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Shown below are veterans of the Viet Nam War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa.
County Coordinator's Note:  The data listed herein is primarily a list of those who served. Information regarding Service Branch, and other data was generally unavailable.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on the veterans or descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.



Service Branch

Service Record

Neal, Steven    
Newton, Marvin    
Newton, Richard    
Nielsen, Carl    
Oldham, David    
Olson, Keith    
Osborn, Alan    
Osborn, Robert G.    
Palmer, Ronald L.    
Parker, Russell    
Paull, George William, Jr.    
Paullin, Daniel    
Paullin, Rex    
Pender, Jeffrey    
Penick, Rodney    
Percy, Larry    
Peterson, Charles    
Peterson, Harold    
Pettit, Harry    
Pettit, Richard    
Phillips, Larry    
Phillips, Stephen    
Porter, Gary    
Pratt, George W.    
Price, Willard    
Purscell, Lavern Dale US Army Enlisted 03 Nov 1958, discharged 31 Oct 1979
Purscell, Leon W.    
Purscell, Lester Orlo    
Purscell, Lorn    
Putney, Henry    
Raber, Daniel    
Ralston, William R.    
Rambow, Phillip    
Read, Jerald    
Reed, Larry    
Rehard, John    
Ridout, Gary Lee US Army  
Rinard, Duane R. US Army Master Sergeant 1st Class
Rink, Bartholemew    
Rink, Donald E.    
Rink, Ronald E.    
Ripperger, Dean    
Roach, Martin    
Rockey, Herbert    
Rogers, James    
Rogers, Jerry    
Root, Elton A.    
Ross, Thomas    
Rouse, Fred    
Rucker, Carl, Jr.    
Russell, Larry    
Ruth, Cheryl H.    
Ruth, Joseph Hugh    
Schnoor, Paul    
Schutz, Don    
Schwabe, Dennis    
Scoles, James    
See, Alan    
See, James    
Seibert, Walter    
Shambaugh, James    
Shambaugh, Michael    
Shearer, Gary    
Shoesmith, Roger    
Simmons, Dennis    
Smith, Frederick    
Smith, Jimmie R.    
Smith, Robert C. US Army

KIA 07 Feb 1970

Smith, Russell    
Smith, William    
Spencer, Jerry    
Spencer, Larry H.    
Spencer, Lee    
Spera, John    
Standing, Jerry    
Stephens, Rendall    
Stephenson, Norman    
Stephenson, Ryan    
Stephenson, Tony    
Stewart, James    
Stewart, John    
Stout, David W.    
Stowell, John    
Stowell, Roger L.    
Strawn, Dennis    
Strawn, Thomas    
Street, Dale R.    
Strong, Charles    



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