The information contained herein is drawn from two sources, the "Andreas Historical Atlas of Iowa, 1875" (A) and a yet to be identified addendum to a plat map book (B). For some individuals, nativity and/or settlement date did not always agree between the two sources. Information in blue font/brackets has been added by the Coordinator to clarify the names and was not part of the original record. This data was compiled by Judy Wight Branson.


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Name Occupation Post-Office Township Section Nativity Year Settled in County Source
Jackson, J. C. Farmer - Stock Raiser Earlham Madison 5 Wayne Co. Ind. 1869 A
Jellison, P. W.  [Paul Warren] City Mayor Winterset     Augusta, Maine 1869 A
Jessup, Lewis Farmer Macksburg Grand River 8 Stokes Co. N.C. 1859 A
Johnson, A. Physician Earlham Madison   Wayne Co. Ind. 1854 B
Johnson, A. Physician - Surgeon Earlham Madison   Wayne Co. Ind. 1869 A
Johnson, C. W.  Farmer Clanton Monroe 2 Mercer Co. Pa. 1858 A
Johnson, J. D. Farmer Booneville Lee 22 Green Co. Pa. 1872 A
Johnson, N. Photographer   Winterset   Saratoga Co. N.Y. 1856 B
Johnson, N. W. Farmer - Stock Dealer Booneville Lee 18 Buenos Ayres, S. A. 1863 A
Jolliffe, J. M. [John Morgan] Farmer Macksburg Grand River 2 Marion Co. W.V. 1871 A
Jones, E. W. Dry Goods Merchant Winterset     Wales 1868 A
Jones, H. P. Farmer - Carpenter - Contractor Van Meter Jefferson 28 Urbana, Oh. 1844 B
Jones, J. T. Farmer Winterset Scott 28 Mason Co. Ky. 1864 A
Keffer, G. D. Tinsmith   Winterset   Ashtabula Co. Oh. 1869 B
Kellogg, M. Farmer Winterset Scott 5 Butler Co. Oh. 1855 A
Kelly, Peter Farmer Booneville Lee 10 Co. Down, Ire. 1868 A
Kendig, A. J. [Andrew Jackson] Dealer in Sew. Mach. - Ag'l. Implem.   Winterset   Lancaster Co. Pa. 1854 B
Kennedy, O. P. Street Commissioner   Winterset   Jay Co. Ind. 1868 B
Kennedy, Thomas Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 26 Ireland 1861 A
Kennedy, Wm. Farmer - Stock Raiser Patterson Crawford 34 Co. Derry, Ire. 1856 A
Kindle, James Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 6 Brown Co. Oh. 1869 A
Kindle, Joseph Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 6 Brown Co. Oh. 1869 A
Kirk, J. B. Farmer Winterset Scott 21 Kentycky 1854 B
Kirkland, S. D. Farmer - Lumber Dealer Winterset Douglas 14 Mercer Co. Ky. 1853 B
Kirkpatrick, A. B. [Andrew B.] Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 13 Adams Co. Oh. 1858 B
Kirkpatrick, A. B. [Andrew B.] Farmer - Stock Raiser Van Meter Jefferson 13 Adams Co. Oh. 1861 A
Kirkwood, J. O.  Hotel   Winterset   Champaign Co. Oh. 1858 B
Kirkwood, J. O.  Proprietor of Kirkwood House Winterset     Champaign Co. Oh. 1856 A
Kivett, W. M. Farmer Wells Grand River 6 Randolph Co. N.C. 1855 A
Klingman, John Farmer - Stock Raiser Winterset Madison 34 Centre Co. Pa. 1867 A
Knight, M. A.  [Merrill Augustus] Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 7 Grand Isle, Vt. 1850 B
Koehler, W. L. Farmer Dexter Penn 28 Holmes Co. Oh. 1867 A
Krell, A. C.  Farmer Pleasant View Webster 26 Germany 1869 A
L. J. Harris Farmer - Stock Raiser Clanton Monroe 15 Greene Co. Oh. 1851 A
Laird, James R. R. Stone Contractor Earlham Madison   Beaver Co. Pa. 1858 B
Laird, James Proprietor of Bear Creek Stone Quarry Earlham Madison   Beaver Co. Pa. 1869 A
Landers, H. Farmer - Stock Raiser Patterson Crawford 31 Putnam Co. Ind. 1855 A
Landers, John Farmer - Stock Dealer Winterset Scott 2 Campbell Co. Va. 1855 A
Landis, I. N.  [Isaac Newton] Farmer Winterset Scott 36 Madison Co. Ind. 1853 A
Landis, Joseph Farmer Winterset Scott 36 Fayette Co. Pa. 1853 A
Laughlin, Peter Farmer Booneville Lee 4 Co. Mayo, Ire. 1862 A
Lee, C. P. [Commodore Perry] Furniture Dealer Winterset     Bartholomew Co. In. 1856 A
Lee, Harvey Farmer Winterset Union 2 Warren Co. Oh. 1855 A
Lee, W. O. Ins. Agent, Farmers Insurance Macksburg Grand River 9 Livingston Co. N.Y. 1859 A
Lehman, D. M. Farmer Commerce Mills Lee 12 Lancaster Co. Pa. 1866 A
Lenocker, G. F. Farmer Dexter Penn 29 Stark Co. Oh. 1868 A
Lenocker, J. B. Farmer - Stock Castrator Dexter Penn 19 Switzerland  1870 A
Leonard, B. Attorney-at-Law   Winterset   Knox Co. Oh. 1858 B
Leonard, J. [John] Attorney-at-Law   Winterset   Knox Co. Oh. 1858 B
Leonard, W. L. Physician - Surgeon Winterset Lincoln 2 Knox Co. Oh. 1859 A
Leverich, G. W. Farmer St. Charles South 10 Gentry Co. Mo. 1853 A
Lewis, John Farmer Kasson Monroe 29 Ray Co. Tenn. 1855 A
Lewis, W. H. Nurseryman - Florist Winterset     Chautauque Co. N.Y. 1864 A
Lindsey, M. E. Farmer Dexter Penn 7 Delaware Co. N.Y. 1861 B
Link, John M. Farmer De Soto Madison 24 Rush Co. Ind. 1874 A
Linn, Henry Farmer Dexter Jackson 18 Morrow Co. Oh. 1867 A
Linn, Henry Farmer Dexter Jackson 10 Morrow Co. Oh. 1868 B
Linton, E. F. Physician Dexter Jackson   Bucks Co. Pa. 1850 B
Loehr, N. W. Farmer Winterset Lincoln 32 Hancock Co. Ind. 1862 A
Long, J. C. Hotel Keeper Patterson Crawford 29 Harris Co. Ind. 1864 A
Lorimor, A. W. [Alexander W.] Farmer - Wool Grower - Stock Raiser Winterset Lincoln 14 Washington Co. Pa. 1856 A
Lorimor, Benjamin F. Farmer Winterset Lincoln 22 Washington Co. Pa. 1854 A
Loudenback, R. Farmer Earlham Penn 14 Shenandoah Co. Va. 1869 A
Love, J. D. Dry Goods - Grocery Dealer Macksburg Grand River 16 Surry Co. N.C. 1864 A
Love, T. S. Farmer Winterset Union 10 Belmont Co. Oh. 1867 B
Lowe, J. A. Farm Tools - Seeds Winterset     Rush Co. Ind. 1872 A
Ludlow, W. O. [William Oliver] Farmer - Sheriff   Winterset   Muscatine Co. Ia. 1857 B
Ludlow, W. O. [William Oliver] County Sheriff Winterset     Muscatine Co. Ia. 1857 A
Lukeart, C.  [Charles Conrad] Farmer Winterset Lincoln 13 Ross Co. Oh. 1868 A
Lynch, James Farmer Bevington Lee 36 Highland Co. Oh. 1847 A
Lynch, P. S. [Peter S.] Contractor - Builder Winterset Scott 11 Fayette Co. Pa. 1854 A


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