Mills County Tribune News

January - June 1902

02 Jan 1902
Harry HURD and Mrs. Margaret STUDY, both of Glenwood, m. 26 Dec
in Glenwood
Julian D. GRAVES of Hillsdale and Dr. E. Capitola REED of
Chris LANZ and Adelia ROENFELD yesterday at the bride's home east
of Mineola
Earl DURFEE of Fremont, OH, and Bertha SCHOENING were m. New
Years Day at res. of M/M John SCHOENING
John H. vs Rhoda SEBERN of St. Mary Twp
Adaline vs Thomas H. BLACKMAN
Henry RIST found dead in bed at his home in Rawles Twp
Theodore TIBBLES of near Henderson, d. in TX

09 Jan 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Harry HURD, 21, and Margaret STUDY, 20, Glenwood
Alonzo JAMES, 21, and Nettie M. EDIE, 20, Emerson
Chris LANZ, 23, and Daisy Pearl PIERSON, 23, Henderson
Earl DURFEE, 29, Fremont, OH and Bertha Sophia SCHOENING, 26, Mineola
C. A. RICKABAUGH, 22, Tabor, and Kathryn WILSON, 20, Malvern
E. J. SHENEFIELD, 30, and Nellie BLADES, 25, Mineola
Daniel E. BURLEW, 30, and Louisa WEBER, 20, Glenwood
Charles CONNOLLY, 48, and Mrs. Mary COST, 46, Council Bluffs
Lemuel J. ROUSH, 28, and Mae AYER, 28, Malvern

Marriages - Lonnie JAMES and Nettie EDIE were m. at the bride's home

Divorces - Carrie vs Newton WILLIAMS

Births - To M/M C. H. RECORD, a boy

Deaths - The mother of S. TERRY died

16 Jan 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Frank HALL, 24, and Elva NIMS, 19, Emerson
Frank J. CROUSE, 22, and Julia DIETRICH, 19, Hastings
Oliver V. SPEAS, 22, Gilman, and Nellie E. CROUSE, 19, Hastings
A. J. BANE, 45, and Mrs. Hattie SECRIST, 30, Pacific Jct
Edward C. SUMMERS, 26, and Ethel M. SHAY, 20, Strahan
R. C. ESTES and Clare ADAMS were m. 14 Jan in Omaha
Mark M. RENO and Maude CLAIBORNE were m. 9 Jan in Des Moines
A former resident, Jack JONES, died in CO
Leslie HOSTETTER, former resident of Silver City and Glenwood d.
in CO, bur. at Glenwood
W. M. HOBSON d. at Plattsmouth and was bur. at Glenwood

Birthday - Will KISBY, son of M/M Henry KISBY, celebrated his 21st birthday on 10 Jan

23 Jan 1902

Nettie vs Archie McCLAIN
John vs Rhoda SEBERN
L. C. vs Emma CLAPPER
Caroline vs Jesse H. BUCKINGHAM
Maud vs A. R. BIRD
Adaline vs Thomas H. BLACKMAN
Eva R. vs Alvin C. DUNN
May vs F. G. EASTON
Maude vs John McBEE
Carrie vs Newton WILLIAMS

Births - To M/M Wm. LAMB, a boy

Marriage - Jerry KEMPTON and Ella SIMPSON at bride's home in Omaha

Death - A daughter of M/M Frank W. ANDERSON died at Silver City

30 Jan 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Delbert DAVIS, 18, and Carrie BERGSTROM, 18, Pacific Junction
A. E. ALBEE, 25, and Harrietta J. FALLON, 29, Glenwood
A. L. KESTERSON, 21, and Arvilla HUBBELL, 16, Glenwood
Frank PIERCE, 31, and Imogene HULL, 20, Malvern

Marriages - Charles F. DAVIS and Sophia WEHRLI were m. Wed. at home of bride's sister in Lincoln

Deaths - Mrs. Nancy C. DuVAL (nee CLANCY) died at her daughter's home Saturday

Divorce - Minnie vs Harry WILKINS of Glenwood

06 Feb 1902

Death - Mrs. PONTOW died north of Hastings Thursday evening, bur. at East Liberty

Marriage - W. H. HOCH, a former Glenwood citizen, m. recently in Los Angeles

Carrie vs Newton WILLIAMS
John H. vs Rhoda SEBERN
L. C. vs Mrs. CLAPPER
Cora vs Mr. EASTON
Myrtle vs Walter UMSTOT

13 Feb 1902

Marriage Licenses:
George H. HOWARD, 28, and Florence SCHRODER, 23, Silver City
Fred G. MEEKS, 28, and Fannie SCHRODER, 20, Silver City
William ALLIS, 25, and Anna SCHOENING, 20, West Oak
J. A. HAINES, 21, and Bertha THOMAS, 18, Hillsdale

Deaths - Mrs. Ernest L. LUFKIN died at her home in Denver, CO

Births - To M/M Walter L. DYKES, a boy

Allen ALBEE and Hattie FALLON were married Jan 28 at bride's home in Glenwood
George H. HOWARD, and Florence SCHRODER, m. at residence of Chris Schroder
Fred G. MEEKS and Fannie SCHRODER m. at residence of Chris Schroder

06 Mar 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Otis COX, 27, Hastings, and Minnie HUGHES, 20, Strahan
Artie R. BADA, 22, and Celia OTT, 22, Silver City
Harry C. BOYLE, 22, and Amelia H. SHANNON, 23, Glenwood
E. F.GROOSE, 25, and Pearl Amy McCOY, 18, Tabor
L. F. PRIOR, 26, and Anna WILLIAMS, 22, Council Bluffs.
A sister of Mrs. B. F. BUFFINGTON, a Mrs. STEVENS, died last Sun at Red Oak
The 3-week-old baby of H. HELTON of Council Bluffs, died and was brought to Glenwood for burial, the mother was formerly Anna MEYERS

Marriage - Artie BADA and Celia OTT were married at the German Lutheran Church in Mineola

13 Mar 1902

Sarah Jane THORP, nee McCLINTOCK, died at the home of her daughter in Hamburg Mar 9
Mrs. ALLISON, mother of Mrs. S. W. CREECH, died Mon in Council Bluffs

Divorce - Jennie vs Benjamin CRAM

20 Mar 1902

Marriage Licenses:
W. L. OLIVER, 27, and Grace M. DALTON, 27, Hastings
John R. MONTGOMERY, 27, and Blanche P. KERNEY, 23, Malvern
Herman PETERS, 30, and Louise Henrietta KAHL, 27, Mineola
Mary ALLISON nee DAY, died Mar 10 at Council Bluffs - her husband was H. P. Allison
John D. WRIGHT died at his residence in Glenwood Tues, burial was at Glenwood
Mrs. J. H. EWING of this city died Mar 13
Herman PETERS and Louise KAHL, were married last evening in Mineola
Dr. John MONTGOMERY and Blanche KERNEY were married at the home of the bride's parents west of Malvern yesterday

27 Mar 1902

Birth - To M/M R. W. GREENLEE, a boy

Marriage - Dr. Ray Burney TUBBS of Emerson and Ethel Percy OPDYKER of Plainfield, NJ were recently married

Death - T. P. KAYTON of White Cloud Twp., died last Fri at his home; burial was at Malvern

03 Apr 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Robert BRADING, 23, Tabor, and Laura CLARKSON, 23, Hillsdale;
Edward ROBINSON (colored), 47, Glenwood, and Ellen ADAMS (colored), 46, Omaha;
J. Herbert BARNES, 21, Hastings, and Dora CROUSE, 19, Ft. Dodge
C. V. PARKER, 28, Hastings, and Elva PEASE, 20, Malvern

Births - To M/M Charles STIVERS, Apr 2, an 11 pound son

Mrs. D. L. BELL of Lyons Twp died Sat
Alexander LEITCH of Sidney died at age 76 - settled in Sidney in1854

10 Apr 1902

Marriage Licenses:
C. O. PARKER, 28, Hastings, and Elva PEASE, 20, Malvern; S. M.
CRISWELL, 30, and Dasie WOLFE, 24, both of Strahan.

Births - To M/M Martin Doran Fri, a 10 pound boy

A. B. ALEXANDER died Apr 9 of heart trouble at his home in Glenwood
Otto (Otha) WEARIN died Apr 8 at his home north of Hastings
Isaac ASHTON died at Geneva, NE -Ashton family came to Glenwood in 1867
"Uncle Joe" WHITFIELD of Strahan is dead
Birthday Party:
"Grandpa" BUTLER, had 86th birthday party at the home of his daughter, Mrs. E. E. NEWMAN
Gertie EVERNHAM had 16th birthday party at her home in Oak Twp

17 Apr 1902

Divorce - Anna vs Arno SCHALLER

W. A. DISMAUT, Omaha, and Mrs. Emma METCALF of Council Bluffs married yesterday by Justice DAY
C. E. ROLAND and Mrs. Isabel FREE, both of Malvern, married Apr 16 in Glenwood
Herbert UNDERWOOD and Kate LEWIS will marry today at the bride's home in Lewis Twp. (Pott. Co)
Walter DOTY and his former wife of Omaha were married last night at the Commercial House
Marriage Licenses:
C. E. VAN ORSDELL, 25, Hillsdale, and Edith DILLEHAY, 23, Hillsdale
C. CHASE, 35, and Mrs. Lulla DERR, 29

Birth - To M/M Robert DUNN, a son, born Apr 10 northeast of Glenwood

Eliza RENSIMER, wife of Frank RENSIMER, died Apr 5 at Stockton,
CA, former resident
John SCHOENING of Oak Twp died Fri of heart trouble
A. B. ALEXANDER died Apr 9 at home in Glenwood

24 Apr 1902

To M/M Wm. PAINTER, a boy baby, Sat morning
To M/M Al LINCOLN of Pacific City, a girl baby Fri

Divorce - SCHALLER vs SCHALLER; Minnie vs Harry WILKINS; Myrtle vs Walter UMSTOTT

Herbert J. PICKARD and Lena CONRAD were married Apr 16 at
Carroll, IA
Harry HALL and Cora IRORY, both of Tabor, were married last
evening at Tabor

01 May 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Aaron LEWIS, 28, and Effie M. RYCKMAN, 26, of Pacific Junction;
Otto NARUM, 28, and Mary O. LEWIS, 18, Malvern
Peter MASS, a nephew of John MASS, died at his home near Weston.
J. Sterling MORTON died at the home of his son in Chicago, buried at his former home at Nebraska City
Joachim Henry SCHOENING died last week at his home near Mineola
Jennie vs Benjamin CRAM
Nettie vs Archie McCLAIN
Selina vs M.R. PARKER

News Item - Joseph McCRARY released from the penitentiary at Fort Madison - had served nearly 25 years for the murder of William DORAN and John TYNAN near Haney's Switch Aug 17, 1878

08 May 1902

Marriage Licenses:
R. A. BALLENGER, 23, and Daisy CARNES, 18, both of Tabor;
Frances J. DUFF, 28 and Olara M. THOMPSON, 18, both of Anderson, IA

Deaths - James CADENHEAD, an attendant at the Institution, died Tues of heart trouble

Marriage - H. E. MULHOLLAND, Manager of the Southwest Iowan at Malvern, was married recently to Blanch TAYLOR

15 May 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Charles L. VERNON, 26, Crescent City, IA, and Nora L. MUNCIE, 26, Glenwood;
C. W. BIRDSALL, 23, and Anna MALONEY, 18, both of Plattville Twp;
Willie HUSSING, 20, and Julia Etta REED, 17, both of Plattville Twp.
Harry B. EWING, 25, and Mattie V. McGUIRE, 23, Pacific Jct;
W. F. JOHNSON, 29, and Edith BUMP, 24, both of Glenwood
Charles CLARK, who was shot by Lafe DANIELS at Hamburg, died at the home of Mr. Daniels where the shooting took place.
I. DALTON died Tuesday at his home in Hastings
To James KELLY and wife of Oak Twp. Tuesday morning, a baby girl, the first one.
To M/M Wesley BARBEE of Hillsdale Tuesday noon, a bright baby girl

22 May 1902

Marriage Licenses:
J. J. VAN EATON, 28, and Zylpha FERRELL, 16, both of Lyons Twp;
Herbert GARNET, 27, and Grade BADHAM, 19, both of Henderson
Mrs. Pat McCORMICK of Malvern died last week following a gallstone operation.
Frank WRIGHT of Emerson died about a week ago of appendicitis
Harry B. EWING of Wentworth, SD and Mattie V. McGUIRE were married May 14 at the bride's home in Pacific Jct.
William Price HUSSING and Julia Etta REED were married Wednesday of last week at the home of M/M/ G. W. REED at Pacific Jct
C. W. BIRDSALL and Mrs. Anna MALONEY were married Wednesday of last week at the home of M/M/ G. W. REED at Pacific Jct
W. F. JOHNSON of Macedonia and Edith BUMP of Glenwood were married Thurs. of last week by the Mayor of Pacific Jct.

Birth - To M/M/ Julius ROENFELDT, born May 20, 1902, a daughter

29 May 1902

Charles GASTON, 15, son of M/M/ Willard GASTON was brought to
Glenwood from Omaha for burial in the cemetery lot of his mother's parents, M/M C. P. KING
Henry HERSHEY died May 27 at his home on lower Hazel Street
Marriage Licenses:
Clarence G. CHAPIN, 19, and Josephen H. BURNHAM, 19, both of Hastings;
Hugh D. ANDERSON, 24, and Bertha STONEBRAKER, 21, both of Henderson

Marriage - Lee BAKER and Anna WRIGHT were married last Sunday at the home of the bride's parents, M/M/ Robert WRIGHT, in Glenwood

05 Jun 1902

Charles H. CHENEY and Clara M. FLAMMANT were married June 4 at the home of M/M M. Flammant in Mineola
M. NEBE was married last Mon at Council Bluffs to Mrs. Rosa CASFORD
Charles E. BRUEN of Emerson and Susan BURDEN of Monmouth, IL were married June 4.
Mrs. Ora STOUT (colored) died Monday at her home of consumption
Carl SCHNUR, age 13, died June 2 at the home of Louis LONG east of Hillsdale where his mother is housekeeper.
William SPETMAN died at his home in Oak Twp. some time last week.

Birth - H. W. WRIGHT and wife of St. Paul, MN, are parents of a baby boy born Decoration Day.

12 Jun 1902

Mariage Licenses:
Wait M. MYERS, 68, and Elizabeth S. MYERS, 66, both of Tabor
J. D. BRIGHT, 26 and Mrs. Vina LUCKY, 26, Shenandoah
John H. FRANKLIN, 25, and Fanny Jane SAGE, 17, Pacific Jct
C. W. SHERFEY, 26, and Florence KISKADON, 29, Glenwood
C. Wagner SHERFEY and Florence KISKADON were married June 10 at the home of Rev. T. R. Gray
Harry S. TUBBS, formerly of Glenwood and Emerson, was married June 4 to Ida ALLEN of Tuston, CA
Thomas PAUL died today at his home in Malvern
Jennie LOCKHART, daughter of M/M Peter LOCKHART, died Saturday of last week
Arthur D. JAMES who served with Glenwood's Company C, died recently in Chicago - burial was at Denison

19 Jun 1902

Marriage Licenses:
Claude MORGAN, 22, and Myrtle HARRIS, 22, both of Pacific Jct
Frank A. WASHBURN, of Mt. Pleasant, 32 and Flora M. STRICKLER, 20, Emerson

Births - Born to M/M Will SICKLER June 17, a daughter

Frank A. LINDBURG, 29, of Randolph, and Matilda PETERSON, 29, of South Bend, IN
C. F. McCLURE and Dora GAMBLIN were married yesterday in Glenwood
Herbert A. FRENCH of Glenwood, and Bess STEADMAN of Vinton were married yesterday at Vinton

Deaths - William ANDERSON died Monday morning at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Clarence MOORE

26 Jun 1902

Born to M/M Fred PEIN, a daughter
Born to M/M Sherman ANDERSON, a daughter
A child born to M/M Charles MAYBERRY of Rawles Twp., lived but 2days
Mrs. Martha PINKERTON of Tabor died last week from burns
A. W. CULVER of Emerson died last week at the home of his brother, C. P. CULVER in Red Oak


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