Mills County, Iowa

Register of Deaths - Book 2 (1897-1908)

Full Name
Date of Death
Marrital Status
Where Born
Place of Death
Caues of Death
Place of Burial
Kilmartin, Francis M 2y 2m 5days 12/5/1897 Township Rawles Township Effects of Scarlet Fever Cemetery in Fremont
Kruse, Serrilla Ann F 1y 1m 27days 2/7/1897 Single Oak Township Oak Township Diptheria Malvern
Kinnamon, Richard M 79y Farmer 8/9/1897 Married Ohio Plattsville Old Age Plattsmounth
Kinney, Baby M 23days 10/17/1897 Glenwood City Glenwood City Dont Know Glenwood Cemetery
Kennedy, John Francis M 12y 7m 11days Inmate at Glenwood I.F.M.C 1/1/1897 Single Glenwood I.F.M.C Epilepsy Missouri Valley Iowa
Kohl, Conrad M 9y 10m 8days Inmate at Glenwood I.F.M.C 7/20/1897 Single Glenwood I.F.M.C Tuburcular Menengitis ?
Kline, John M. M 49y 11m 3days Retired Farmer 11/1/1898 Married Pennsylvania Rawles Township Heart Failure Malvern Cemetery
Kilmartin, Michael Stephen M 2days 1/8/1898 Rawles Lock Jaw Cemetery at Imogene
Kuhl, ?na Ann Margaret F 5y 10m 7days 11/5/1898 Single Bennington Neb. Ingraham Membranous Croup Mineolea Cemetery
Kuhl, Meta F 7m 3days 11/7/1898 Ingraham Mills Co. Ingraham Croup Mineolea Cemetery
Kelley, Parley Pratt M 50y 6m 4days Lawyer 12/27/1898 Married Johnson Co. Illinois Glenwood City Dont Know Glenwood Cemetery
Kelley, John S. M 60y 3m 9days Farmer 11/24/1899 Ohio Anderson Township Paralysis East Liberty Cemetery
Kates, Walter Raymond M 19days None 5/5/1899 Single Oak Township Oak Township Congestion West Liberty Cemetery
Kinney, Aaron M 78y None 11/25/1899 Married Greene Co. Ohio Emerson Ia. Heart Failure Emeson Cemetery
Kesterson, Charles M 80y 4m 6days Farmer 12/18/1899 Married Tennessee White Cloud Township Kidney Trouble Malvern Cemetery
Kroon, Wilhelm M 17y 4m None 3/4/1899 Single Pacific Junction Pacific Junction Appendicitis Glenwood Cemetery
Knight, Lydia F 77y 5m 4days 3/21/1900 Married Ohio Rawles Township Paralysis East Liberty Cemetery
Kiburg, Dora F 17y 3m 10days 3/7/1900 Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Exhaustion Glenwood State Cemetery
Kulow, Pearl F 17y 5m 17days 6/17/1900 Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Heart Failure Shipped to Maxwell Iowa
Kuhl, Flora F 2m 4days 6/25/1901 Single Ingraham Ingraham Pneumonia Mineolea Cemetery
Kuhl, M 11/23/1901 Single Mills County Ingraham Unknown Mineolea Cemetery
Kilgore, Levi M 72y 12/12/1901 Married Unknown Plattsville Catarrh of Stomach Martin Chapel Cemetery
Kiddoo, Elmer E. M 40y 3m 20days Photographer 12/5/1901 Married Glenwood Cancer Glenwood Cemetery
Knutson, Harry R. M 9y 7m 7days None 9/16/1901 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Exhaustion Glenwood State Cemetery
Kline, John Elmer M 25y 1m 27days Farmer 6/30/1902 Single Rawles Township Rawles Township Smallpox Malvern Cemetery
Kuhl, Peter M 85y Farmer 2/2/1902 Widower Germany Ingraham Old Age Mineolea Cemetery
Kroon, Katrina F 83y 5m 13days 7/16/1902 Widow Sweden Pacific Junction Old Age Glenwood Cemetery
Koontz, Rachel F 50y 2days 6/17/1902 Married Deer Creek Bright's Disease South Grove Cemetery
Kayton, Thomas P. M 69y 5m 14days Farmer 3/21/1902 Married Virginia Montgomery White Cloud Township Pneumonia Malvern Cemetery
Keffer, Paul Wayne M 16y 4m 5/12/1903 Malvern Hastings
Kruse, Hinerich Fredricks M 74y 8m 24days Retired Farmer 5/25/1903 Married Holstein Germany Oak Township Valvular Heart Disease Mineola Cemetery
Kratzer, Angeline F 84y 4m 2days Housewife 11/18/1903 Widow Kentucky Glenwood Heart Failure Glenwood Cemetery
Kraus, Henry M 21y 2m 11days 8/18/1903 Single Germany Glenwood I.F.M.C Gangrene of the Lungs Glenwood State Cemetery
Kroon, Mary F 61y 14days 2/3/1903 Married Sweden Pacific Junction Acidental Fall Glenwood Cemetery
Kursey, R. A. M 23y 2m 8days Freeman 7/21/1904 Married Missouri Pacific Junction Fell off Train Pacific Junction
Kayton, Selia Ann F 71y 2m 10days Farmer 1/10/1904 Widow Onondaga New York White Cloud Township Pneumonia Malvern Cemetery
Kam?, William Herbert M 10y 10m 1/18/1905 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Acute Gastroenteritis Guttenberg Iowa
Kilpatrick, R.E. M 23y 7/26/1906 Single Iowa Oak Township Malnutrition Malvern Cemetery
Kelley, 1y 3m 10/19/1906 Single Iowa Anderson Township Enterocolitis Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Keller, Mary Jane F 22y 8m 11days Inmate at Glenwood I.F.M.C 2/6/1907 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Epilepsy Glenwood State Cemetery
Koeneman, W.R. 16y 9m 1day Inmate at Glenwood I.F.M.C 2/2/1907 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Epilepsy Glenwood State Cemetery
Kouhus, M.B. 17y 12days Inmate at Glenwood I.F.M.C 2/27/1907 Single Ohio Glenwood I.F.M.C Intestinal Obstruction Glenwood State Cemetery
Kruse, Emery H. 1m 3/29/1907 Single Iowa Oak Township Convulsions Mineola Cemetery
Kinney, Infant F 8m 8days 9/5/1907 Single Iowa Oak Township Stomach Trouble Silver City Cemetery
Kelley, James B. M 78y 4m 10days 10/19/1907 Married Ohio Glenwood Stomach Trouble Glenwood Cemetery
Kilpatrick, R.N. M 66y 9m 23days Farmer 9/13/1907 Married Ireland White Cloud Township Kicked by Horse Malvern Cemetery
Klafat, Chas M 23y Laborer 7/4/1907 Single Bohemia Plattsville Drowned Glenwood Cemetery
Kelley, Jas B. M 78y 4m 12days Harnes Maker 10/11/1907 Married Ohio Glenwood Chronic Ulceration of Stomach Glenwood Cemetery
Kelley, William M 74y 12/7/1907 Widow Ireland White Cloud Township Congestion of Stomach Glenwood Cemetery
Kenney, Mary E. F 56y 7m 26days 1/26/1908 Married Ohio Glenwood Jaundice Glenwood Cemetery
Karns, Celista F 16y 5m 1/30/1908 Single Iowa Malvern Pneumonia Malvern Cemetery
Kruse, Mary Vohs. F 56y 7m 26days 1/26/1908 Married Germany Ingraham Suicide Mineola Cemetery
Kocherperger, Anna M. F 58y 5m 24days 2/13/1908 Married New York Emerson Congestion of Lungs Emerson
Knox, Lee Otis M 16y 1day 5/18/1908 Single Iowa Glenwood I.F.M.C Osteomyelitis Glenwood State Cemetery
Source: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Family History Library Catalog, Microfilm # 1503210, item 4, Record of deaths v. 2 1898-1908
Data transcribed by Abigail Abeyta-Martin.

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