Mills County Tribune News

July - December 1901

04 Jul 1901
Marriage - Fenno SMITH and Marie MORROW married Tues. of last week in Omaha
11 Jul 1901
Marriage Licenses:
Robert HUGY, 22 and Myrtle WILLIAMS, 15, Pacific Junction
Fred MAUK, 24, and Anna BARGER, 19, Tabor
Marriage - Genevieve DAVIES married to J. W. McCLYMONDS at San Francisco on 28 Jun
Frank BROWN of Pacific City died last week, buried in Glenwood
Mrs. G. C. HASKELL (nee HENRY) died at Tohotchin, NM, buried at Glenwood
Birth - To M/M Ira ALEXANDER last Sat, a boy
18 Jul 1901
Marriage Licenses:
W. J. STOUT, 22, and Bedia A. NOE, 19, Henderson
J.W. EDWARDS, 20, and Mrs. Mary DOTY, 22, Glenwood
James CALLEN died in Glenwood last Friday
George BRATTON died at the Clarinda asylum, buried at Silver City
Rachel DOERING (nee DIDDIE) died 18 Jul at St. Bernard's hospital in Council Bluffs
Birth - To M/M/ Manning TAYLOR of Randolph, NE, a girl on 11 Jul
Marriage - J. W. EDWARDS and Mrs. Mary DOTY were married last night at the home of George DOWNS in Glenwood
Divorce - Eva R. vs Alvin C. DUNN
01 Aug 1901
Marriage Licenses
B. E. DRURY, 26, and S. E. CENTER 20, Henderson
R. H. BUTTERFIELD, 22, and Mable RIST, 19, Glenwood
Mrs. Roy YOUNG, died last Sat at an Omaha hospital; buried Glenwood
The father of E. E. KIDDOO died recently at Cromwell
Divorce - Estella vs W. C. GOODRICH
08 Aug 1901
Amanda vs Edward KINGREY
C. P. vs Maggie ORFIELD
Lottie vs DeWitt WILLIAMS
Marriage Licenses
Harry A. HOOVER, 34, and Daisy BLACKBURN, 25, Malvern
Henry RESHOEFT, 52, and Dora SCHAAK, 41, Silver City
Birth - To M/M H. N. ELLER last Fri, a girl
Marriage - Maybel RIST and R. H. BUTTERFIELD were married 1 Aug at the bride's home in West Oak
Death - Peter BARLOW drowned in the Missouri River; body found last Sat; burial at Glenwood
15 Aug 1901
George EWING and a Miss LAMBERT were married recently at Parsons, KS
Frank M. NEBE, former Glenwood resident, now of Atlantic, and Maude BREWSTER were married at Wiota
Benjamin B. DEAN of Plattville Twp. and Mary J. WILES were married last evening at the bride's home in Plattsmouth
Death - Albert BLANK died last Sat in the Burlington yards in Pacific Junction
22 Aug 1901
Marriage Licenses
Frederick E. RIGGS, 34, and Harriet M. COOPER, 33, Henderson
S. A. SMITH, 53, Ft. Morgan, CO, and Stella B. SHAW, 59, Creston
Charles W. HOWARD, 23, and Lena H. STEEPEN, 18, Glenwood
Zada vs Alvin TOTTEN
Maude vs A. R. BIRD
Marriage - Eugene B. WOODRUFF of Glenwood and Lila C. HURLBUT were married at the home of the bride's brother in Oak Park, IL
29 Aug 1901
Birthday - H. W. BURKETT celebrated his 60th birthday
Marriage Licenses:
H. R. PLUMB, 19, and Maggie JOHNSON, 22, Silver City
Newton G. EVANS, 27, Battle Creek, MI, and Cora M. DEMING, 25, Glenwood
Emma SUMMIT of Hastings vs G. H. SUMMIT
Philander vs Susan DALTON
Death - William HUNT of northwest of Tabor died last Thurs
05 Sep 1901
To Dr. and Mrs. W. H. PLIMPTON last Sun, a girl 12 Sep
To A. P. MYERS, Monday morning, a girl
To M/M WOLSINGER of Plattville Twp, twin girls
Carleton HAYES and Edith POWELL were married Wed of last week at the bride's home in Red Oak
Ella GIBSON and a Mr. HANNA, grandson of David RANKIN, were married at the bride's home in Red Oak
A. C. BONHAM and Hattie WINDHAM were mrried Tues evening at the bride's home in Glenwood
Nellie vs George BEESON
Jacob vs Florence BARE
Josiah vs Emma O. LEEK
Caroline vs Jesse BUCKINGHAM
Sarah J. vs Richard A.MUNDAY
Martha vs Charles ABEL
Estellena vs Joseph TAGUE
Eva R. vs Alvin C. DUNN
Stella vs W. C. GOODRICH
Amanda vs Edward KINGERY
Lottie vs DeWitt WILLIAMS
C. P. vs Maggie ORFIELD
Zeda vs Alvin TOTTEN
Maud vs A. R. BIRD
Emma vs G. H. SUMMITT
Philander vs Susan DALTON
Alice vs Charles GOVE
19 Sep 1901
Marriage Licenses:
A. C. BONHAM, 24, and Hattie WINDHAM, 20, Glenwood
Ernest L. TRYON, 25, and Mary DEMING, 19, Glenwood
C. H. MARFORD, 30, and Elizabeth RADFORD, 20, Tabor
Marriage - Irving LIVINSPIRE of Malvern and Nina PITZER of Omaha
Death - Henry FISHER died at his home northeast of Hastings
Birth -To D. C. MUFFLEY, Thurs evening, a girl
26 Sep 1901
Curtis CURRAN and Jennie GREIG will be married Thursday of nextweek at the home of the bride west of Henderson
Married last evening at the home of the bride's parents at Strahan, Thomas H. BRAZELTON and Rosa GIPE
Wm. vs Melvina ADDY of Deer Creek Twp
Alice vs Chas. GOVE
Sarah vs Richard J. MUNDAY
Jacob BARE vs wife
Estellena vs Joe TAGUE
Dr. D. L. McMURTREY, former Emerson resident, now a resident of Omaha died in a forest fire in CO
Mrs. Fritz EYBERG, 26 died last week at Treynor
03 Oct 1901
Marriage Licenses:
Ernest L. TRYON, 25 and Mary E. DEMING, 19 Glenwood
C. H. MORFORD, 30, and Elizabeth RADFIELD, 20, Tabor
I. LIVINSPIRE, 34, and Nina PITZER, 24, Malvern
T. M. BRAZELTON, 28, and Rosa GIPE, 20, Strahan
Gilbert S. GAMET, 37, Little Sioux and Bessie M. RYAN, Hillsdale
Samuel BUCKINGHAM, 33, Glenwood, and Bertha BROOKS, 21, Plattsmouth
Curtis CURRAN, 26, Sidney and JaneMancer GREIG, 26, Henderson
Fred TUBBS, 21, and Dollie VAN DOREN, 20, Malvern
Mrs. Walter G. vs Walter G. AISTROPE
Stella vs W. C. GOODRICH
Zeda vs Alvin TOTTEN
Lottie vs DeWitt WILLIAMS
Amanda vs Edward KINGERY
C. P. vs Maggie ORFIELD
"Doc" vs Mrs. DALTON
Charles vs Martha ABEL
10 Oct 1901
Marriage Licenses:
Stephen FALLON, 26, and Ada DeMUNN, 18, Copson, IL
W. C. RICKABAUGH, 39, and Maud LEMASTER, 15, Blenwood
Arthur B. AYRES, 40, and Maude E. AYRES, 30, Lincoln, NE
E. F. BUCKINGHAM, 23 and Flora E. MORFORD, 25, Glenwood
To M/M O. L. TEMPLETON last Monday, a girl
To M/M Tobe ROSS, a girl last Sunday
Death - Mrs. Seneca HURD of Glenwood died last Monday
Marriage - Curtis CURREN and Jennie GREGG married last Thursday at Henderson
17 Oct 1901
Marriage Licenses:
Roy STRANATHAN, 20, and Mary TIPTON, 19, Glenwood
J. DEMING, 24, and Emma L. TRYON, 18, Glenwood
J. C. MYERS, 24, York, NE, and Mude SWISHER, 24, Emerson
Archie PARR, 23, and Margaret HALL, 23, Glenwood
Samuel L. RUPE, 20, and Henrietta LIVINGOOD, 17, Pacific Junction
To M/M Wm. PANGBURN last Tuesday, a girl
To M/M Robert SKILLICORN, last Monday, a boy
Archie PARR and Margaret HALL, both of Glenwood, m. 16 Oct at home of bride's mother
John E. DEMMING and Emma L. TRYON 15 Oct at bride's home in Glenwood
24 Oct 1901
Marriage Licenses
Philander DALTON, 46, and Mrs. Jane JACKSON, 50, Glenwood
Edward PETTY, 21, and Rhoda CROSS, 19, Hillsdale
Lee JOHNSON, 21, and Myrtle ELLEDGE, 18, Bethlehem
Albert McVEY, 29, and Mrs. Hessie ELWELL, 33, Hillsdale
Earl D. GARMAN, 18, and Osceola MAYBERRY, 18, Glenwood
Albert McVEY of Silver City and Mrs. Hessie ELWELL of Hillsdale m. 22 Oct in Glenwood
James SARGENT of Red Oak and Florence TORREY of Flint, MI, m. recently at Pacific Jct.
31 Oct 1901
Death - Mrs. Jane VINTON (nee HENDRIE) died at the C. H. VINTON home at Henderson, 25 Oct
Birthday - Mrs. George W. BROOKS of Center Twp. celebrated her 64th birthday
07 Nov 1901
Marriage Licenses:
G. B. JONES, 37, and Mrs. Fannie PIERCE, 26, Hillsdale
Earl W. HODGES, Jr., 21, Hillsdale and Abbie O. BROWER, 18, West Oak
F. R. SMITH, 29, and Carrie WRIGHT, 20, Emerson
Fred R. SMITH and Carrie WRIGHT of Emerson m. 6 Nov in Glenwood
Bertha CULWELL is to be m. tonight at the home of her parents in Glenwood
Frank WEATHERHEAD and Elinor MOON at the home of bride's sister at Albuquerque, NM
Earl HODGES, Jr., and Abbie BROWER m. in West Oak
Lucius MATTHEWS, brother-in-law of John BARBOUR of Tabor, killed in WY
James LOGAN d. at Chadron, NE, brought to Glenwood for burial
Joseph KINNAN, former resident, d. at Creighton, MO, bur. Glenwood
Ida COLLINS d. at home west of Tabor
14 Nov 1901
Marriage Licenses:
Harry E. FURLONG, 22, Auburn, NE, and Bertha R. CULWELL, 21, Glenwood
George T. HOLLINS, 21, and Ruby Pearl BROWN, 17, Malvern
Frank R. KIST, 24, and Bessie CARBELY, 18, Council Bluffs
W. W. ABEL, 25, and Cora ARMSTRONG, 20, Emerson
Marriage - Harry FURLONG and Bertha CULWELL m. Thursday eve. at home of bride's parents, Glenwood
Daughter of C. W. McMANIGAL died south of Glenwood
Frank McCORMICK electrocuted last week in Council Bluffs
Anna vs Alexander COBB
Maud vs John McBEE
Birthday - Myrtle LAMPHEAR, dau. of Wm. LAMPHEAR s. of Pacific Jct. 13th on Nov. 10.
21 Nov 1901
Dee DAVIS d. of malarial fever at St. Joe; b. in Glenwood
Son of Wm. BARTON, age 6, d. of diphtheria
Divorce - Lula vs John VAN EATON
28 Nov 1901
Marriage Licenses:
George MALCOMBE, 23, and Mary L. MITCHELL, 23, Glenwood
Charles L. DALTON, 22, and Elnora May VAN ORSDEL, 17, Hillsdale
Fred DURBIN, 25, and Mary CHRISTY, 22, Malvern
Marriage - Charles DALTON and Elnora May VAN ORSDELL m. at home of the bride, Hillsdale
05 Dec 1901
Marriage Licenses
A. B. LINDSAY, 34, and Silva PIERCE, 18, Glenwood
J. W. LANG, 27, and Ettie JUDAH, 22, Deer Creek
Lewis STORER, 26, and Carrie E. NELSON, 26, Glenwood
Marriage - Lewis STORER and Carrie Nelson were married last evening at bride's home in Glenwood
E. E. KIDDOO died this morning at his home in Glenwood
John L. RYERSON was buried at East Liberty Monday of last week
William KELLEY was killed 28 Oct in South Africa
Adelia vs Walter G. AISTROPE
Anna vs Alexander COBB
Birthday - Mrs. J. H. RANNE, 40th birthday party
12 Dec 1901
Marriage Licenses:
A. W. DELAVAN, 21, and Myrtle CREECH, 17, Rawles Twp.
Thomas L. HALL, 41, and Mrs. Minnie R. HESTER, 23, Glenwood
Emary GREENWALT m. Thursday to a Council Bluffs lady
Wade DELAVAN and Myrtle CREECH m. Sunday afternoon at bride's home in Rawles Twp
Thomas L. HALL and Mrs. Minnie HESTER m. last evening at the old
Richard MICKELWAIT homestead
To M/M G. B. VAN HORN Sunday, a girl
To M/M A. BEATON of Pacific City, a boy
To M/M Charles KNOEFLER, a girl
A son of Harry M. STONE, age 3, died Saturday
Henry WELLMAN, brother of Mrs. Herman HOPP, died at Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany
E. E. KIDDOO, age 40 years, died 5 Dec
A son of Jesse COGLEY, age 3, died
19 Dec 1901
Marriage Licenses:
Wood VESTAL, 21, and Rose McFARLAND, 22, Deer Creek
E. W. HARRIS, 33, and Mrs. Trephena BUCKINGHAM, 30, Glenwood
C. P. ORFIELD, 29, and Mary E. HILL, 29, Malvern
E. E. GILMORE, 35, and Phoebe Florence PIERCE, 31, Glenwood
Fred McFARLAND, 19, and Minnie Alice HAMAKER, 18, White Cloud
Elmer J. ANDERSON, 26, and Nell TWEEDY, 20, Tabor
M. F. LEWIS, 27, Malvern, and Lucy HARBOUR, 29, Henderson
Birth - To M/M John SCHMIDT of Pacific City Tuesday, a boy
Death - Sam REDD of Riverton was killed in an accident in Waubonsie
26 Dec 1901
Marriage Licenses
Wm. RACOBS, 19, and Zylpha SLATTER, 16, Bartlett
Ray A. CARTER, 21, and May SKANK, 19, Henderson
A. J. NABLETT, 25, Fremont Co., and Edna McCLENAHAN, 19, Henderson
Robert JOHNSON, 20 and Dora Belva WALLING, Glenwood
Bennett M. TERRY, 22, Little Sioux, and Myrtle L. BYERS, 20, Malvern
George MAXWELL, 24, and Dolphia HARLESS, 16, Bartlett
Dr. L. Jackson SWOAPPE, 60, and Mrs. Sevilda HAYES, 70, Pacific Jct.
James H. WEIR, 34, and Anna NOAH, 28, Hillsdale
Dr. L. Jackson SWOAPPE, 60, of Pacific Jct. and Mrs. Sevilda HAYES, 70
James H. WEIR of Kokomo, CO, and Anna NOAH of Hillsdale m. 24 Dec at Congregational parsonage
Birth - To M/M Ellison EVERNHAM, a girl
Lulu DELAVAN, 18, daughter of M/M H. A. DELAVAN of Rawles Twp. d. 19 Dec bur Pleasant Hill
James REDD ( a detailed account)
Copied by Beverly Boileau, 1989. Used with permission.


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