The information contained herein is drawn from two sources, the "Andreas Historical Atlas of Iowa, 1875" (A) and a yet to be identified addendum to a plat map book (B). For some individuals, nativity and/or settlement date did not always agree between the two sources. Information in red font has been added by the Coordinator to clarify the names and was not part of the original record. This data was compiled by Judy Wight Branson.


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Name Occupation Post-Office Township Section Nativity Year Settled in County Source
Rankin, James Farmer De Soto Jefferson 19 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1858 A
Rankin, James Farmer De Soto Jefferson 19 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1858 B
Rawlings, E. S. Carpenter - Joiner Macksburg Grand River 16 Jefferson Co. Ind. 1853 A
Rawlings, T. R. Farmer Macksburg Grand River 38 Scott Co. Ind. 1853 B
Read, John Farmer Winterset Lincoln 14 Bedfordshire, Eng. 1855 A
Reasoner, John Farmer - Wool Grower Winterset Monroe 24 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1865 A
Rees, D. F. Blacksmith   Winterset   Springborough, Oh. 1852 B
Rees, John Farmer Dexter Jackson 9 Champaign Co. Oh. 1858 A
Rehard, L. H. Farmer Winterset Webster 13 Coshocton Co. Oh. 1865 A
Reigle, Jacob Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 26 Northcumberland Co. Pa. 1854 B
Reigle, Samuel Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 26 Harrison Co. Oh. 1854 B
Reimann, Julius Farmer - Stock Raiser Van Meter Jefferson 25 Prussia 1860 A
Renshaw, Leonidas R. Farmer De Soto Jefferson 21 Monongahela Monongalia Co. Va. 1852 B
Renshaw, Sylvester Farmer De Soto Jefferson 21 Fayette Co., Pennsylvania Ind.  1852 B
Rhyno, James Andrew Farmer Winterset South 27 Wythe Co. Va. 1851 B
Rhyno, Thomas Jefferson Farmer - Stock Dealer Winterset South 32 Wythe Co. Va. 1850 B
Richmond, David Farmer Pleasant View Webster 23 Switzerland Co. Ind. 1855 A
Roberts, G. W. Farmer - Stock Dealer Booneville Lee 17 Grafton Co. N.H. 1854 A
Roberts, Thomas Physician - Surgeon St. Charles South   Muskingum Co. Oh. 1874 A
Robertson & Willoughby Prop's. Earlham Stone & Lime Quarry Des Moines, Ia. Madison 3     A
Robertson, Stephen Farmer Prairie Grove Ohio 31 Prince William Co. Va. 1870 A
Robinson, M. Farmer Winterset Scott 29 Washington Co. Va. 1852 A
Rogers, Lewis Farmer - Stock Dealer Winterset Scott 16 Johnson Co. Ind. 1871 A
Rollstin, Andrew Jackson Farmer Winterset Scott 21 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1857 A
Rollstin, Porter Farmer Winterset Scott 21 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1857 A
Rose, D. H. Farmer - Stock Raiser De Soto Jefferson 5 Warren Co. Va. 1854 A
Rose, George Farmer - Postmaster North River Jackson 5 Montgomery Co. Ill. 1852 A
Rose, John Farmer North River Jackson 6 Montgomery Co. Ill. 1852 A
Ross, S. A. Farmer Winterset Scott 10 Warren Co. Oh. 1857 A
Rowe, Martin Farmer - Stock Grower Macksburg Grand River 15 Washington Co. Pa. 1866 A
Ruby & Murray Attorneys-at-Law Winterset     Ohio 1852 A
Ruby, William Beatty Farmer Winterset     Bedford Co. Pa. 1852 A
Runkle, John M. Farmer - Stock Raiser Winterset South 7 Bartholomew Co. In. 1851 A
Runkle, Thos. Farmer Winterset South 7 Culpepper Co. Va. 1851 B
Rutledge, A. M. Farmer Winterset Douglas 29 New York 1864 A
Schnellbacher, John Farmer Pleasant View Webster 13 Germany 1855 A
Schoen, Ferdinand William L. Farmer Winterset Jefferson 35 Germany 1857 B
Schoepflin, Martin Farmer Winterset Jackson 36 Germany 1862 B
Schoepflin, William Farmer Winterset Jackson 36 Germany 1862 B
Seevers, A. Farmer - Fruit Grower Winterset Union 32 Jefferson Co. Oh. 1864 A
Seymour, Timothy Farmer Winterset Scott 20 Trumbull Co. Oh. 1864 A
Shambaugh, Adam Hetzler Farmer Booneville Jefferson 12 Harrison Co. Oh. 1867 B
Sharp, Townsend Farmer Macksburg Grand River 18 Morrow Co. Oh. 1869 A
Shaver, Daniel Farmer St. Charles South 4 Roanoke Co. Va. 1851 A
Shaver, George Farmer St. Charles South 4 Roanoke Co. Va. 1851 A
Shaw, Anderson Farmer Pleasant View Webster 26 Brown Co. Oh. 1872 B
Shaw, J. T. Farmer De Soto Jefferson 18 Clay Co. Nev. 1861 A
Shearer, Jeremiah Farmer Winterset Lincoln 36 Guernsey Co. Oh. 1866 A
Sheldon, Marson Reed Farmer Winterset Monroe 15 Bennington Co. Vt. 1868 A
Sherman, Clark Frederick Farmer Dexter Jackson 4 Sweden 1859 B
Shreve, Jonah Farmer Bevington Crawford 13 Tippecanoe Co. Oh. 1849 B
Shreves, Jonah Farmer - Stock Raiser Bevington Crawford 13 Tippecanoe Co. Oh. 1849 A
Shriver, William R. Carriage - Wagon Shop Winterset     Columbiana Co. Oh. 1854 A
Shultz, Andrew Farmer Macksburg Grand River 20 Berne, Switzerland 1856 A
Shultz, J. T. Livery- Feed & Sale Stable Winterset     Coshocton Co. Oh. 1859 A
Simmons, A. R. Farmer - Stock Dealer Ohio Walnut 12 Fayette Co. Pa. 1867 A
Simonds, James Farmer - Stock Raiser Dexter Penn 18 Niagara Co. N.Y. 1869 A
Sloan, A. H. Money Broker Winterset     Harrison Co. Oh. 1871 A
Smith, A. B. Physician - Surgeon   Winterset   Coshocton Co. Oh. 1857 B
Smith, E. C. Farmer Booneville Lee 19 Washington Co. Pa. 1869 A
Smith, George Farmer Dexter Jackson 6 Clark Co. Oh. 1868 A
Smith, J. A. Minister   Winterset   Licking Co. Oh. 1870 B
Smith, John Fletcher County Recorder Winterset     Morgan Co. Ill. 1854 A
Smith, James Farmer Winterset Lincoln 10 Coshocton Co. Oh. 1869 A
Smith, John J. Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 10 Akron, Oh. 1866 B
Smith, Jonathan Farmer Van Meter Jefferson 14 Essex Co. N.Y. 1850 B
Smith, Jonathan Farmer - Stock Raiser Van Meter Jefferson 14 Essex Co. N.Y. 1867 A
Smith, Josiah Farmer - Stonemason Winterset Jefferson 29 Switzerland Co. Ind. 1853 A
Smith, L. N. Farmer - Stock Raiser Booneville Lee 18 Grafton Co. N.H. 1857 B
Smith, L. N. Farmer - Wool Grower Booneville Lee 18 Grafton Co. N.H. 1857 A
Smith, Patrick Farmer Bevington Crawford 14 Co. Cavan, Ire. 1856 A
Smoot, J. W. Farmer Winterset Lincoln 32 Fleming Co. Ky. 1855 A
Speer, A. S. Farmer Winterset Jackson 12 Lawrence Co. Ind. 1853 A
Spence, John Farmer Winterset Jackson 14 Scotland 1869 A
Spencer, S. W. Farmer Macksburg Grand River 28 Cambria Co. N.Y. 1869 B
Sprague, Porter B. Dry Goods Merchant Winterset     Franklin Co. Oh. 1864 A
Stanton, David Farmer Earlham Penn 2 Belmont Co. Oh. 1856 B
Stewart, Robert William Farmer - Blacksmith Earlham Jackson 11 Trumbull Co. Oh. 1860 B
Stewart, Thos. Farmer Earlham Jackson 2 Washington Co. Pa. 1855 A
Stiles, Thomas Williamson Farmer Patterson South 3 Indiana 1859 B
Stone, Thomas Allen Farmer Wells Webster 30 Gibson Co. Ind.  1866 A
Storck, G. Farmer - Stock Raiser Van Meter Jefferson 9 Germany 1870 A
Storck, George Farmer De Soto Madison 13 Germany 1848 B
Storck, George Farmer De Soto Madison 13 Germany 1870 A
Stout, E.  Farmer - Stock Raiser Patterson Crawford 31 Bartholomew Co. In. 1863 A
Sturman, John B. Cancer Doctor   Winterset   Hampshire Co. Va. 1847 B
Sturman, W. Farmer Winterset Union 9 Hampshire Co. Va. 1848 A
Sulgrove, Emanuel Farmer Winterset Douglas 9 Marion Co. Ind. 1853 B


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