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This list was compiled in 1947 and was an attempt to chronicle information on all of the graduates of the St. Charles High School from 1893 through 1947. The list is not complete as determined by comparing the names in the 1895 class with the list herein. However, there is useful information on the 537 names that were compiled.


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Name Spouse Occupation 1947 Location Year of Graduation
Sanders, Roxie Crawford   New Virginia 1922
Sanders, Virginia Lowrey, Kay   California 1943
Sankey, Zella E. Downs, Frank E.     1895
Satre, Warren   Drives Ice Truck Des Moines 1944
Sayre, Ethel Kessler Teacher Iowa City 1900
Sayre, Ivan   Doctor St. Charles 1906
Sayre, Jack   Electrician Des Moines 1929
Sayre, Loren   Co. Supt. Winterset 1900
Sayre, Nydia W. McVay, James L. Housewife Des Moines 1914
Sayre, Rex     Davenport 1933
Schrivner, Robert   Farmer St. Charles 1907
Scrivner, Charles   Mechanical Inspector Illinois 1935
Scrivner, Grant   Farmer St. Charles 1931
Scrivner, Guy   Electrical Welder Waterloo 1935
Scrivner, Ivan   Farmer   1933
Scrivner, Joe   Farmer St. Charles 1942
Scrivner, Mary     St. Charles 1946
Scrivner, Ruth M. Smith, Dale F. Housewife Winterset 1930
Shannon, Doris     Prole 1940
Shearer, Audrey Burrow   St. Charles 1945
Sherfy, Elizabeth R. Fulton, Fred Housewife   1904
Shrives, Benjamin F.       1899
Shrivner, May     Des Moines 1940
Shutt, Agnes Nelson   Cedar Falls 1923
Shutt, Cleo   Farmer   1925
Shutt, Daisybelle   Telegraph Office Des Moines 1945
Shutt, Fon   Farmer Winterset 1923
Shutt, Garnetta Bumbarger, Hershel   Norwalk 1934
Shutt, John     Cleveland, Oh. 1903
Sidner, Kathryn     California 1914
Smith, Arlouine C. Hoskins, Deane F.     1935
Smith, Franklin   Student Drake 1943
Smith, Irma Scrivner, Guy   St. Charles 1939
Smith, Junion       1942
Smith, Lena Foglesong, Thomas W.   Des Moines 1916
Smith, Roy W.   Farmer St. Charles 1912
Smith, Winifred McDonnell   St. Mary's 1938
Smull, Howard     St. Charles 1946
Snider, Carroll   Farmer St. Charles 1931
Sprague, Ralph   Navy   1942
Sprawls, Blanche King     1902
Springer, Gilbert Ray       1901
Sprowles, Lester       1901
Stayton, Leta Frazier (Harlan)   California 1916
Steele, Flora Powers     1895
Stiles, Goldie Hervey     1901
Strable, Bertha Stout (Herbert)   Martinsdale 1929
Strable, Carrie     Des Moines 1921
Strable, Clifford   Farmer St. Mary's 1943
Strable, Garnetta Boughton (Hank)   Van Meter 1939
Strable, Grace Lull (Howard)   Patterson 1924
Strable, Helen Whitlow (Max)   St. Charles 1939
Strable, Paul   Farmer St. Charles 1936
Strable, Raymond   Army   1944
Strable, Rex     St. Charles 1946
Strable, Ruth Henson     1932
Strable, Wayne     California 1939
Strawn, Dale     St. Charles 1938
Strawn, Earnest   Teacher Drake 1919
Strawn, John   Farmer St. Charles 1934
Strawn, Ralph   Carghill Feed Mill Spencer 1933
Strawn, Ronald   Farmer St. Charles 1931
Strawn, Ruth Chapman (Dean)   Des Moines 1919
Strawn, Wayne     St. Charles 1946
Strawn, Wilmarie McDonald (Kenneth)   Winterset 1939
Stump, Odean McKnight   Liberty 1946
Sumner, Robert     Des Moines 1936
Switzer, Philip       1910
Switzer, Ruby I.       1921
Thomas, Beulah Downs (Cash)   St. Charles 1917
Thompson, Florence Anderson   Detroit 1929
Thompson, Helen       1923
Thompson, Mildred Swanson   Detroit 1932
Thompson, Pearl Conard   California 1916
Torrence, Melville     Des Moines 1924
Trumbower, Ray   Farmer Winterset 1933
Tuttle, Lyle   Farmer Indianola 1935
Tuttle, Merrill   Farmer St. Charles 1943
Tuttle, Vilna Kennedy (Donald)   St. Charles 1941
Vanatta, Willis   Jeweler   1899
Walker, Arlene     Des Moines 1940
Wallace, Hannah   Teacher Knoxville 1938
Wallace, Myrtle Martin      
Ward, Florence       1904
Ward, Mildred Knott Housewife   1904
Way, G. A.       1894
Wharff, Thelma Downs, Dwight   St. Charles 1939
Wiede, Martin   Teacher Bedford 1893
Wilson, Ralph       1935
Winters, Bruce     Des Moines 1927
Young, Bert   Farmer St. Charles 1906
Young, Emogene     Oakville 1926
Young, Flossie Black Housewife   1910
Young, Horace   Farmer St. Charles 1940
Young, Margaret Warner   Eureka, Ill. 1926
Young, Milton   Farmer St. Charles 1938
Young, Virgie Tuttle (Lyle)   Indianola 1941
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