Bert HUFFAKER Friday, a son

14 Aug 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Samuel BLACKBURN, 22, and Stella PEPPERS, 18, both of Fremont County
L. E. BRACKETT, 21, of Oakland, NE, and Belle BRANDON, 21, of Glenwood
John JUNGQUIST of Pacific Jct and Anna OLSON of Stanton were married last Tues in Council Bluffs
To M/M Isaac HINER, a son
To M/M Jesse MULLICA, a boy

Birthday - E. J. COLEMAN of West Oak was surprised on his 57th birthday

21 Aug 1903

Mrs. E. C. BOSBYSHELL of Los Angeles died last Sunday
Bertha MACK, widow of L.F. MACK, was buried Sat at Glenwood (Pac Jct)
A child of M/M William HOUSTON was born and died last Thur (Hastings)
To M/M Alfred ALEXANDER, a girl
To M/M Harry FURLONG of Auburn, NE, a boy. She was formerly Bertha CULWELL
To M/M Archie PARR, a girl baby, August 18
To M/M Elmer COOPER August 18, a son (Hastings)
Marriage Licenses
W. J. JENNINGS, 21, and Myrtie COLLIER, 16, of Sidney
Charles O. LAIRD, 21, and Harriett Ellen HALL, 21, Tabor
James Reno MOORE, 21, and Elizabeth M. TUNISON, 17, Silver City

Marriage - James R. MOORE and Elizabeth TUNISON of Silver City were married yesterday

Birthday - "Grandma" NIMS of Deer Creek Twp. had her 80th birthday

28 Aug 1902

There are new boys at the homes of William FLINN and James WATTS in Lyons Twp.
To M/M Earl Hodges Aug 26, a girl
To M/M H. L. BISSELL last Friday, a girl
Marriage Licenses:
Alva WILCOX, 28, and Ida Bell HUNT, 15
John C. VAN GRIETHUYSEN, 36 of Oklahoma, and Mary RAINES, 27, Malvern
Herbert BARBOUR of Pac City and Edith REEVES of Tabor were married at Sidney
Chester A. LEWIS and Anna GORN were married Sunday by Justice DAY

Death - The infant son of M/M W. R. BOGGESS died Sat - body taken to Dexter, IA for burial

Birthday - Frank KESTLER was surprised on his 21st birthday

04 Sep 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Thomas RACOBS, 18, of Bartlett and Alma G. STEWART
James HATFIELD, 29, Emerson and Nellie R. SHERE, 17 Malvern
Thomas J. WRIGHT and Blanche FRANCISCO of Waterville, MN were married at the home of the groom's mother in Center Twp
William R. RUSING, 28, and Mary A. WEST, 24, of Silver City, were married yesterday
To M/M L. WARD, Aug 30, a dau
To M/M Roy WOODS, Sep 2, a daughter

Birthday - Arthur WRIGHT celebrated his 21st birthday

The infant son of M/M Henry PULLMAN died Thursday
John H. FISHER of Hawthorne was killed at the railroad crossing last Saturday

11 Sep 1902

Birth - to M/M Carl BUCK Tuesday (Silver City)

Marriages - Ethel ROWLEY was married last evening to Clyde RHOADES at the home of her mother, Mrs. E. B. BIRDSALL, in Emerson

Mrs. M. K. KUHL, mother of Mrs. J. G. WILCOX of Oak Twp., died at Earling, Shelby Co IA
Bessie WINKLER, daughter of C. T. WINKLER of Robinson KS, died Sunday
Mary Katherine WINKLER, daugher of E. G. WINKLER of St. Joe, MO died Monday

18 Sep 1902

to Rev. and Mrs. W. E. STORY, a new baby girl, today
to M/M G. W. O'NEIL, a baby boy on Wednesday
to M/M P. R. KATES near Mineola Sep 22, a daughter
to M/M F. Eugene DASHNER of Lyons Sep 23, a son
to M/M Fielden HAMMOND of Glenwood last Thursday, a girl
to M/M Robert MALCOM Sep 21, a daughter
to M/M William EDWARDS Sep 23, a daughter

Birthday - Sara WALLING celebrated her 16th birthday Saturday

Marriage License - C. A. ERWIN, 24, and Mrs. Daisy BOYCE, 24, Malvern

Divorce - Oliver F. UTTERBACK, Caroline CHAMBERS and Anna DAVIDSON, decrees granted to all

Mrs. John SIVERS died Sep 22 at her home in Glenwood
Mrs. Samuel MEADOWS died Sep 22

02 Oct 1902

Death - Joseph V. HINCHMAN died last Sat at his home in Glenwood

Marriage - Otis CRAFT and Mary SMITH were married last week at Treynor

to M/M Frank DEERWESTER Sep 27, a daughter
to M/M Samuel FINKENSTEIN Sep 29, a daughter

09 Oct 1902

E. G. HARLAN of Lyons Twp. and Bessie R. CREWDSON were married Wed on the square during the apple carnival
Dr. E. E. DOTSON and Dora EDGAR, daughter of Thomas EDGAR of Glenwood, were married at Chariton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DORAN buried their infant child last Sunday
Bertha LEE, 19, sister of Ora LEE, died Sunday at home in Bellevue

Birth - to M/M W. J. JONES of Henton, Oct 8, a boy

Aden E. vs Angie B. LOUNSBERRY
Nettie May vs Joseph R. ST. HILAIRE

16 Oct 1902

J. A. CROOKHAM of Oskaloosa, IA and Frankie STARBUCK of Glenwood, were married at the home of the bride's parents in Glenwood Tuesday
Charles H. EDMUNDS of Springfield, IL, married to Elsie Evlyn BURKETT, daughter of M/M H. W. BURKETT last evening at the Glenwood Baptist Church
William L. ISAACSON and Mabel H. HELFRICH were married Oct 14 at the home of M/M S. B. NEILSON in Glenwood
Frank KNOEFLER and Ellen H. FIESELMAN, both of Folsom, Oak Twp., married Oct 15 at the Baptist parsonage in Glenwood.
Bo HAROVER and Anna TITTERINGTON were married last Mon at Council Bluffs and will live on the farm between Hastings and Malvern
Peter RICHARDS and Mrs. CRAM were married last Sat (Pacific Jct.)
C. B. CUMINGS, son of M/M B. I. CUMINGS of Tabor, was married last week at Fontanelle to Clara TUTTLE and will live in Mechanicsville, NY
to M/M McCOY Oct 13, a boy
to M/M L. B. STEWART west of Pac Jct, a boy
Joel B. BOMAR died at a Council Bluffs hospital, buried at Glenwood
Mrs. J. C. NICKEL died yesterday at her home northwest of Glenwood, burial at Audubon
Mrs. Sophia SAAR died yesterday at the home of her son, Ed, north of Glenwood

23 Oct 1902

Births - to M/M Wm. BROOKS, former Glenwood residents, Oct 4, a boy at Ashland NE

Teddie WALLING, son of M/M George WALLING and grandson of M/M Warren WALLING, died at their home in Arkansas City, KS
Mrs. William RICHARDS, died last Friday at Pac Jct, buried in Glenwood
Mrs. Gertie BROOKS HOMAN, died last week at Imogene soon after becoming a mother - the child did not live
Mrs. Phoebe A. McCOY, died Oct 17, burial in Glenwood cemetery
Joseph WRIGHT died last Friday in his cabin near the Plattsmouth bridge
Marriage Licenses:
J. R. BIRDSALL, 21, and Cora SHANNON, 21 Pac Jct
J. W. SHANNON, 24, and Stella BOYCE, 19, Pac Jct
Robert MASTERS, 27, and Maud LANDIS, 21, Malvern
George KENDALL, 30 and Pearl STEVENS, 29, Pac Jct
Isaac McFARLAND of Malvern and Lephe SCHURR of Strahan were married yesterday at the Baptist parsonage - their home will be on a farm between Malvern and Strahan
George F. WILLS of Malvern and Canie M. STAFFORD, both deaf mutes from Council Bluffs, married

30 Oct 1902

Aaron EVERNHAM died last Tues at the Commercial Hotel in Glenwood, burial in Glenwood
J. K. DOW of Broken Bow, SD, died Wed of last week at Mrs. MILLER's hospital in Glenwood, taken to Broken Bow for burial
Ed WARFIELD died Monday at his new home in Strahan
to M/M J. R. SUPPLE of Hillsdale, a daughter on the 21st
Florence COOPER, granddaughter of W. F. LARAWAY, born Tues at Villisca
to M/M Dan BURLEW of West Glenwood, a girl, Nov 5 (sic)
to M/M RIMEL of Oak Twp., a girl
Roland W. ATLEE of Isadora, MO, was married yesterday at Tabor to Myrtle ROBERTS at the home of her father, E. L. ROBERTS
Arthur MAXWELL of Glenwood and Belle SELF of Macedonia were married last evening in Glenwood at the home of the groom's brother
H. E. FAZEL, 22, of Emerson and Lillie WILSON, 16, of Malvern

13 Nov 1902

Marriage - C. L. McELHOSE of Malvern and Catheryne M. RICHARDSON of Hillsdale were married at the Baptist parsonage in Glenwood Wed, Nov 12
Death - Daniel COONTZ, aged 79, a veteran of the Mexican War who came to Iowa in 1854, died yesterday at Hastings
Birthday - Grace JONES, dau of George F. JONES east of Glenwood, celebrated her 18th birthday at her home

20 Nov1902

Walter B. RICHARDSON, 26, and Daisy A. BENEDICT, 19, both of Hastings were m. Tuesday
Ella GREEN, dau of Charles GREEN just over the line in Pottawattamie Co. was m. today to Henry GREEN
John WINKLER and Emma URSCHEL of Madison NE were married in Glenwood last Thursday
William M. ALCORN, a Treynor carpenter, and Ora SMITH of Neola were married last week at the home of the bride's parents
James KIRKENDALL and Blanche WORLEY of the Junction are to be married Thanksgiving Day at the bride's home
Earl L. BLEAKNEY of Osceola, and Pearl JONES of Glenwood, married last Tues at the bride's home in Glenwood
Birth - to M/M Charles FRY of Tabor, a son
Divorce - Hessie McVAY asks for a Divorce: from Joseph. They were married last Oct in Glenwood
Golden Wedding - M/M William RONEMUS celebrated their Golden Wedding last Tues at their home in Glenwood

27 Nov 1902

Benjamin F. SWISHER of Waterloo, IA, and Helen F. MOULTON of Glenwood were married Wed. at the home of Shirley GILLILAND
Wilbur BUCKINGHAM and Josie F. HASSEN of Plattsmouth were married Sat at the home of Mrs. Maggie BUCKINGHAM in this city.
Dr. HAMILTON died yesterday at the hospital in Clarinda where he has been a patient
The death of Mrs. Harry TUBBS was reported in a telegram early this week from Santa Ana, CA
Births - to M/M Harry HAMILTON Mon morning, a boy
ADOPTION - M/M KEMP of Folsom have taken a boy from the Christian Home in Des Moines, to be known hereafter as Harry KEMP

04 Dec 1902

Marriage Licenses:
W. A. DONNER, 57, Malvern, and Mrs. Emily Sophia DYER, 52
Frank D. BOWLON, 22, Malvern, and Eva L. YOST, 18
Pearl CARY, 21, Hastings and Kittie WILSON, 20, Henderson
Dr. D. F. HALLETT granted a divorce from his wife, now living in Wayne NE
Lulu May BATES of Glenwood granted a divorce from Leslee A. BATES
Ida L. TOWNSEND was granted a divorce yesterday from Oscar TOWNSEND
Deaths - Services for Dr. D. M. HAMILTON were held in Glenwood at the home of his dau, Mrs. Amanda HALE
James W. KIRKENDALL and Blanche D. WORLEY were married Nov 27 at the home of the bride's parents in Pac Jct
Charles H. JONES and Ada May LAMPHEOR, both of Pac Jct were married by Justice Day at his office last evening
Fred S. PATTERSON, 38, and Mrs. Laura V. EDENBURN, 37, came down from South Omaha on the 1st and were married by Justice DAY
to M/M Fred LEWIS of Malvern, a daughter
to M/M James STEELE, a daughter, born Dec 1

11 Dec1902

Mrs. Perry HONEYWELL of Pac Jct, died last Friday after having given birth to a 10# boy
Mrs. Daniel SHOOP was buried in the South Grove cemetery south of Hastings last Saturday
A little son of M/M H. M. LOGAN of Ogallalla, NE, died last Oct and was brought to Glenwood for burial last Friday
Arthur MALCOLM died last Tuesday at Evanston, WY - will be brought to Glenwood for burial
A daughter was born at Dr. PLIMPTON's home Wednesday morning
A fine girl was born to M/M Rudolph HOPP about 6 weeks ago, their 7th child
To M/M George B. JONES of Center Twp., a dau born last Monday
To M/M John SCHAFFER, a son born Dec 5
To M/M Russell SCOTT, a dau born Dec 3

18 Dec 1902

Marriage Licenses:
John FRISEL, 27, and Mrs. Rosa WILLIAMS, both of Pac Jct
Eugene BARKER, 23, and Helen M. BACON, 23, both of Hillsdale
Bert STOUT, 25, and Maggie WILKINSON, 19 both of Henderson
Thomas ELSON, 26 Malvern, and Ida May HUBBARD, 18 of Glenwood
Fred KENDALL, 29, and Mrs. Miley LAMASTER, 29 both of Pac Jct
Death - Mrs. Elizabeth ROHR died at Council Bluffs last week, a dau of M/M/ K.P MASS of Silver City
Birth - to M/M Charles JONES Dec 13, a dau
Marriage - Emmanuel COLLINS and Candace ESTES were married Dec 14 at the bride's home in Rawles Twp.

25 Dec 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Herbert L. PRIEST, 40, Castlewood, SD and Jessie G. NUTTING, 30, Glenwood
Frank SELL, 25, Henderson, and Kate JONES, 20, Malvern
R. B. STAMPER, 19, and Carrie D. BUCKINGHAM, 17, both of Glenwood
William M. HUNTER, 26, and Ethel M. DALTON, 21 both of Glenwood
Charles A. CROSS, 23, and Ruth O. ADAMSON, 18, both of Silver City
H. L. PRIEST of Castlewood, SD, and Jessie NUTTING were married Monday evening at the home of M/M Wayne CHOATE where the bride boarded. Her father, Rev. J. K. NUTTING, now of College Springs, performed the ceremony.
Roy B. STAMPER and Carrie E. BUCKINGHAM were married last night in Glenwood at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Maggie BUCKINGHAM
Thomas ELSON was married Dec 17 to Ida Mae HUBBARD at the home of the bride's parents, M/M Amos HUBBARD, near the Pleasant Ridge Church in Rawles Twp.
John McMILLEN, former Henderson resident now of Los Angeles, CA was married Dec 3 to Edna May WELL in Los Angeles by Elder D. HOUGAS
Phillip S. BOSWORTH of Lincoln, NE, was married on Wed of last week at Malvern to Josephine HOLDBERG at the home of her brother, Thomas KERSCHNER
Henderson C. IRWIN and Mary E. ADAMS were married Wed of last week at Imogene
John WARREN of Henderson and Katie SMITH will be married today at the home of the bride's father, A. W. SMITH, 2 miles east of Emerson
Charles A. CROSS and Ruth O. ADAMSON were married Christmas eve at the home of the groom's father a half mile south of Silver City
Loren MOORE, who cut his throat in an attempt to commit suicide last week, died last Monday after failing from day to day
Leslie VAN HORN, 7 year old son of M/M G. B. VAN HORN, died Tues of diphtheria
John C. GALLAP, an old resident of Thurman died
James LALLY, 72, employed at Degenhart's harness shop in Emerson, died Tues of last week from drinking wood alcohol, he had relatives in Des Moines
The 1 year old infant dau of M/M J. B. KING of near Folsom, died last Sat of pneumonia
Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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