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This list was compiled in 1947 and was an attempt to chronicle information on all of the graduates of the St. Charles High School from 1893 through 1947. The list is not complete as determined by comparing the names in the 1895 class with the list herein. However, there is useful information on the 537 names that were compiled.


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Name Spouse Occupation 1947 Location Year of Graduation
Kale, Audrey O. Johnson   Leigh 1925
Kale, Fern Balmer Housewife Oregon 1924
Kerr, Deane   Barber St. Charles 1934
Kerr, Irma Belle     Des Moines 1943
Killam, Arlene     Des Moines 1934
Killam, Ethlyn     Des Moines 1933
Killam, Helen M. Fisher   Des Moines 1930
Killam, Myrtle     Des Moines 1901
Killam, Norma F.     Des Moines 1927
Killam, Roy     Des Moines 1902
Killam, Welton   Farmer Rippey 1926
Kinaird, Lois Davis, Lester Store   1925
King, Charlotte Bolyard, Earnest   California 1937
King, Clarion   Dentist   1897
King, Geraldine Lathrum, Lester   Colfax 1931
King, Lenore Button, Dewey   California 1926
King, Madalyn Wright     1935
King, Milton     Calif. 1899
Kinnaird, Bonita       1928
Kinnaird, Dean     Creston 1937
Kinnaird, Everett       1918
Kinnaird, Inez D. Downs (David)     1920
Kinnaird, Wilma       1922
Kirby, Paul   Farmer St. Charles 1941
Knight, Betty Grace Coutts (George)   St. Charles 1935
Knight, Russell       1928
Knott, Della       1901
Knott, Thelma R. Franks, Doyle E.   Truro 1940
Knott, W. E.     Des Moines 1905
Lathrum, Alice Bea Lalliano, Eddie   Elwood City, Pa. 1940
Lathrum, Delores   Teacher Altoona 1940
Lathrum, Dorothy F. Smith, Ira S.   Boonesville 1937
Lathrum, Glen   Farmer St. Charles 1919
Lathrum, Leah     Sioux City 1934
Lathrum, Louis   Student Kansas City 1942
Lathrum, Mabel Anderson, Gilbert   Des Moines 1921
Lathrum, Robert   Farmer St. Charles 1944
Lathrum, Ruth Dixon, Lester   Des Moines 1919
Lathrum, Sammie   Farmer Winterset 1934
Law, Bessie       1899
Law, Charles       1895
Law, Mary R. Picken, Samuel C.   India 1900
Law, Samuel M.       1903
Layons, Flossie Hasslinger   California 1915
Lebo, E. A.       1905
Lee, R. W.   Farmer Wick 1898
Leggett, Dyle     St. Charles 1937
Leggett, Robert   Farmer St. Charles 1941
Leggett, Royce   Farmer St. Charles 1945
Leggett, Winifred Meilike, Carl     1935
Lindsley, Clyde       1925
Lindsley, Paul   Dairyman Michigan 1919
Little, Augusta       1897
Luddington, Lyle       1922
Luddington, Vernon     Des Moines 1925
Luke, Ruby   Telephone Operator Winterset 1930
Lynch, Homer   Produce business St. Charles 1931
Lyons, Ella       1899
Maine, Enoch     Des Moines 1915
Markley, Marie       1918
Martin, Bessie Burns     1894
Martin, Frank       1895
Martin, Junior   Farmer Prole 1936
Martin, Raymond   Farmer St. Charles 1941
Martin, S. A.   Teacher Dakota 1893
Mathews, Eldon     St. Charles 1939
Mathews, Ella Gene Fuson, Verle E.   Winterset 1940
Mathews, M. Catherine Addy, W. Wyman Nurse Winterset 1929
Mathews, Ruby Juanita Kellogg   California 1934
Maxwell, Mary Hylton, Win   New Virginia 1921
McCahill, S. S.     Miss. 1901
McClure, Boyd   Army   1945
McGinnis, Fon     Alabama 1921
McGinnis, Jewell McCrea, Herman   Norwalk 1919
McGinnis, Paul     Alabama 1918
McPherson, Fletcher     Omaha 1914
Meilike, Carl   Electrician Des Moines 1934
Meilike, Josephine   Airlines California 1940
Meilike, Kathleen   Nurse California 1939
Merryman, Bernice   Nurse   1929
Miller, Alva   Electric Shop St. Charles 1916
Miller, J. W.       1900
Miller, Pauline     Des Moines 1923
Millslagle, Estella J. Zumwalt Teacher   1913
Millslagle, Grace M. Sherfy, Floyd K. - Mr. Knott     1911
Millslegle, Carl       1906
Millslegle, Chester   Teacher   1906
Minard, Charles       1893
Minard, Clyde   Farmer Truro 1912
Minard, Ralph   Teacher   1907
Mitchell, Robert     Martensdale 1907
Mueller, Byron   Doctor LaHarp, Ill. 1927
Mueller, Catherine Sayer, Jack     1930
Mueller, Junior     California 1932
Murphy, Grace       1907
Murphy, Minnie     Indianola 1913
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