Mills County, Iowa

Register of Deaths - Book 2 (1897-1908)

Full Name
Date of Death
Marital Status
Where Born
Place of Death
Cause of Death
Place of Burial
Lewis, Phoebe Mariah F 63y, 11m, 22 days house keeping 7-18-1897 Married Delaware County, OH Deer Creek, Mills Heart Failure Malvern, IA
Lilley, John Clarence M 4m, 10 days 12-8-1897 Pacific Junction, IA Pacific Junction, IA Indigestion Stomach Glenwood, IA
Lewis, Alonzo Martin M 2y, 3 months 2-3-1897 Single Glenwood Twp Glenwood Twp. Whooping Cough Glenwood Cemetery
Lincoln, Walter M 8y, 0m, 4 days 10-24-1897 Single Plattville Plattville Malarial Fever Martin Chapel
Linn, Charley Wesley M 8y, 10m, 27 days 10-24-1897 Single Sidney, Fremont, IA Glenwood City Typhoid Fever Glenwood Cemetery
Lindeman, Benjamin F. M 19y, 4m, 13 days Inmate, I.I.F.M.C 1-31-1898 Single Cass County, IA Glenwood, IA Tuberculosis State Cemetery
Long, Dewey I. M 1y, 6m, 10 days none 12-10-1899 Single Oak Twp. Oak Twp. Erysipelas Glenwood
Lincoln, Elizabeth F 78y, 8m, 22 days 3-8-1899 Widow Ohio Plattville Apoplexy Pacific City Cemetery
Landers, Oroville R. M 7y, 8 months none 1-10-1899 Single Iowa Glenwood, IA Congestion Lungs Hawley, IA
Leak, Frank M 13y, 4m, 12 days none 1-22-1899 Single Iowa Glenwood, IA Congestion Lungs Glenwood, IA SC
Lewis, Gertrude M. F 14y, 5m, 3 days none 1-24-1899 Single Glenwood, IA Measles Glenwood, IA
Leak, Alfred M 21y, 9m, 1 day none 2-16-1899 Single Iowa Glenwood, IA Phthisis Pulmonalis Glenwood, IA SC
Lloyd, Marget Hillen F 1 day 8-10-1899 Infant Center Twp. Center Twp. Kidney Trouble Glenwood Cemetery
Linville, Geoge H. M 81y, 10m, 15 days 1/6/1900 Widower White County, TN Center Twp. Pneumonia Glenwood Cemetery
Long, John J. M 51 years 11-28-1899 Malvern, IA Gangrene Malvern Cemetery, IA
Lambert, Benjamin H. M 1y, 2m, 17 days 8-10-1899 Mills County, IA Lyons Twp. n/a Waubonsie, IA
Lyons, Grace A. F 41y, 10m, 28 days Seamstress 2/11/1900 Widow Mendota, IL Emerson Plural Pneumonia Emerson Cemetery
Linville, Henderson M 83 years Merchant 12/27/1900 Married Tennessee Hillsdale Pneumonia Waubonsie
Lewis, Mira F 59y, 5m, 14 days 7/14/1900 Ohio Ingraham Anemia East Liberty Cemetery
Leit, Maggie May F 11m, 28 days 12/3/1900 Single Glenwood Twp Glenwood Twp. Not Known Glenwood Cemetery
Lanz, John Lewis M 80y, 3m, 16 days Farmer 1/29/1900 Married unreable Germany Cancer Mineola Cemetery
Leeley, James M 4 days 8/21/1900 Deer Creek Twp. Deer Creek, Mills Unknown Imogene, Iowa
Lornig, Ellis M 37y, 9m, 23 days 9/2/1900 Glenwood I.F.M.C. Phthisis Pulmonalis Glenwood State Cemetery
Liston, Alfred M 56 years Farmer 8/31/1901 Married Ohio Deer Creek, Mills Cancer Imogene, Fremont
Landis, Abraham H. 56 years Farmer 6/8/1901 Married Pennsylvania Malvern, IA Paralysis Malvern
Ligget, Grace E. F 17y, 10m, 17 days none 6/10/1901 Single Iowa Glenwood, IFMC Enteritis tuberculosis Glenwood, IA Cemetery State
Lynn, Hattie J. F 22y, 8m, 29 days none 10/15/1901 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C. Pneumonia Shenandoah, IA
Lewis, George W. M 68 years Farmer 3/22/1902 Widower IL Ingraham Suffering of Brain East Liberty
Lockhart, Jennie F 6y, 6 months 6/8/1902 Glenwood City Glenwood City Spinal Meningitis Glenwood, IA
Lew, Adolph M 51y, 9m, 20 days Farmer 8/31/1903 Married Prussia Omaha Cancer of stomach East Liberty
Livengood (Infant) M 5 days 8/28/1903 Single Pacific City, IA Pacific City, IA Stomach trouble Martin Chapel Cemetery
Littrell, Abraham M 2y, 29 days 9/2/1903 Single Center Twp. Center Twp. Congestion of Bowels East Liberty Cemetery
Leeka, Myrtle Irene F 5y, 5m, 3 days 7/26/1903 Fremont County Glenwood Bloody Flux Thurman Cemetery
Lacy, Martha F 50y, 11m, 20 days House wife 2/3/1903 Widow East TN Glenwood Heart Failure Glenwood Cemetery
Leslie M
Lamp, Adolph M 25y, 2m, 16 days 3/12/1903 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C. Acute Regurgitation Davenport, IA
Langeson, Carl M 17y, 8m, 1 days 3/8/1903 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Glenwood State Cemetery
Longshore, Ivan M 9m, 11 days 3/6/1904 Emerson, IA Emerson, IA Pneumonia Emerson, IA
Leek n/a 1/2 day 2/28/1907 Glenwood Glenwood Unknown Glenwood
Lincoln, Mary F 52y, 9 months 3/7/1907 Ohio Plattville Pleuritis Glenwood
Lindecker, Hans M 18y, 6m, 22 days Farmer 6/28/1907 Single Austria Emerson Ceb. Spinal Meng. Emerson
Lufkin, Abbie S. F 78y, 6m, 15 days 6/4/1907 Widow Maine Glenwood Senility Glenwood
Ladue, John C. M 21y, 1m, 19 days Inmate, I.I.F.M.C 8/31/1907 Single Iowa Glenwood Cholera Glenwood
Lewis, Stanley G. M 2 days 8/17/1907 Iowa Glenwood Cholera Glenwood
Lloyd, Henry M 8-y, 3m, 14 days Farmer 2/6/1908 Single Tenn Hastings Blood Poison North Grove
Logan, John H. M 42 years Farmer 2/8/1908 Single Iowa Deer Creek, Mills Suicide Imogene
Lee, Mabel F 8 years 3/17/1908 Single Iowa Lyons Twp. Cerebral Spinal Meningitis
Landon, Erastis T. M 75y, 5m, 10 days Farmer 6/28/1908 Married Ohio Ingraham Angina Pict?? Silver City
Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210, item 4, Record of deaths v. 2 1898-1908
Data transcribed by Karyn Techau .

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