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Shown below are veterans of the Viet Nam War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa.
County Coordinator's Note:  The data listed herein is primarily a list of those who served. Information regarding Service Branch, and other data was generally unavailable.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on the veterans or descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.



Service Branch

Service Record

Jackson, James    
Jackson, Jerry    
Jacobe, Earle    
Jacobs, Gayle E.    
Jamison, Arthur L.    
Jeffs, Terry    
Jensen, Christopher    
Jensen, Wilbur    
Jobst, Paul    
Johnson, Allen David   WWII, Korea
Johnson, Charles D.    
Johnson, Perry W.    
Johnson, Robert    
Johnston, James    
Jones, Ervin    
Jones, Rodney U.S. Navy

Enlisted 13 Jan 1967, discharged 12 Dec 1972, served on USS Blueback (SS-581)

Jones, Russell    
Jordan, Dennis W.    
Kenoyer, Billy D.    
Kenoyer, Bobby    
Kephart, Alvin, Jr.    
Kephart, Jerry Lee    
Kerns, John Ersal    
Kerr, Randy    
Kiddoo, Ralph    
King, Leo P.    
Kinkennon, Jack    
Kirkland, Carl    
Kirkland, Ronald    
Klemm, James M.    
Klug, Keith    
Klug, Sidney    
Koboldt, Kenneth    
Kohler, Roger    
Lampe, Gary    
Lane, Charles    
Lawless, David K.    
Leggett, Ronald E. US Air Force Retired in 1977 as Master Sergeant
Leonard, Ronald    
Leutzinger, Jack    
Libby, Marvin    
Lillie, Michael    
Little, Dennis    
Love, Daniel    
Love, Linda Kay    
Luckinbill, David    
Lull, Russell G.    
Lull, Steven    
Lynch, Thomas M.    
Lytton, Gary    
Maltage, Donald    
Mapes, Gail    
Mapes, Leland    
Marsh, John    
Marsh, Richard    
Marston, John    
McClelland, Gary    
McClure, David    
McClurg, John L.    
McClurg, Rogert    
McCoy, Danny    
McDaniel, Richard    
McDonald, Dennis J US Army Specialist 4th Class
McDonald, Jerry    
McDonald, Thomas B.    
McFarland, Delbert    
McFarland, James    
McKee, Maurice    
McKinzie, Kenneth    
McKinzie, Raymond C.    
Mease, Martin    
Mease, Robert D.    
Menke, Richard    
Mercer, Carl    
Merical, Floyd R.    
Miles, Milo J.    
Miles, Phillp D.    
Millen, Anne E.    
Miller, Eugene    
Milligan, Earl    
Mills, Charles    
Mills, Philip C.    
Miner, Dennis J.    
Miner, Reginald    
Miner, Woodrow, Jr.    
Mitchell, William    
Monroe, Leroy William, Jr. US Army Private First Class, enlisted 10 Aug 1972, discharged 05 Apr 1977
Moore, Charles    
Moore, Jerry    
Moorman, Herbert    
Morey, Cloyd    
Morrison, Dale G.    
Morrison, Michael    
Morrison, Terry L.    
Morrison, Terry W.    
Morrow, Bonnie Murphy    
Myers, James    



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