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This list was compiled in 1947 and was an attempt to chronicle information on all of the graduates of the St. Charles High School from 1893 through 1947. The list is not complete as determined by comparing the names in the 1895 class with the list herein. However, there is useful information on the 537 names that were compiled.


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Name Spouse Occupation 1947 Location Year of Graduation
Calendar, Lillian       1937
Carey, Emma  Marlow   Des Moines 1941
Carlson, Arline   Housewife Ottumwa 1933
Carman, Cornelius       1924
Carman, Ernest     Cincinatti, Oh. 1897
Carman, Grace Breeding (Walter H.)     1901
Carpenter, William     Oklahoma 1921
Carter, Alberta Boggess (Fletcher J.)     1928
Carter, Clarence     Kansas 1939
Carter, Esther     Wichita, Ks. 1941
Carter, Harry   Farmer   1938
Carter, Thelma Jo Weller (Clarence)     1939
Chick, Bird   Retired St. Charles 1903
Childers, Virginia Davis (Lester)   Des Moines 1936
Clark, Agnes Crawford (Samuel)     1924
Clark, Cecile       1905
Clark, Francis     Mt. Ayr 1921
Clarke, Cleo Roby (Paul)   Truro 1943
Clarke, Dorothea   Clerk Des Moines 1945
Clarke, Edna Shreves (Delmar)   St. Charles 1937
Clarke, Ivan D.   Farmer Winterset 1941
Clarke, Lila Waller     1939
Clarke, Marvel   Drives Ice Truck Des Moines 1944
Clarke, Norma Jean Lunonm (Larry)   Des Moines 1941
Clements, Pearl     Tulsa, Ok. 1900
Coffan, John     California 1933
Coffman, Martha Thrift   California 1934
Collins, Donnie Johnston Housewife   1904
Conard, Addie     Des Moines 1925
Conard, Mabel Brewbaker   St. Charles 1916
Conard, Ruth Williams (Kenneth)   Sheldon, Ia. 1935
Conard, Ruth     Des Moines 1942
Corsbie, Edith     Des Moines 1926
Craig, Walter       1902
Crawford, Charlotte   Beauty Operator California 1940
Crawford, Clee   Clerk at Brittain's Winterset 1922
Crawford, Dorothy       1931
Crawford, Harriet     California 1941
Crawford, Perry     California 1913
Creger, Honor Reed (Fred)   Truro 1915
Creger, Reba     Washington, D.C. 1921
Croat, Agnes     Elma, Ia. 1919
Crossley, Cora       1895
Crossley, Evelyn Smith (Edward M.)     1894
Crow, Leon       1894
Cushing, Mark     Detroit 1923
Cushing, Pearle Schultz Teacher Stuart 1920
Cushing, Ralph       1927
Daggett, Eleanor Farlow (Myers B.)   Winterset 1935
Delong, Esther     Stuart 1935
Delong, Mary Bierma (Clarence)   Indianola, Ia. 1914
Dowler, Merlin   Truck Driver St. Charles 1943
Dowler, Raymond   Farmer Winterset 1935
Downs, Beatrice Clarke (Bill)   Winterset 1921
Downs, Cash   Carpenter St. Charles 1917
Downs, Charles   Farmer St. Charles 1942
Downs, Don   Farmer St. Charles 1926
Downs, Dorothy Mefford     1928
Downs, Dwight   Farmer St. Charles 1933
Downs, Florence Eichner   Van Meter 1935
Downs, Joy Belle   Insurance Company Des Moines 1946
Downs, Kenneth   Clerk St. Charles 1926
Downs, Mary Ann Sumner (Roy)   Des Moines 1945
Downs, Maye Crawford (Jess)   St. Charles 1917
Downs, Paul   Carpenter St. Charles 1937
Downs, Rex   Farmer Pitzer 1922
Downs, Walter       1902
Durand, Maribal     Des Moines 1943
Durand, Martha Lou       1939
Durham, Ferol Maine (Enoch)   Des Moines 1917
Durham, Mabel       1922
Eldridge, Opal   Housewife Winterset 1922
Epperson, Eleanor     Des Moines 1942
Ergenbright, Edna       1910
Erwin, Julia       1895
Erwin, Minnie     California 1898
Evans, Mary       1917
Farris, Mary       1910
Faust, Charles   Clerk St. Charles 1940
Faust, Claude   Barber   1930
Faust, Dean   Hoxie Fruit Company Chariton 1934
Faust, Ella   Teacher St. Mary's 1919
Faust, Fon     Marshalltown 1924
Faust, Forest   Farmer St. Charles 1926
Fee, Vernon   Army   1931
Fee, Willard       1935
Folwer, Lena F. Fredrickson (Clarence)     1920
Foster, W. F.       1899
Frazier, Lorene Neal   Des Moines 1922
Frederick, Eldon   Mechanic Winterset 1930
Fullmer, Maxine       1931
Fulton, Rose E. Wise (Pulski S.)   St. Charles 1916
Fulton, Ruby Williams   California 1928
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