The information contained herein is drawn from two sources, the "Andreas Historical Atlas of Iowa, 1875" (A) and a yet to be identified addendum to a plat map book (B). For some individuals, nativity and/or settlement date did not always agree between the two sources. Information in blue font/brackets has been added by the Coordinator to clarify the names and was not part of the original record. This data was compiled by Judy Wight Branson.


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Name Occupation Post-Office Township Section Nativity Year Settled in County Source
Mabbitt, William Farmer Dexter Jackson 8 Rush Co. Ind. 1864 B
Mack, J. H. [James Hughes] Physician - Surgeon, Merchant Macksburg Grand River 16 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1856 A
Macumber, Andrew Farmer Winterset Lincoln 33 Vinton Co. Oh. 1853 A
Macumber, George Farmer Winterset Lincoln 34 Vinton Co. Oh. 1853 A
Marley, J. H. Farmer Macksburg Grand River 21 Chatham Co. N.C. 1853 A
Marquardt, F. Farmer - Stock Raiser Van Meter Jefferson 3 Germany 1872 A
Marquardt, H. Farmer - Stock Raiser Van Meter Jefferson 9 Germany 1874 A
Martin, Daniel S. Carpenter   Winterset   Lancaster Co. Pa. 1869 B
Maskal, O. Hotel Proprietor Peru Walnut   Alleghany Co. N.Y. 1851 B
Mastin, William H. Farmer Winterset Lincoln 5 Henry Co. Ky. 1853 A
McBride, M. Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 22 Dubartonshire, Scotland 1851 B
McCabe, Wesley Farmer Dexter Penn 29 Burlington Co. N.J. 1863 A
McCabe, Wesley Farmer Dexter Penn 29 Monmouth Co. N.J. 1869 B
McCaughan & Dabney Attorneys - Real Estate Brokers Winterset         A
McClitic, L. D. American & Italian Marble Dealer Winterset     Monroe Co. Va. 1873 A
McConnelee, D. Farmer - Stock Dealer Winterset Scott 17 Ashland Co. Oh. 1856 A
McConnelee, William  Farmer Winterset Scott 17 Washington Co. N.Y. 1856 A
McDaniel, F. M. Farmer Winterset Douglas 1 Montgomery Co. Ind. 1852 A
McDonald, Thomas Farmer Winterset Douglas 21 Washington Co. Pa. 1868 A
McKibben, Joseph Farmer Winterset Lincoln 34 Clinton Co. Oh. 1864 A
McKibben, Lewis Farmer Clanton Lincoln 34 Clinton Co. Oh. 1869 A
McKibben, William Farmer Earlham Madison 5 Wabash Co. Ind. 1858 A
McLaughlin, J. D. Farmer Winterset Union 28 Milwaukee, Wisc. 1852 B
McLeod, J. Stonecutter Winterset     Scotland 1855 A
McManus, Felix General Variety Store Bevington Crawford 25 Co. Down, Ire. 1852 A
McMichael, Jas. Farmer Bevington Crawford 24 Co. Antrim, Ire. 1863 A
McMillen, John Farmer - Merchant Winterset Lincoln 1 Alleghany Co. Pa. 1869 A
Mease, Lewis Farmer Ohio Walnut 24 Centre Co. Pa. 1857 A
Miller, G. Farmer Winterset Union 2 Princeton, Germany 1866 A
Mills, David Farmer - Stock Raiser Earlham Madison 9 Hendricks Co. Ind. 1854 A
Mitchell, J. J. Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 5 Vermillion Co. Ill. 1855 A
Mitchell, M. N. Farmer Winterset Webster 3 Dauphin Co. Pa. 1868 A
Mitchell, William D. Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 4 Vermillion Co. Ill. 1855 A
Moody, I. W. Farmer - Justice of the Peace Winterset Douglas 35 Knox Co. Oh. 1856 A
Moore, T. L. [Thomas Lindsey] Farmer Winterset Lincoln 20 Scott Co. W. V. 1852 A
Moorman, T. C. Farmer Prairie Grove Walnut 25 Green Co. Oh. 1856 A
Morgan, J. C.  [Jacob C./O.] Publisher of Winterset News Winterset     Sangamon Co. Ill. 1868 A
Morgan, J. O.  [Jacob C./O.] Editor of Winterset News Newspaper   Winterset   Sangamon Co. Ill. 1845 B
Morgan, Oliver Farmer St. Charles South 25 Monongahela Co. Va. 1853 A.
Morton, L. M. Farm Impliment Dealer Winterset     Licking Co. Oh. 1869 A
Moser, O. A. Abstracts - Loans Winterset     Northampton Co. Pa. 1854 A
Murphy, H. Farmer Dexter Penn 21 Bureau Co. Ill. 1870 A
Murray, James Blacksmith   Winterset   Centre Co. Pa. 1854 B
Musgrave, Jas. Farmer Winterset Douglas 1 Wayne Co. S.C. 1852 A
Musson, Thomas F. Farmer - Shipper Earlham Penn 12 Lincolnshire, Eng. 1867 A
Myers, Jonathan Farmer Winterset Douglas 26 Montgomery Co. N.Y. 1850 B
Myers, Michael Farmer Macksburg Grand River 34 Rockingham Co. Va. 1856 A
Needs, Mark Farmer Clanton Monroe 11 Devonshire, Eng. 1868 A
Newlon, W. C. Real Estate Broker Winterset     Jefferson Co. Oh. 1854 A
Newton, S. J. Farmer Winterset Union 33 Marion Co. Ia. 1854 A
Nichols, G. T. Farmer - Stock Raiser Earlham Madison 33 Lawrence Co. Ind. 1853 A
Norris, John Farmer Winterset Douglas 23 Chemung Co. N.Y. 1865 B
Oglesbee, D. Farmer Macksburg Monroe 18 Logan Co. Oh. 1873 A
Oldham, Andrew Farmer Winterset Madison 35 Fayette Co. Pa. 1857 B
Oldham, J. Farmer Winterset Douglas 10 Fayette Co. Pa. 1857 A
Osborn, M. Salesman for J. H. Mack Macksburg Grand River 9 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1873 A
Osborn, Wm. Farmer Macksburg Grand River 6 Keokuk Co. Ia. 1856 A
Palmer, Charles Farmer - Stock Raiser Winterset Monroe 13 Kennebec Co. Me. 1868 A
Palmer, D. B. Farmer - Carpenter Winterset Monroe 25 Kennebec Co. Me. 1869 A
Parker, M. J. Farmer Winterset     Bedford Co. Vt. 1865 A
Parkins, J. K. Railroad & Building Contractor Earlham Madison 18 England 1867 A
Parlin, C. W. Boot - Shoe Dealer Winterset     Somerset Co. Me. 1873 A
Patterson, Alex. Farmer - Grain Dealer Patterson Crawford 29 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1869 A
Patterson, John A. Farmer Macksburg Grand River 12 Fayette Co. Pa. 1869 A
Patterson, R. A. Farmer - County Surveyor Winterset Lincoln 2 Putnam Co. Ill. 1870 A
Paxton, George Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 7 Rockford Co. Va. 1870 A
Payton, B. W. [Benj. Wesley] Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 5 Blockford Co. Ind. 1866 A
Payton, B. W. [Benj. Wesley] Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 6 Delaware Co. Ind. 1866 B
Payton, Joseph M. Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 6 Union Co. Ind. 1865 A
Pearson, S. H.  Farmer Macksburg Grand River 29 Madison Co. Ia. 1854 B
Perkins, E. G. [Erastus Gidden] Farmer Maple Grove Jackson 35 Vermont 1857 A
Perkins, E. G. [Erastus Gidden] Farmer - Postmaster Maple Grove Jackson 35 Windsor Co. Vt. 1857 B
Perkins, Elijah Farmer Winterset Lincoln 14 Sullivan Co. N.H. 1849 A
Perkins, Isaac Farmer DeSoto Jefferson 19 Clinton Co. Oh. 1861 A
Peters, A. M. Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Madison 11 Grand Isle, Vt. 1869 A
Peters, A. M. Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Penn 11 Grand Isle, Vt. 1850 B
Phillips, John Farmer Winterset Jackson 11 Coshocton Co. Oh. 1857 A
Phillips, L. Farmer Winterset Union 11 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1854 A
Phipps, James Farmer St. Charles South 35 Grayson Co. Va. 1851 A
Pierce, A. Farmer - Stock Raiser Booneville Jefferson 12 Franklin Co. Oh. 1867 A
Pindell, Cass Farmer Macksburg Grand River 3 Brown Co. Oh. 1873 A
Pinkney, J. W. Farmer Macksburg Grand River 11 Schoharle Co. N.Y. 1869 A
Pitzer, J. M.   Winterset     Jefferson Co. Ia. 1850 A
Pitzer, John A. General Merchandise   Winterset   Washington Co. Pa. 1868 B
Polk, M. Farmer - Stock Breeder Winterset Scott 8 Scott Co. Ky. 1873 B
Pope, Henry Farmer Booneville Lee 20 Highland Co. Oh. 1872 A
Potter, J. H. Minister   Winterset   Alleghany Co. N.Y. 1855 B
Price, H. C. Millinary - Fancy Goods Winterset     Broome Co. N.Y. 1872 A
Proctor, B. F. Farmer - Stock Grower Macksburg Grand River 12 Hamilton Co. Ill. 1874 A
Purcell, A. Farmer Winterset Union 9 Knox Co. Oh. 1871 A
Pursell, Benjamin Farmer Winterset Union 35 Richmond, Va. 1868 A
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