Mills County Tribune News

January - June 1901

03 Jan 1901

Birth - To M/M F. J. ALLEN, 30 Dec 1900, a girl

Marriage - in Los Angeles, CA, 20 Dec 1900, George A. THOMPSON and Nellie May GILBRETH

Death - Ethel ANDERSON, age 4 mo., dau. of M/M W. S. ANDERSON

Marriage Licenses:
Richard STEINER, 26 - Pearl STEWART, 21
Joseph H. PANGBURN, 33 - Minnie TURNER, 17
Bernard C. DONNER, 23 - Daisy P. HAMMOND, 23
Nevin G. PATTERSON, 24 - Ida DONNER, 19

Divorce - Daisy vs William V. BOYCE

10 Jan 1901

Death - Robert HANNAH, age 15, 3 Jan at Red Oak

Divorce - George vs Rilla WALKER

17 Jan 1901

Mrs. Raymond CROUCH, 15 Jan. at Glenwood
James J. ANDERSON, 14 Jan. near Malvern
Mrs. Mary WOLFE, nee MCPHERON, 15 Jan. Lyons Twp.
Nora ESTES, nee MAYBERRY, died 10 Jan
Emma Banister FOGLESONG vs George FOGLESONG
Della vs Elmer DOWNS
Mary vs John MEEKS

Marriage - 12 Jan at Plattsmouth, NE, Frank E. DONELAN - Winifred WELLS

24 Jan 1901

Party - for Mr. MOON's 74th birthday

Marriage Licenses:
Fred POWELL, 36 - Mrs. Helen WALTHERS, 36, Lincoln, NE
James D. MCMILLEN, 22 - Laura E. EMERICK, 17, Malvern
A. OVERTON, 68 - Mrs. Elizabeth LOWRY, 65, Council Bluffs
Charles O. HARTMAN, 28 - Viola Mae ELSON, 20, Malvern

Death - 20 Jan at Malvern, Mrs. H. A. NORTON, nee TUBBS

Nellie M. vs George BEESON
Jacob vs Florence BARE
Josiah vs Emma O. LEEK
Mary vs George RHAMEY
Florence E. vs L. P. KENDALL
Mary vs J. A. PHILLIPS
Fannie B. vs C. J. LEAVENGOOD
Maggie M. vs Frank M. STUDY
Maggie vs Moses MOORE
James W. vs Rilla WALKER (see 10 Jan??)
William vs Lydia HOUSER
Edna vs Benj. WATSON

31 Jan 1901

Marriage Licenses:
Leslie J. SHAY, 30 - Ina B. DAVIS
T. Q. RECORDS, 39 - Mary E. DANIEL, 30
Elsie VAN PELT, 27 Jan. near Glenwood
Mrs. B. A. PRICE, nee BAIRD, 27 Jan at Cumberland, IA
Al DAVENPORT, at Missouri Valley
Charles M. PHIPPS, 29 Jan, near Hillsdale

Marriage - 30 Jan in Glenwood, Tunis Q. RECORDS - Mary DANIEL

07 Feb 1901

Herbert H. TURTON and Clemmie BURGER, 6 Feb, Rawles Twp.
W. Cal KIGER and Mittie WILSON, 5 Feb near Macedonia
Maud MERSHON, 5 Feb in Denver, CO
Mrs. J. A. BETTS, 3 Feb in Chicago
David CARY, 1 Feb, Malvern
May vs George RHAMY;
Flora E. vs P.P. KENDALL
Mary vs J. A. PHILLIPS
Mary P. vs John H. MEEKS
Fannie B. vs C. I. LEAVINGOOD
Maggie M. vs Frank STUDY
Maggie vs Moses MOORE
Daisy vs William V. BOYCE
Della vs Elmer DOWNS

14 Feb 1901

A son born last week to Clyde STOUT
A boy born to R. W. DEITCHLER, 12 Feb, Oak Twp
Parl BAGLEY died some time ago
Alex LILES died Feb 10 at Council Bluffs
Samuel LAWSON, age 90, died Feb 9, at Fossil, OR
Rachel C. JOHNSON died Feb 13 near Glenwood
George L. WRENWICK, age 71, died Feb 10 at Glenwood

Divorce - Wm. KIRBY vs wife

Marriage - Henry McFARLAND and Ida WEIHLER, 6 Feb in Fremont County

21 Feb 1901

Marriage Licenses:
Fred J. DUERR, 40, and Lula F. WOODROW, 29
Oscar McCOY, 22 and Alta M. FICKEL, 23
F. C. WELCH, 26 and Mary Alice HODGIN, 26
Wm. E. FLINN, 23, and Maud MEEKS, 21
Henry WASSERMAN, 27 and Alvena ROENFELDT, 21
Leroy BRADEN, 23 and Bessie T. WILKINSON, 16
Ed ALLEN, 24 and Sarah McCRARY, 24
Alva D. DONNER, 22, and May Idell BENTLY, 22
Ivan STURGEON, 25, and Ella McGREW, 20
Sol ROSE, 31, and Eunice JENKS, 24

Divorce - Trephena vs Samuel BUCKINGHAM

Sol ROSE and Eunice JENKS 18 Feb in Glenwood
Claude CHAMBERS and Alma RICHARDSON 2 Feb in Center Twp.
Oscar McCOY and Alta FICKEL 20 Feb near Malvern
Ivan STURGEON and Ella McGREW 19 Feb at Emerson

28 Feb 1901

Marriage Licenses:
Byron RIFFLE, 22, and May R. SHAMLEN, 19
Wm. GIBB, 32, and Maude KISKADON
Alva DONNER and Mary BENTLY 20 Feb at the bride's home
F. J. DUERR and Lulu WOODROW 20 Feb at the bride's home
Byron RIFFLE and Mary SHAMLEN 26 Feb near Malvern

Death - George HENSEN 21 Feb at Hastings


07 Mar 1901

Marriage Licenses:
Samuel ALLIS, 21, and Bertha SAAR, 20
H. C. DUNLAP, 24, and Mabel DOUGLAS, 25
Frank HAMMERS, 29 and Elizabeth Ellen BRADING
R. C. DELAVAN, 28 and May WILLIAMS, 24
Henry AISTROPE, 24, and Alice WYANT, 18
Charles HARVEY, 23, and Ellen HAWKINS, 22
Carl GOVE, 27, and Amy LARAWAY, 25
Wm. GIBB and Maude KISKADON married last week in Glenwood at the home of Mrs. Ida FALLON
Walter SHEPARD and Laura E. BUFFINGTON married
Samuel ALLIS and Bertha SAAR married at the home of Mrs. Matilda SAAR of Pacific Junction, 1 Mar.
Ben MORRISON and Laura COLBY near Tabor, last week
Harry DUNLAP and Mabel DOUGLAS at bride's home in Deer Creek Twp. last week
Henry AISTROPE and Alice WYANT in Malvern, last week
Richard DELAVAN and May WILLIAMS, in Rawles Twp. last week
Charles HARVEY and Ellen HAWKINS at Malvern last week
Frank HAMMERS and Bessie BRADING in Rawles Twp. last week
Divorce - Jesse H. BUCKINGHAM vs wife
L. W. TUBBS died Thursday at home in Emerson
Addison THOMAS died Sat. in Glenwood of small pox
Sarah BARBEE died at home in Glenwood Tues., services at church in Hillsdale
21 Mar 1901
Marriage Licenses:
A. O. PERRY, 36, and Mrs. W. H. CADY, 29, Omaha
Jesse A. MULICA, 20, and Belle CARTER, 20 Glenwood
Jos, F. STILLE, 26 and Anna SCHMIDT, 19, Pacific City
A. O. PERRY, 36, and Mrs. W. H. COX, 29 of Omaha, married at the Commercial Hotel in Glenwood
Carl GOVE and Amy LARAWAY married Thues (sic) evening in Glenwood
Jesse MULICA and Belle CARTER married Tues in Glenwood at home of bride's parents.
A little child of M/M Henry Banister died at home northwest of Glenwood, 7 Mar
Mrs. James T. WARD died Sat at her home in Malvern
Sam PAINTER vs wife, Nellie
Mary vs Dr. Chas. A. HAMILTON
28 Mar 1901
Marriage Licenses:
John C. BRANDON, 23, and Lizzie MILLER, 25 Glenwood
Lee BALDWIN, 29, Galena, KS and Drusilla FOLLETT, 28 Malvern
Richard H. TANNER, 21, Carson, and Myrta FANSHER, 21, Emerson
Louis KAHL, 24, and Laura W. DEITCHLER, 20, Mineola
George Nahley, 22, Hickman, NE and Appa P. WISE, 23, Henderson
L. R. Spencer, 24, and Pearl PAYNE, Glenwood
Births :
Born to M/M Will OWENS of Glenwood Mon. evening, a baby girl
James A. BUCKINGHAM, of Lyons Twp., has a new girl baby
Death - Mrs. H. E. BOEHNER died just before midnight Thurs. at home in Malvern

04 Apr 1901

Marriage Licenses:
John E. GIBSON, 46, and Mary ALLEN, 32
J. W. KEMP, 34 and Rose STANLEY, 32
______McALEXANDER, 29 and Laura E. AGIN
R. H. MOSES, 29, and Alvina TIEDEMAN, 19
W. E. McCOY, 36 and Josephine RICHARDS, 24
D. K. DONNELLY, March 18 at Spokane, WA
Mrs. Chas. E. BRUEN died Fri at home in Emerson, burial at Emerson

Marriage - Louis KAHL-Laura DEITCHLER wedding Thurs at Mineola

11 Apr 1901

Marriage Licenses:
O. F. JETT, 24 and Lucy NAPIER, 18 of Plattville Twp.
John McBEE, 23 and Maude POUNDS, 16 of Glenwood
John McBEE to Maude POUNDS on Tues in Glenwood
Roscoe E. BYERS and Ethel Van Horn STEPHENS married yesterday in Des Moines
D. H. MOSES married to Alvena TIEDEMAN Thurs evening at home of bride's parents in Center Twp.
To M/M Ben WALLING of Glenwood Mon, a baby girl
To M/M/ Fred HANSON, the Glenwood clothing merchant, Fri morn, a baby girl
Minnie R. BUFFINGTON (nee HUNTER) died last Mon in West Liberty
2 week old child of M/M Henry SARGENT buried Mon at Glenwood
Mrs. Ann LARGE (nee HUZZARD), grandmother of M. A. EVANS, died at Pottstown, PA

18 Apr 1901

To M/M John STIVERS at West Liberty last Tuesday, a boy
To M/M John PELHAM of Glenwood Sun evening, an 11 pound girl
Marriage License - Archie HELTON, 22 and Anna MYERS, 20, both of Glenwood
Walter SCHADE and Margaret EVANS m. Apr 7 at home of bride's sister in Grabul (sic) IA
Archie HELTON and Annie MYERS m. yesterday at bride's home in Glenwood
A child of M/M Ben WALLING, aged 1 week, died last Sat.
Mrs. Mary Ann JONES, died last Sun at home of son, G. W. JONES in Glenwood
Mrs. S. BROTHERS died at Malvern
Nellie vs George BEESON
Jacob vs Florence BARE
Josiah vs Emma LEAK
James W. vs Rilla WALKER
Emma vs George FOGLESONG
Wilburn vs Lydia HOUSER
Josephine vs Samuel BUCKINGHAM
Caroline vs Jesse H BUCKINGHAM
Samuel vs Nellie PAINTER
Mary vs Chas.HAMILTON
Nora vs Edwin M. BOARDMAN
Sarah J. vs Richard MUNDAY
25 Apr 1901
Marriage Licences:
William ANDREWS, 24, and Harrett M. MILLER, 18, Malvern
Melvin SMELSER, 29 and Rebecca J. ANDREWS, 17
Chas. M. BACON, 28, and Helen E. PINKNEY, 19
Albert A. BUCKINGHAM, 24, and Bird HENDRICKSON, 26
Sam PAINTER, divorced on Thurs. married on Fri at Council Bluffs to Nellie McKEEVAN of Norfolk, NE
Chas. M. BACON of Red Oak and Helen E. PINKNEY of Stanton m. in Glenwood yesterday at the Episcopal Church
Albert A. BUCKINGHAM and Bird HENDRICKSON married Apr 23 in Glenwood
Joshua TUPPER and Mrs. Lue GHRIEST of Emerson married
Jack BROWN died in Glenwood
Miles MULLEN died at the County Poor Farm last Sat
Mrs. Howard EMERINE died in Council Bluffs, buried in Glenwood
Mrs. Frank SHAW (nee NIMS) died Fri at home in Deer Creek Twp.
W. W. AISTROPE of Malvern died last week
Joshua DURBIN of the East End died last Thurs.
Funerals of Joshua DURBIN and Mrs. Frank SHAW held at the same time Sun at the Asbury church southeast of Emerson, both buried in Malvern
Henry "Jack" BROWN, veteran sailor of Glenwood, died Sat at home,, age 91
Clarissa EMARINE died Apr 19 at home in C.B. funeral held at residence
Party - Jeanette HEINSHEIMER, had her 18th birthday party last Fri evening

02 May 1901

J. P. LYNN, a tramp, died Mon at Emerson; buried at Emerson
Pat PENTECOST, kicked in the face by a mule about a week ago on the Joe ROBBINS farm, died Mon; leaves a wife
John DEERING died at home southwest of Hastings; wife and 3 children survive
Wm. Wesley RODMAN, died Apr 26 at Adrian, MO
Marriage - Clyde OSBORN and Nellie WALLACE of Council Bluffs married yesterday, their new home will be in Denver
Birth - Born to M/M J. F. SCHICK of Coin, IA, last Fri, a boy
Wilbern vs Lydia HOUSER
Emma Banister vs George FOGLESONG
Mrs. Chas. vs Chas. HAMILTON
09 May 1901
Marriage License - Wiley DUNN, 25, and Sadie BERRY, 24, Hastings
Birth - To M/M Frank CHOATE last Mon, a boy
Death - 9 yr old dau of Jack McCLOUD died west of Glenwood of rheumatism
16 May 1901
Birth - To M/M/ C. P. KINNEY, last Mon, a boy
Marriage License - W. L. McKEIN, 39 of Elliott and Mrs. C. D. SNIVELY of Hastings
Will LARAWAY and Pearl CLAYTON m. last Thurs at Hamburg
G. W. HALL (negro) and Esther MOUSER (white) married at Chariton, IA, both of Warren County, IA
Death - Robert WINDHAM died last night at home of son, B. K. WINDHAM in Glenwood
23 May 1901
Marriage License - Ralph GOODFELLOW, 21 and Hattie WEATHERHEAD, 20, of Tabor
Frank RIDGLEY, former Glenwood resident, died recently at Exira ,IA
William G. SUMMERS died Thur at home in White Cloud Twp, buried Malvern
Ben HAMBACH, died Fri at home in White Cloud Twp.
Birth - To M/M I. N. DARLAND Sat morning, a girl
30 May 1901
Marriage Licenses:
E. E. HARRINGTON, 20, Tabor and Mary Pearl MILLER, 16, Silver City
Delbert HUEY, 18, and Maude COMB, 18 Pacific Junction
Marriage - "Stormy" marriage for Delbert HUEY and Maud COMBS
Squire Wm. AITON of Glenwood died last Sun
Mrs. Betsy WARD died at Schell City, Mo last week, buried Glenwood
The mother of William LAMB died in Glenwood last Fri, buried Glenwood
Grandma SHAY died Fri at her home near Strahan
Charles WRIGHT died at Burlington, was operator at Hastings for several years
Andy BOSWELL of Emerson died last Sat; buried at Emerson
Jeannette STIPE died at her home in Tabor following a shooting accident
Birth - To M/M Tip PADGET, a boy
06 Jun 1901
Born - To M/M J. H. JOHNSON Mon, a girl
Death - J. P. RHEAM, died at Glenwood
Divorce - Cora vs W. J. HAMILTON
13 Jun 1901
Marriage Licenses:
James F. BASKINGS, 23, and Margarette E. RANNE, 19 both of Hillsdale
Michael O'CONNOR, 26 and Lucy DAILY, 22 of Hastings
L. M. STARR, 28, Walker, IA and Grace M. HARLAN, 23, Henderson
To M/M Theo PROBST Tues, a girl
To Dr. and Mrs. J. M. DONELAN, 30 May, a girl
To M/M Lonnie JONES, last Mon, a boy
Charlie CHIPPS, 21 of Red Oak and Rosa Anna PHILLIPS, 18 of Wall Street
James BASKINS and Margarette RANNE married last Tuesday at the Ranne home
Death - Lydia WALLING died at her home in Glenwood last Mon, buried at Glenwood
Divorce - Martha vs Charles ABEL
20 June 1901
Guy McGREER of Lincoln, NE, and Fannie Lee SHARPE of Malvern married 17 Jun in Glenwood
Robert M. McKENZIE of Living Springs, IA, and Maie E. BARTEL of Glenwood married 19th at Bartel home
John P. RHEAM and Fidella HINTON married at Council Bluffs
W. A. IRWIN, died Sat at his home in Red Oak, he is the father of C. E. Irwin of Henderson
Mrs. C. O. COUGHLAN died yesterday at Wray, CO, she is a daughter of M/M A. I. GODSEY of Henton
Ida M. THIELE of Villisca, killed by her husband, George
Divorce - Mrs. Charles vs Charles ABEL
27 Jun 1901
Marriage Licenses:
A. D. AVRILL, 31 and Mayme HAYNES, 22, Malvern
William JOHNSON, 27, and Ona Pearl PERKINS, 17 Glenwood
E. J. SMITH, 37, and Emma E. PLUMB, 29
E. F. JOHNSON, 35, of Red Lodge, Mont, and Ada S. DURBIN, 34, of
Emerson, m. last Wed at bride's home in Deer Creek Twp.
Maude ALLER, of Bushnell, IL, and Milton ROBINSON of Monmouth, IL at bride's home
Clara CHAPIN died Thur at Minneapolis and body brought to Hastings for burial
On this day, another chapter in the story of Delbert HUEY and Maude COMBS
Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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