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This list was compiled in 1947 and was an attempt to chronicle information on all of the graduates of the St. Charles High School from 1893 through 1947. The list is not complete as determined by comparing the names in the 1895 class with the list herein. However, there is useful information on the 537 names that were compiled.


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Name Spouse Occupation 1947 Location Year of Graduation
Addy, Francis   Nurse Oklahoma 1938
Addy, Walter     Oklahoma 1937
Anders, Roma       1938
Anderson, Alice   Missionary Egypt 1938
Anderson, Amanda I. Way (Harold C.)   Washington, D.C. 1920
Anderson, Boyd   Doctor Des Moines 1912
Anderson, Charles   Farmer St. Charles 1930
Anderson, E. P.       1894
Anderson, Gerald     St. Charles 1919
Anderson, James     St. Charles 1898
Anderson, Margaret Strater   Virginia 1923
Anderson, Paul   Veterans Hospital Des Moines 1920
Anderson, Suzie     Graham, Ks. 1895
Anderson, William   Lawyer New York 1913
Anderson, Wilma C. Edgar (John) United Fruit Company Panama 1933
Archer, Frank   Minister Colorado 1921
Archer, Gwendolyn Boren (Fred)    California 1923
Archer, Hazel Smith (George)   St. Charles 1918
Archer, Jennie Jesse (Joseph L.) Housewife   1897
Archer, Marguerite Frey (Harold Hatchery Winterset 1924
Armstrong, Boyd   Farmer St. Charles 1924
Armstrong, Dorothy   Insurance Company Des Moines 1946
Armstrong, Earl J.     Des Moines 1894
Armstrong, Earl J.     Des Moines 1896
Armstrong, G. P.       1894
Armstrong, Nina       1910
Armstrong, Ruth Smith (Russell W.)   Des Moines 1918
Armstrong, Walter       1897
Arnold, Harold   Mail Clerk Atlanta 1927
Arnold, John       1899
Atkins, Carrie M. Goering (Charles W.)   Des Moines 1923
Attig, Fred   Preacher   1906
Avery, Kate Berry (William)     1893
Barnes, Ed. H.       1899
Barnes, Lelia       1899
Barnes, Willie     Nebraska 1901
Barton, Carol Johnson (Rex)   Winterset 1919
Barton, Robert       1921
Beamer, Gertrude Shutt (Fon)   St. Charles 1924
Bean, Louie Picken (Joseph)   St. Charles 1900
Bell, Cris       1903
Benington, Donal   Farmer Ayreshire 1934
Bennington, Wilma     St. Charles 1939
Bishop, A. O.       1893
Bishop, Brada   Housewife   1913
Bishop, Ernest       1909
Bishop, Rachel Miller (Alva)   St. Charles 1915
Bishop, William     Exira 1919
Black, Belva     Massachusetts 1943
Black, Benjamin       1899
Black, Jeanne Minard (John)   Truro 1945
Black, Kenneth     Fort Des Moines 1938
Black, Laura D. Torrence (James M.)   Des Moines 1922
Black, Maxine Hedrick   Prole 1935
Black, Mildred Brandt (Raymond)   Winterset 1933
Blair, Frederick   Farmer St. Charles 1925
Blair, Georganna       1927
Blair, Rex     Arizona 1930
Boren, Robert     St. Charles 1940
Boughton, Elda     Des Moines 1939
Brandt, Kathryn Debok   Winterset 1931
Brandt, Raymond   Creamery Winterset 1933
Breeding, Carmen     Des Moines 1929
Breeding, Hershel       1926
Breeding, J. E.       1936
Breeding, Susan K. Martin (Junior)   Prole 1938
Bright, Mary Sones (George G.)   Indianola 1915
Brooks, Dale   Coloniel truck driver Des Moines 1922
Brooks, Dean   Store Clerk Norwalk 1934
Brooks, Delores Kale (Marvin)   Truro 1932
Brown, Carol Deane   Student Oskaloosa 1945
Brown, Donna   Teacher Oakland, Ia. 1942
Brown, Edward   Telegraph Operator   1911
Brown, Herbert     Cheyenne, Wy. 1921
Brown, Junior   Student Iowa City 1942
Brown, Mary Bell Frye, Harold   Pleasantville 1931
Brown, Wanda Hansen   Norwalk 1936
Browne, Donald   Mail Carrier St. Charles 1921
Browne, Mathew   Telegraph Operator   1909
Buchanan, Beulah Anderson (James H.) Housewife   1907
Buchanan, Chester   Farmer   1907
Buchanan, John   Farmer St. Charles 1901
Buchanan, Lucile       1926
Buchanan, Mabel Sayre (Loren)   Winterset 1901
Buchanan, Martha Dawson Housewife   1911
Burns, Harry   Lawyer   1894
Button, Clark       1929
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