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This list was compiled in 1947 and was an attempt to chronicle information on all of the graduates of the St. Charles High School from 1893 through 1947. The list is not complete as determined by comparing the names in the 1895 class with the list herein. However, there is useful information on the 537 names that were compiled.


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Name Spouse Occupation 1947 Location Year of Graduation
Nash, Donald       1934
Neal, Beatrice Bishop, Walter   St. Charles 1918
Neal, Edith Winters   Sioux City 1916
Neal, Gladys O. Black, Loyd H. Housewife   1912
Neal, Iloe Eastman Housewife   1905
Neal, Jeannette Bishop, Charles     1940
Neuman, Maxine Shreves   California 1935
Newell, Betty        
Nicholson, Lavera Wilson   St. Charles 1934
Nicholson, Vaneta Wilson, Earl   Colorado 1937
Nickle, Myrtle Cox Housewife   1910
Nicoson, Fay Baugh Housewife Florida 1925
Nicoson, Fern Nixon, Noble   Des Moines 1923
Nicoson, Jessie P. Schoonover, Waterman T.   St. Charles 1902
Nixon, Joan       1931
Nixon, Joe     Minnesota 1895
Nixon, Leta     Wisconsin 1933
Nixon, Margaret       1932
Nixon, Yvonne Downs, Charles   St. Charles 1943
Orris, Barbara Jane Downs, Paul   St. Charles 1937
Osborne, Leo       1936
Packard, Ione Carman       1922
Pahre, Billie Bob   Truck Driver Des Moines 1940
Pahre, Gene   Student Iowa City 1943
Pahre, Helen Jones Housewife Des Moines 1931
Pahre, Warren     Des Moines 1936
Pahre, Wendell     Washington State 1930
Parker, Fred   Farmer Prole 1942
Parker, Lucille Cassady, Roy     1944
Patrick, Dick   Student Simpson 1941
Patrick, Don   Works on Pipe Line Glasgow, Ks. 1946
Payne, Veta Smith   Des Moines 1905
Peffley, Mae Faust Housewife St. Charles 1904
Phipps, Ellen Mills, Ralph   Winterset 1916
Picken, Agnes       1906
Picken, C. G.     Missionary 1904
Picken, Elaine     Des Moines 1932
Picken, Elizabeth Knott Housewife   1911
Picken, Frank     Des Moines 1911
Picken, Helen Browne, Herbert   Wyoming 1921
Picken, J. W.     St. Charles 1902
Picken, James     Chicago, Ill. 1901
Picken, Lizzie       1899
Picken, Maggie Buchanan     1904
Picken, Margaret   Housewife   1910
Picken, Margaret J. Buchanan, Chester R.   St. Charles 1904
Picken, Martha Richmond   Des Moines 1935
Picken, Myrtle C. Hayden, Walter W. Housewife St. Charles 1914
Picken, Robert J.       1899
Picken, Ruth   Housewife   1909
Picken, Samuel C.   Missionary India 1901
Picken, William       1905
Pickens, Elsie Zenor   Fort Dodge 1935
Pomeroy, Marjorie Allen   Des Moines 1932
Porter, Alberta     Gowrie 1940
Porter, Nola M. Collins   Wyoming 1934
Porter, Robert       1935
Porter, Wendell     California 1939
Prickett, Elma       1909
Proctor, Charles       1925
Proudfit, Merle       1903
Ralston, Jessie       1897
Ray, Max     Kansas 1935
Reed, Clarence       1922
Reed, Ivan   Painter St. Charles 1932
Reed, Jack     Des Moines 1938
Reed, Marie Fuggiti, Ray   Chicago, Ill. 1935
Reed, Wallace   Office worker Chicago, Ill. 1930
Roberts, Inez Johnson     1899
Roberts, Maude Tyler Housewife   1904
Roberts, Myra Minson, Edward   Los Angeles 1897
Roberts, Winnie     California 1906
Roby, Doyle     Truro 1916
Rodell, James   Airplane factory Des Moines 1925
Romback, Blanche M. Ray, Carl G. Housewife   1912
Romback, Fred   Farmer Indianola 1906
Romback, Grace Eva Carlson Housewife   1910
Romine, Nancy Cashman, Charles     1911
Rose, James   Navy Washington  1936
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