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This list was compiled in 1947 and was an attempt to chronicle information on all of the graduates of the St. Charles High School from 1893 through 1947. The list is not complete as determined by comparing the names in the 1895 class with the list herein. However, there is useful information on the 537 names that were compiled.


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Name Spouse Occupation 1947 Location Year of Graduation
Gamble, Edythe Johnson (Phil)   St. Charles 1942
Gamble, Helen Howard (Bob)   St. Charles 1943
Garrett, Doyle     California 1933
Garrett, Kenneth   Store Clerk Lorimor 1928
Garrett, Nadine Krunz   Wisconsin 1934
Gates, Dale     Marshalltown 1931
Gates, Kathryn       1927
Gates, Rolland     California 1926
Gates, William     Marshalltown 1930
Geitner, Richard   Farmer St. Charles 1938
German, Harold   Store Clerk Winterset 1936
Gilbert, Leona Bishop (Walter) Hatchery Osceola 1922
Gillogly, Effie     Washington State 1900
Good, Loren     California 1934
Gray, Edna     Melbourne, Ia. 1918
Gray, Harry   Farmer St. Charles 1924
Grey, Ray   Farmer Winterset 1938
Gripp, Doris Reed (Fred)   Truro 1939
Gripp, Kenneth   Mechanic Des Moines 1927
Gripp, Leroy   Mechanic Des Moines 1932
Gripp, Lloyd     Des Moines 1937
Gripp, Lola V. Bennington (Donald R.)   Ayreshire 1931
Guilliams, C. C.       1898
Hadley, Lloyd       1930
Haines, Pete   Gas Staton St. Charles 1933
Hancock, John A.       1899
Hancox, Gertrude       1900
Harris, Lois   Insurance Company Des Moines 1944
Hartfield, Anna Rhodes (Ross)   Winterset 1920
Hasslinger, Henry   Hotel Manager Alhambra, Calif. 1915
Hatfield, Rachael       1923
Hatfield, Wayne   Navy   1942
Hathaway, Edith     Winterset 1933
Hathaway, Grace       1938
Haynes, Leona E. Harmon   Des Moines 1928
Hights, June Mathews (John)   St. Charles 1940
Hights, Mamie Haines (Peter)   St. Charles 1939
Hixon, Robert       1939
Holbrook, Madge       1921
Horton, Arlie   Retired   1907
Houston, Arnetha     Chicago, Ill. 1935
Houston, Mary     Des Moines 1936
Houston, Richard     Pontiac, Mich. 1943
Howard, Betty     Lorimor 1944
Howard, Earl     Oklahoma 1932
Howard, Elmer     Des Moines 1939
Howard, Orma   Teacher St. Charles 1916
Howard, Richard   Tire Company Des Moines 1941
Howard, Robert     St. Charles 1941
Howard, Wayne     Des Moines 1936
Howlette, Dale   Govt. work Des Moines 1918
Hughlin, Dale   Farmer St. Charles 1933
Huglin, Andrew   Banker Pennsylvania 1906
Hunt, Esther       1931
Hurlbert, Hazel       1922
Hurlbut, Esther Beck   Indianola 1924
Hurlbut, Grace Beck   Indianola 1928
Husted, Arthur   Dairy worker Des Moines 1942
Husted, Billie   Booster Station   1940
Husted, Carol     Knoxville 1943
Husted, Elaine Beverlin, James   Truro 1939
Huston, Paul       1927
Imes, Neil       1929
Imes, Newell     Omaha, Nebr. 1921
Imes, Ralph   Naval Officer   1931
Irwin, Cora Mueller     1894
Irwin, James       1894
Irwin, Julia Wallace   Osceola 1895
James, Donald   Air Lines - So. Amer. St. Charles 1922
James, Ethel Hammer   Indianola 1932
James, Everett A.   Radio Instructor California 1926
James, Leah Wheeler, George M. Housewife   1905
James, Mark       1921
James, P. F.       1899
James, Reva Smith, Hassel   Rock Island 1918
Jewell, Jeanne   Student Pella 1946
Johnson, Alice Mueller, Junior   California 1933
Johnson, Cleve       1906
Johnson, Dean   Mechanic California 1926
Johnson, Ella       1905
Johnson, Elva Weltzhumer   Pendleton, Or. 1912
Johnson, Fred       1907
Johnson, Rex   County Clerk Winterset 1919
Johnson, Sallie     St. Charles 1946
Johnston, Carrie E. Guilliams, Charles C.   St. Charles 1897
Johnston, Philip   Farmer St. Charles 1941
Jones, Irene       1924
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