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Shown below are veterans of the Viet Nam War known to have resided in Madison County, Iowa.
County Coordinator's Note:  The data listed herein is primarily a list of those who served. Information regarding Service Branch, and other data was generally unavailable.  The County Coordinators are therefore reliant on the veterans or descendants for obtaining data for this list.  Your inputs are encouraged and welcome.


Name Service Branch Service Record
Daniels, Arthur    
Darrell, Robert D.    
Davis, Dennis    
Davis, Gary    
Decker, Donnie    
Decker, Ronnie    
Derrickson, Bobby    
Derrickson, Larry    
Devine, John    
DeWitt, Donald    
Dillinger, William A.    
Dixon, Richard    
Dooley, Michael    
Dorrell,Ronnie, Jr.    
Downing, Antone    
Drake, Dorothy Ann    
Duff, Gail    
Duff, Lynn M.    
Edgington, Charles    
Edwards, Gary    
Eivins, Arnold F.    
Eivins, Harvey    
Eivins, Robert E.    
Elben, Bruce    
Evison, Carol    
Eyerly, Wayne    
Farlow, Eugene    
Farlow, Ralph    
Farlow, Randall    
Farlow, Richard    
Faux, Byron, Jr.    
Faux, Jack Lee    
Fenimore, Charles    
Fenimore, Lee    
Fitch, Thomas    
Ford, Billie Jo    
Foreman, Alan    
Forsyth, Michael    
Foster, Michael    
Freed, Larry    
French, W. Bunker Upton

US Marines

Discharged in 1972
Gamble, John A.    
Ganoe, Bill    
Ganoe, James    
Garmon, Van Adrian, III    
Garrett, Phillip    
German, Gary    
Gifford, James Albertice

US Army

Retired as Major, served from 1943 to 1966
Gilleland, Duane    
Gilleland, Randal    
Gilman, Roger Lee

US Army

Goering, Ronnie    
Good, Douglas    
Good, Thomas    
Goodman, Jimmie    
Gordon, Larry D.    
Grandfield, Jack    
Greenwood, Gene    
Greenwood, Kris    
Griffith, Phillip    
Griswold, Jim    
Hagen, Billy    
Hagen, Dennis B.    
Hannon, Charles    
Harger, Don R.    
Harper, Joseph M.    
Harper, William L.    
Harrell, Cecil    
Harrell, Don    
Hart, Richard    
Hartley, John    
Hartman, Arthur    
Hatfield, Maurice W.    
Hauschildt, Everett    
Hauser, Frederick    
Haymond, Gary L.    
Henkle, Larry    
Henson, Don    
Henson, Robert    
Hiatt, Dennis Dwight

US Army

Hildebrand, John    
Hilton, Jerry    
Hilton, Larry    
Hircock, Donald    
Hochstetler, Clair

US Army

Hollen, Michael    
Holliday, Russell    
Hood, Stephen    
Hope, Jack    
Horn, Thomas    
Howard, Brian V.

US Army

326th Med Battalion, 101st Airborne Division, Oct 1972-Oct 1974

Howard, Rex    
Howard, Ron    
Hubbard, Virgil    
Hulbert, David J.    
Hunt, Loel    



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